Anna Strout

Anna Strout is best known as the wife of Hollywood star Jesse Eisenberg. Professionally, she is a playwright and author. She’s written numerous books, but her extremely private personality barely lets anything out.

Strout’s fame is more or less tied to her spouse, who she dated for a long time, albeit there wasn’t a shortage of challenges for her to walk down the aisle with the only person she ever loved.

Anna Strout and Jesse Eisenberg’s love story began in the early 2000s

Girlfriend turned wife Anna Strout and Jesse Eisenberg got into a relationship in 2002; that's when they began dating.

Anna Strout and Jesse Eisenberg got into a relationship in 2002.
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This wonderful duo first began dating in 2002 after meeting on the set of The Emperor’s Club, where Anna Strout worked as a crew member and assistant. The couple was together for ten years until 2012 when they decided to split.

Following the breakup, Jesse briefly moved on with Australian actress Mia Wasikowska who he starred together with on The Double (2013). The pair was in a relationship for two years from 2013 to 2015 before going their separate ways. Perhaps it was always destiny that Anna Strout and Jesse Eisenberg would eventually end up together.

Jesse Eisenberg worked with Anna Strout’s mother

Jesse Eisenberg worked with Anna Strout's mother Toby Strout

Anna Strout’s mother Toby Strout.
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In 2015, Jesse spent four months working with Strout’s mother, Toby Strout, who was the executive director at a domestic violence shelter called Middle Way House in Bloomington, Indiana. Eisenberg managed to raise almost $1 million through his volunteering efforts which were enough to pay the mortgage of the shelter.

Anna, too, frequently volunteers at her mother’s shelter. In fact, she helped launch the campaign called I’m with Jesse. Meanwhile, those who donated were rewarded with the opportunity to meet the actor and attend the screening of his film Zombieland (2009).

Getting back together the second time

Jesse Eisenberg and long time girlfriend turned wife Anna Strout got back together in 2015.

Anna Strout and Jesse Eisenberg got back together in 2015.
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Strout and Eisenberg officially got back together and made their first public appearance on January 2016 at a basketball match. Later, on October of the same month, Jesse and his then-girlfriend Anna announced pregnancy with their first child. The couple subsequently welcomed a baby boy the following year on April 2017.

Speaking in an interview, Jesse admitted having a kid put his day job in perspective. The actor reckons ‘having a child is the best thing anyone can do for their anxiety.’ He added,

There’s nothing more mentally healthy than worrying about something that’s actually existing in the world, rather than worrying about something that doesn’t exist at all.

Eisenberg admitted the reason he could never let go of Anna was her extremely selfless and helpful nature. The duo finally took their relationship to a whole new level in 2017 as they embraced each other as husband and wife in a low key wedding.

Jesse Eisenberg with his wife Anna Sprout along with their son.

Jesse Eisenberg with his wife Anna Sprout along with their son.
Source: Daily Mail

Meanwhile, Strout being a private personality, opts not to share the pictures of her son. As a matter of fact, she prefers not to use social media at all; therefore even the name of her kid is in the dark till now.

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