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Many families in Hollywood are not only talented when it comes to one person, but the show business gene runs in the entire family. The Gyllenhaal brother and sister, Olson twins, the trio of Hemsworth brothers, and when it comes to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, we do not even need to speak a single word.

The Alyn Lind family is also the same, starting with their mother, Barbara Alyn Woods, who is active in the entertainment industry since 1988 to their father John Lind, who is a director and producer. The entire Alyn Lind family rolls five deep, and Alyvia Alyn Lind is the youngest member of the family.

Alyvia Alyn Lind plays the character of Angelica Green in the Netflix series Daybreak.Alyvia Alyn Lind plays the character of Angelica Green in the Netflix series Daybreak.
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Coming from an entertainment business family, all the siblings were born into the business. As the sisters describe it, they were all born in lieu of a movie or show their mother was working. Alyvia is the youngest, and she was born on 27 June 2007, and even though the parents never actively pursued acting as a career for their daughters, Alyvia was working in TV at the age of four and she is currently making a name for herself as Angelica Green in the Netflix comedy/apocalypse show Daybreak.

Start of Her Career; The Young and Restless’ ‘Faith Newman’

Faith Newman first appeared in The Young and Restless in 2010, and Alyvia started to play the character in 2011 at the age of four. The character is still a recurring cast member in the daytime soap opera TV show. The actress appeared in a total of 170 episodes of the series and is still an active member of the cast.

Alyvia was replaced as Faith in the show in 2013 after a little scheduling conflict between different projects she was juggling at the time. Mckenna Grace took over the role while Alyvia was away for a while, but she did come back to claim the role, which started her career in the show business. In December of 2014, Grace was back for a small period of time in the role, but ever since then, Alyvia is playing the character of Faith Newman in The Young and Restless and received a lot of critical acclaims.

Alyvia Alyn Lind played Amanda Clarke in the ABC show Revenge.Alyvia Alyn Lind played Amanda Clarke in the ABC show Revenge.
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The second role she ever appeared in was in 2012 when she was five years old playing the younger version of Amanda Clarke in the ABC show Revenge. An interesting fact, both Alyvia, and her elder sister played different age versions of the Amanda Clarke character on the show.

Next up was See Dad Run and NCIS while she also made her movie debut with Dark Skies. In 2015 she made an appearance as young Dolly Parton in the TV movie Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors. Jump to 2018, and the little actress was seen in the sci-fi show Future Man in a recurring role as Lugnut. She is all set to appear in the movie Walk. Ride. Rodeo., where she will share the screen with her mother, Barbara.

She is Daybreak ‘Angelica’ Actor; Will She Reprise the Role in ‘Daybreak’ Season 2?

Daybreak is the new Netflix show released near Halloween but is a comedy series about the teenager’s perspective on the apocalypse in a funny way. After apocalypse hits and people turn to flesh-eating monsters in Glendale, the kids find ways to survive in the new world.

Alyvia plays the character of Angelica Green, one of the lead players of the show who’s got a tendency for fireworks and joins forces with Josh, played by Colin Ford, a social misfit who is searching for his girlfriend in this post-apocalyptic world.

Watch: The trailer for the first season of ‘Daybreak’ currently streaming on Netflix

Angelica and Wesley, played by Austin Crute, fake the death of Samira ‘Sam’ Dean, played by Sophie Simnett, in order to make Josh stop his search. The show is about the coming together of three different people and relying on each other to survive in this crazy new world.

Daybreak was a slow burner success, and even though many did not like the show, most considered it to be an okay fun nine and a half-hour ride. It seems the show will probably return for a second season, but we cannot be certain till the show is more than 40 days old, which is when Netflix always makes its decision to renew or cancel a show.

If the show returns for a sophomore outing, then there is obviously going to be a lot of Alyvia’s character Angelica which is fun to imagine. Daybreak is currently streaming on Netflix all over the world.

The Alyn Lind Siblings/Sisters; Taking Over Hollywood

The Alyn Lind sisters are currently working in Hollywood.The Alyn Lind sisters are currently working in Hollywood.
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Like we talked about at the start, Alyn Lind is a Hollywood family, and Alyvia is the youngest member of the family with both her sisters, also currently appearing in various movies and TV shows. Alyvia’s eldest sister is Natalie Alyn Lind with who Alyvia shared the screen on Daybreak, and her elder sister is Emily Alyn Lind, who played the character of Amanda Clarke, the same as her younger sister Alyvia.

Natalie is a recurring cast member of The Goldbergs, whereas Emily recently appeared in the Stephen King adaptation Doctor Sleep. They are all there for one another, and while working in the show business presents its variety of pitfalls, the sisters take care of one another and lift themselves up.

All three Alyn sisters worked with one another at one point or the other.All three Alyn sisters worked with one another at one point or the other.
Source: Glamour

“A lot of actors go through this career having to figure it out for themselves,” Natalie talked about facing the highs and lows of Hollywood to Glamour. “but when I have a question, I’ll turn to my sisters or my mom or my dad because we have the pleasure of being able to relate on the same subjects, that’s pretty incredible.”

No matter what, the sisters are slowly taking over Hollywood, and they are doing it with charming smiles and a whole lot of talent. They are so young and talented; it feels like the sky is the limit for the Alyn Lind sisters.

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