Annet Mahendru

Annet Mahendru is the child of the world, the reason for it is the actress was born in Afghanistan, lived in Russia and now is the resident of America. She speaks six different languages and is also an activist of breastfeeding; she is one of the most talented actors working today and is all set to appear in the second The Walking Dead Spin-Off.

Born on 21 August 1989, Anita Devi Mahendru (her given name) was born to an Indian father Ghanshan “Ken” Mahendru who worked as a teacher and journalist, and Russian mother Olga, which makes her a mixed-race child. She was born in Afghanistan but according to the actress, she moved from place to place which allowed her to learn various cultures and languages. The actress was hopping between Germany and Russia when she was young and finally settled down when her father took her to New York after he got divorced with Annet’s mother.

Annet Mahendru taking a picture in front of the FOX board.Annet Mahendru played the character of Nina in The Americans.
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After finishing her high school from East Meadow and getting her English degree from St John’s University the actress joined NYU for her Master’s but fate was holding a different path for her. Annet wanted to become an officer at the UN because of her ethnic ambiguity and the fact she spoke Russian, Hindi, German, English, Persian, and French fluently. Instead, she dropped out of college, packed her bag and moved to California to study improv, which is why she joined The Groundlings.

The whole thing appears to be a wise decision by her, considering the fact she is now a respected actress who is close to appearing in 50 different movies and TV shows and is living happily with her husband and a daughter.

The Relationship between Annet and Her Husband, When Did They Get Married? How Many Children do They Share?

Annet Mahendru and her husband in Indian wedding dress.Annet Mahendru and Lucian Gibson in Indian Weddin dresses.
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Annet met the man of her dreams in 2014 when Australian director Lucian Gibson (Louie Gibson) swept the actress off her feet and the two fell for each other, hard. The romance was only rumored at first but then the couple made it official with Annet posted photos of the two together on Instagram, talking about what a great man he is and the amazing bond they are sharing.

The two formed a strong bond pretty quickly and then the relationship blossomed further when the director from down under got on one knee and asked her to be his wife. She said yes and after a short engagement, the couple decided it was time to get married.

Annet and her daughter in front of a flower garden.Annet and her daughter playing in the garden.
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Annet and Lucian got married on 6 August 2016 in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by her friends and family. Later on, the images revealed showed the husband and wife wearing Indian garbs and Lucian pulled it off magnificently. The couple was married for over a year when the duo was on their way to becoming a trio.

Annet gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter in late 2017 and the love between the two grew even more after inviting a bundle of joy into their lives. The parents never talk about their child and even in pictures, they keep her face hidden which is also the reason why her name is not known to the public.

Career Making Role of ‘Nina Krilova’ in ‘The Americans’ and Other Acting Credits

In 2013 the actress was cast in the show The Americans and she played the character of Nina Krilova, someone who is pressured by the FBI to spy on the KGB agents working in the Russian Embassy. She is also working for the KGB, but when one misstep causes her to cross the radar of FBI agent Stan Beeman and the agent forces her to work for the FBI.

Nina works for the FBI for a while but then comes clean to the Russian officials which results in her becoming a double agent. Her role was the main storyline of the first couple of seasons and this also resulted in the actress winning the Critics’ Choice Award for the in 2014 in the category of Best Supporting Actress.

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This moment was the highlight of her short career which was only trending up after her debut in the series Love Monkey. There were numerous other movies and TV shows she was part of over the years with the actress taking parts in Entourage, Torchwood, and 2 Broke Girls. Mike & Molly, The Blacklist and White Collar were next with the actress taking only one episode roles.

After multiple one-episode stints, the actress was able to play in the show The Following for a few episodes while simultaneously playing her character in The Americans. But after the main role in the show was over, the actress played the character of Nafisa Al-Qadi in the show Tyrant for eight episodes and also voiced the role of Mia Malevich in the animated Netflix series Neo Yokio.

Annet Mahendru in the Lethal Weapon series.Annet Mahendru appeared in the show Lethal Weapon.
Source: TV Insider

The actress also took part in The Romanoffs and Lethal Weapon which led her to the starring role in the upcoming AMC series The Walking Dead Spin-Off.

Starring in the upcoming ‘The Walking Dead Spin-Off’ on AMC

Annet Mahendru on the set of The Walking Dead Spin-Off.Annet Mahendru is playing the leading role in the upcoming ‘The Walking Dead Spin-Off.’
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AMC was a premier network in 2012-13; The Walking Dead was getting critical and rating success and Breaking Bad making massive strides into becoming one of the greatest shows in history. Breaking Bad ended after five seasons and there was a serious dip in quality when it comes to the Zombie drama. The show was also sliding in ratings but still, it is one of the best-rated shows on the channel.

The rating success and the overwhelming response of the first spin-off show resulted in AMC green lighting another show based on the zombies. A new The Walking Dead Spin-Off show is coming to AMC and Annet was hired to play an unspecified role in the series.

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The first season of the series is coming to the channel and it will depend on the ratings whether they will renew the show for a second season. So, be ready in 2020 to see Annet and other new actors in the show which is currently filming, with the actress releasing her look in the series on her Instagram page.

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