Who Is Einar in Vinland Saga? How Tall Is He? Does He Die?

Einar is a former slave in Vinland Saga, who worked in a field in Northern England until it was burned down during a Viking raid and then became a slave. Shunsuke Takeuchi, a Japanese actor, and musician, voices Einar in Vinland Saga season 2. He stands at a height of 184 cm. No, he doesn’t die despite viewers believing he might die.

Vinland Saga is a Japanese historical-drama anime series based on the manga Vinrando Saga by Makoto Yukimura. The manga’s serialization began in April 2005 in Weekly Shnen Magazine and quickly moved to Monthly Afternoon. The plot of Vinland Saga takes place during the Vikings’ reign of terror in Europe, describing King Cnut the Great’s succession to the English throne and the founding of his North Sea Empire.

Netflix‘s Vinland Saga has returned after an intense three-year sabbatical. Season 2 of the magnificent Viking anime series, this time directed by Studio MAPPA, made its long-awaited return to our screens this week, with the global debut of episode 1 Slave on Monday, January 9.

Season 2 of Vinland Saga has just begun, which means that the plot will now move on to the Slavery arc, which focuses on Thorfinn‘s existence as a slave after Askeladd‘s death and his attempt on Canute’s life. In that regard, Thorfinn is on his path to meeting new people while working as a slave.

Einar, one of them, was one of the first persons he met while working on Ketil‘s farm. While the Slavery arc’s tale remains mainly focused on Thorfinn’s story, he will be a key component of his character development. So, who exactly is Einar in the Vinland Saga? Let us find out.

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Einar Is a Former Slave in Vinland Saga, Who Worked in a Field in Northern England Until It Was Burned Down!

Einar, a new character, was introduced in the first episode of Vinland Saga. While the Slavery arc’s tale remains mainly focused on Thorfinn‘s story, Einar will be a key component of his character development in this storyline and is set to become one of the most important characters in his life. Of course, he will benefit much from his time spent with Thorfinn on Ketil‘s Farm.

Years later, Einar has grown into a tall, muscular man with floppy reddish-brown hair, and he has assisted in the reconstruction of his hamlet, which is now an enchanting place of scenic beauty. He stands at a height of 184 cm. Shunsuke Takeuchi (@jwamadeus), a Japanese actor, and musician, voices Einar in Vinland Saga season 2.

His father is never named, but he was a farmer when he was a child. He was killed in an attack by troops led by the King of England. The farm that Einar later works on before the Danish onslaught is the same one that his father managed. After his father died, he took over as head of the family. As a result, he used to practice protecting his mother and sister if they were ever faced with such an incident again.

While his training did help him develop a powerful and muscular body, as the season 2 opener revealed, he had no combat experience. He wasn’t much of a warrior. This was clear when a gang of Danish Vikings invaded his family’s land. While his family attempted to flee, his mother was hit with an arrow, leading him and his sister to abandon their pursuit.

The Vikings quickly knocked Einar down and murdered his sister in retaliation for opposing them. He was taken aback after being unable to defend himself or his family. He and the other abducted peasants were transported by boat to Denmark, where they were to be sold into slavery at auction.

Einar chance to encounter Leif Erikson, who was looking for Thorfinn to free him from slavery and bring him back home. Soon after, Landowner Ketil hired him to work on his farm because he was interested in his farming knowledge before his existence as a slave. Ketil decided to take him to meet another slave he had recently hired after taking him to his farm. This was Thorfinn, as he recognized him from his name and description, as given previously by Leif Erikson.

Unlike Thorfinn, Einar is readily influenced by emotion and has no military training. As a result, he is strikingly different from Thor’s son. This discrepancy in mentality, however, is what makes Einar significant, since he is intended to play a major role in Thorfinn’s character development in Vinland Saga season 2.

Einar did not instantly become friends with Thorfinn, but after some time spent working together and knowing Thorfinn’s past and current mental state, he started to accept him as a friend and, later, his brother. After Arnheid‘s death, they are joined together by the mutual goal of establishing a country in Vinland free of slavery and violence. No, Einar doesn’t die despite viewers believing he might die.

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