Alex Hall’s Plastic Surgery: Reddit Update on Selling the OC Cast!

Alex Hall’s appearance in the latest season of Selling the OC has made fans gossip about her plastic surgery. Although we are not sure about her procedures, she is rumored to have had skin tightening, botox, or fillers to get youthful and wrinkle-free skin. A Reddit user believes she even had breast implants and that she looks odd.

Schedule time off because Selling the OC, the newest Oppenheim Group real estate drama, recently debuted on Netflix. The second season of Selling the OC just became available on Netflix. Whether you’ve watched all eight of the episodes or haven’t gotten around to it yet, you probably want to know how season three is progressing. Even though it’s still early, we already know a few things about the upcoming season of the high-end real estate reality series.

Season 2 of Selling the OC placed a lot of emphasis on AlexandraAlexHall, particularly in connection to her social interactions. While she was prominent throughout Selling The OC season 2, this season she received even more attention as her romance with Tyler Stanaland. Their friendship deepened more than ever after his divorce from actress Brittany Snow. Apart from her on-screen drama and love angle, she has been the subject of rumors of plastic surgery.

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Alex Hall Is Rumored to Have Had Skin Tightening, Botox, or Fillers as Plastic Surgery Procedures!

Alex Hall (@alexhalloc) has undoubtedly undergone some sort of plastic surgery procedure. Many people assume that she is older than she is since she strikes them as one of the more experienced agents at the OC Oppenheim Group offices. She is 34 years old right now.

Although we are not sure what procedures Alex Hall has undergone, as per our theories, she might have had skin tightening, botox, or fillers to get youthful and wrinkle-free skin. Many people in the industry follow these trends, and she is a reality personality who has to make frequent appearances, and to be more attractive, she might have thought of having some plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures.

Alex Hall's plastic surgery rumors might be true. celebsindepth.comAlex Hall’s plastic surgery rumors might be true.
Source: Instagram

Alex Hall is in her 30s but still has wrinkle-free skin and doesn’t have any flaws in her skin. After being administered, botulinum toxin stops some nerve signals that cause muscles to contract. Unwanted wrinkles are reduced as the muscles relax. This impact lasts for three to six months. After that, the muscles contract once again, and the wrinkles return. As everyone desires to have good skin and a good appearance, she might have thought the same.

Reddit Update on Alex Hall’s Appearance as a Result of Plastic Surgery!

Alexandra Alex Hall has been able to grab fans attention either by her controversy in Selling the Oc or by her appearance, making fans believe she has had plastic surgery. There was a Reddit discussion regarding her appearance and giving fans information that she looks like Hannah Ferrier (Below Deck Med) and Charli Burnett (Vanderpump Rules). And Reddit users were soon ready to give their different opinions regarding it.

Reddit user believes she even had breast implants. celebsindepth.comReddit user believes she even had breast implants.
Source: Instagram

Talking about her breast, one user commented on having the desire to have one as big as hers, while another user said that it was fake and she had breast implants to make it look bigger. Adding more to the gossip, fans said that her appearance has changed and Alex Hall looks old, while others believe she is good-looking whether or not she had plastic surgery. Another user commented, saying:

Her face is off in some way, but I’m not sure what. She must have undergone substantial plastic surgery because none of her features complement one another, and although she appears to be 52 years old, she is likely 20 years younger.

Selling the OC Cast, Alex Hall’s Marriage, Husband, and Children’s Details!

According to Alex Hall‘s O Group bio, she has been marketing luxury real estate for almost ten years and has a background in interior design. She revealed that she has children from a previous marriage early on in Selling the OC. When she was 19 years old, she gave birth to a daughter; a boy followed later. Neil Flores, her ex-husband, and she were wed for seven years before divorcing before Selling the OC season 1. Despite the controversy that has surrounded her time on Selling the OC, she places a high value on shielding her kids from any negative effects.

Alex likes to keep her family history private, but we do know she was previously married for seven years to lawyer Neil Flores until she filed for divorce in 2015. A daughter named Gianna and a son named Jacob had actually been joyfully welcomed into their lives during this time, but regrettably, they were unable to make things work. Although the reason for their divorce is still unknown as of this writing, she doesn’t seem too angry about it because she is pleased with the family it has allowed her to grow with over the years.