Alexander Vindman’s Wife Rachel Cartmill – Everything You Need to Know Here!

Alexander Semyon Vindman is the U.S. Army lieutenant colonel who came to worldwide attention after testifying his concerns regarding the Trump-Ukraine scandal in October 2019. He was born to a family of immigrants in Ukraine on 6th June 1975. He was later raised in Littles Odessa, Brooklyn, after his parents moved to the States.

The Purple Heart recipient has two siblings. His twin brother works in a respected position in the American Government while his older brother is an investment banker. He exchanged vows with his wife, who happens to be the daughter of a high school football coach from Oklahoma.  Let’s learn more intriguing details of his marital life, spouse, siblings, and parents.

Alexander Vindman’s relationship with his wife, Rachel Cartmill

Alexander Vindman with his wife Rachel Cartmill and their daughter.

Alexander Vindman with his wife Rachel Cartmill and their daughter.
Source: Daily Mail

Alexander Vindman is married to his wife Rachel Cartmill, for over a decade. The wedding was held in Oklahoma City on 18th May 2006. It remains unclear when the couple first met. They most likely were dating for a while before deciding to take their relationship forward.

As per her father’s obituary, Rachel is the daughter of a football coach from Oklahoma. Meanwhile, her mother’s orbituary back in 2013 described Rachel’s husband as “US Army Major Alex Vindman of Moscow, Russia.”

It appears all of Rachel’s social media accounts are deleted bar her Pinterest page, which is pretty ordinary as well.  There’s minimal trace of her presence online. It goes without saying she prefers to remain lowkey and far away from the spotlight and the eyes of the media.

Alex, on the other hand, is present on Facebook but is hardly active. There’s nothing much there except his profile picture. Moreover, he only has 80 friends. It’s understandable he rarely ever uses Facebook since he serves the country in such a top government position.

Despite the scarcity of details, the couple looks to be in a bliss relationship. Talking of their children, the duo shares a daughter whose name is not disclosed.

A brief look at Alexander Vindman’s Family

The Vindman brothers.

The Vindman brothers.
Source: Heavy

Vindman grew up in a struggling family. His father, Semyon Vindman, worked multiples jobs to support his wife and kids. In a statement, Vindman said his family fled the Soviet Union when he was merely three and a half years old. He also referred to himself as an immigrant.

The New York Times reported the family fled to the United States from Kyiv, Ukraine in December 1979 with only suitcases and $750. Their mother had recently passed away in Kyiv and they were hopeful of a better life in America. They arrived in the States with their maternal grandmother who wanted to provide help to the boys.

The U.S. Army lieutenant colonel has a twin brother who serves as an attorney at the White House. He was born Yevgeny Vindman, better known as Eugene Vindman on social media.

Alex’s older brother, meanwhile, is the ‘Founder and Managing Partner’ at Tungsten Capital Advisors, Leonid Simon Vindman. As per the company’s website, he’s got three decades of experience in the financial markets.

The success of the entire family in their respective fields is commendable, to say the least. Despite the hardships in life, they’ve managed to make an envious living through their work ethic and determination to achieve something great in life.

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