Andre Lee From Inside Job: How Old Is He? Meet His Voice Actor Bobby Lee!

Nov 21, 2022 @ 10:52 GMT-0500
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Andre Lee From Inside Job: How Old Is He? Meet His Voice Actor Bobby Lee!

Andre Lee from Inside Job is a biochemist who works for Cognito Inc. Actor Bobby Lee provides the voice of Dr. Andre Lee. Although Andre's age is not mentioned, he is a tall, lean Korean-American man and has an extremely light goatee and mustache.

On November 18, 2022, Inside Job Part 2 made its Netflix debut. There is talk of the third season of Shion Takeuchi's adult animated office comedy series, with eight episodes instead of the foregoing season's ten. Reagan's office, Cognito Inc., a covert government agency, and her personal life were built as a result of the sequel.

The second half of the season witnessed some changes in her perceptions of both her father and her involvement in the mess since the first half of the season was centered on her coping with her father, Rand Ridley's takeover of the corporation she intended to head in her time.

For all of the viewers and show fans, it is obvious that the show centers on Reagan, a tech whiz who works with her dysfunctional employees to try to control the world's conspiracies. On the other hand, according to the summary of Inside Job Season 1 Part 2, Rand is back in control of Cognito Inc., absolutely messing up everything, and Reagan is ready to throw some. If only the Illuminati's go-to Ron Staedtler would stop standing in the way of this bad setup.

All of the primary voice actors returned in their respective parts, except Adam Scott, who joined the cast as Ron Stadler. We can offer the characters' voices, as we are all aware that the series is animated. The voice behind the character Dr. André is Bobby Lee. Let's learn more about the character Dr. André and his voice actor, Bobby Lee.

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Andre Lee From Inside Job Is a Scientist Working for Cognito, Inc Whose Age Is Not Known; Actor Bobby Lee Provides the Voice for Him!

In Inside Job, Dr. Andre Lee works for Cognito, Inc., as a biochemist. He cannot resist drugs since he loves them so much. He is a tall, lean Korean-American man, but his actual age is not mentioned. He has an extremely light goatee and mustache and short brown hair. He is a scientist who is both free-spirited and worried. He experiments with a variety of odd substances and is also hooked on some of the chemicals he makes.

Bobby Lee (@bobbyleelive), an actor, voices biochemist Dr. Andre Lee. He is a stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster from the United States. Before deciding to pursue a career in comedy, Lee held a variety of jobs in cafes and restaurants. The coffee shop where he was employed abruptly closed in 1994. When Lee joined the MADtv cast in 2001, he became the show's only Asian cast member. He has admitted out loud that he detested performing as an ordinary Asian alongside Bae Sung and Connie Chung.

Lee showed up on MADtv from 2001 to 2009, and from 2018 to 2019, he co-starred with Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson in the ABC single-camera comedy series Splitting Up Together. Lee showed in the films Harold and Kumar and The Great Gatsby, Visit Pineapple Express (2008), The Dictator (2008), and White Castle (2002). He showed on FX's comedic series Reservation Dogs on Hulu. As of now, he works as a voice actor.

Inside Job is a science fiction workplace comedic animated television program from the United States. Shion Takeuchi made it for the Netflix streaming platform. The show debuted on Netflix on October 22, 2021.

Apart from his Korean ancestry and brief attendance at a medical school, little is known about Andre's past before joining Cognito, Inc. Even though he had forged his Ph.D. and had little to no medical training, he was assigned to perform the procedure that converted Glenn Dolphman into a dolphin-human hybrid while he was employed. He was charged with changing Glenn Dolphman and Brett Hand's faces. Andre typically has on a lab coat, pink Crocs, yellow pants, and a pink shirt with a green tie. He conceals many pills in his lab coat.

Andre is a drug addict who is unable to concentrate and maintain his composure without drugs, so they distract him from his different mental and behavioral abnormalities. Like Myc, he has a very twisted side and engages in sexual activity. The aftermath of one of his orgies is what led to him briefly pretending to be dead.

His sensitivity to his ethnicity is evident. In the episode The Brettfast, he is seen to be upset about people, assuming he is Japanese or Chinese.

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