Alejandro Garnacho’s Girlfriend’s Age: How Old Is Eva Garcia? Are They Married?

Alejandro Garnacho and his girlfriend, Eva Garcia, are expecting a baby. People have been asking questions about the couple since then, like, How old is Eva Garcia? Are they married? Well, both of them are of the same age; they are 18 years old since they were born in 2004, and they are not married.

Have you heard about player Alejandro Garnacho‘s news lately? The professional footballer is gonna be a daddy. You guys might know who the mother is as he has been seen with his girlfriend many times before and he keeps posting his girl on Instagram. It’s exciting, isn’t it? Well, some of you might be excited about them right now while some of you might not. But the news about Alejandro about to become the father surprised the viewers and they have been speculating this news. The couple took the help of Instagram to announce that they are going to have a baby and they seem happy about this.

Alejandro Garnacho and his girlfriend, Eva Garcia have been in the spotlight since they announced they are expecting a baby. The viewers have been searching for more information about the couple and they have many questions like: How did they meet? How old is Eva Garcia? Well, in this article we are going to discuss Eva and her age!

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Alejandro Garnacho’s Girlfriend, Eva Garcia, is 18 Years Old in 2023; They Are Not Married Yet!

Alejandro Garnacho (@garnacho7) and his girlfriend surprised everyone when the couple, Alejandro and Eva Garcia (@eevichuu) of them posted on Instagram that they are expecting a child together. The viewers have been wondering about the age gap between the couple but both of them are of the same age and they are 18 years old.

As a celebrity, it’s not surprising for fans to be curious about them wanting to know their personal lives. Similarly, the viewers are curious to know everything about Alejandro Garnacho. The 18-year-old professional footballer hadn’t even finished celebrating his first-ever goal for Manchester United when he reappeared in the last seconds to haunt Fulham, as his strike in United’s final game before the world cup determined the outcome between the two teams.

Alejandro Garnacho and his girlfriend, Eva Garcia, are expecting a baby.Alejandro Garnacho and his girlfriend, Eva Garcia, are expecting a baby.
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Alejandro Garnacho gained popularity in a very short period and became the talk of the football world and recently, the footballer announced that he is expecting a baby with his girlfriend, Eva Garcia on Instagram. Now, the viewers want to know more information about Alejandro and his girlfriend.

There is no information on how the couple, Eva and Alejandro Garnacho first met but according to speculations, the couple has been dating since childhood and they only made their relationship public at the start of 2021. They are both from Spain and they seem happy with each other. Talking about the age difference between the two, the age gap is only months as they were both born in 2004 and they both are now 18 years old in 2023.

Eva and Alejandro are expecting a child at the age of 18 and they have even named that baby already and they are going to name the baby, Enzo. Some even wonder if the couple is married but they are not married till now. Both of them recently posted on Instagram captioning,

Where life begins, and love never ends… ❤️Planning your arrival and knowing you’re going to be here to complete our lives fills us with love and excitement. We can’t explain how we feel to be able to fulfill our biggest dream together. We’re counting down the days to meet you, Dad and Mom already love you so much Enzo

Alejandro Garnacho's girlfriend, Eva Garcia, is 18 years old.Alejandro Garnacho’s girlfriend, Eva Garcia, is 18 years old.
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Many of their friends and their family members came to the comment section to congratulate them including the Manchester United Club Instagram page. A few days after posting this post, the couple posted another reel on Instagram where they revealed the gender of the child and their friends and family members joined them to celebrate this beautiful occasion. Eva posted on Instagram captioning,

ENZO Many thanks to everyone for the messages and support, to our family and friends as without them nothing would have been the same. It will always be a special and unforgettable day for us✨

Alejandro Garnacho and Eva are now headed to the new journey of their lives and we wish them nothing but happiness in their new journey.