Anya Chalotra

Every year there is someone out there in the movie and TV world who’s hiring is not only disputed but causes a mass uproar. It was the case when Anya Chalotra was hired to play Yennefer in the upcoming, highly anticipated show The Witcher starring Henry Cavill and Freya Allan.

Born in 1996 to Indian-British parents in Wolverhampton, England, she lived her life in the Lower Penn village with her brother. In the village was where she received her formal education and graduated from the St. Dominic’s Grammar School for Girls. But the girl from Penn carried big dreams and even bigger aspirations which led her to London.

Anya Chalotra is playing the character of 'Yennefer' in the upcoming series 'The Witcher.'Anya Chalotra started her career in theatre before moving on to movies and TV shows.
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In London, the future Yennefer actress joined the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art while supporting herself living in London. Soon it was the reputed Guildhall School of Music and Drama which was her educator and also later her work provider. While training in Guildhall, she appeared in more than ten plays and then after graduation again tried her hand in theatres before moving on to movies and TV shows.

Anya’s Relationship with her Parents and Brother

Anya Chalotra taking the photo of her brother near the ocean, after being on a break from playing Yennefer.Anya Chalotra and her brother share a great bond.
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Anya’s parents are not exactly your boring generic couple, her father is of Indian descent, and her mother is British and white. So, she is a mixed-race baby, and this was all confirmed via her Instagram posts where she is seen as a young girl and next to her are her parents.  Also, her mother visited her father’s home in India which was an epic journey for the British born actress.

She is also one of two kids, with Arun Chalotra being her small brother. She is pretty close to her brother and she even traveled with her him before she got into TV acting. Though she is currently working with a tight schedule, the actress and her brother are still extremely close.

Anya’s Relationship Status and Her Boyfriend

Anya Chalotra sitting on a ledge while the sun sets. She is playing Yennefer in the upcoming series.Anya Chalotra was once said to be in a relationship with a journalist.
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Anya was in a relationship with a Honduran Journalist, Juan F. Sanchez, the couple were said to be serious about each other, but then work happened, and there was difficulty to maintain a relationship. There were probably other hidden causes for the end of their relationship, which were not disclosed.

Update: Anya Chalotra Boyfriend: Yennefer Actress is Dating Josh Dylan for Over 2 Years!

But she is single woman now with no attachment to a man and solely focused on her acting career which is on the rise, and once Netflix releases The Witcher, which is rumored to be in the fall of this year and expected to be in the month of November, her rise to stardom will be even more real once people get to see her true potential.

Hired to Play ‘Yennefer’ in ‘The Witcher’ and Her other Acting Credits

Anya Chalotra is playing the character of Yennefer in the series 'The Witcher.'Anya Chalotra is playing ‘Yennefer’ in the upcoming series ‘The Witcher.’
Source: IMDb

The actress was only known for playing small characters on TV when the actress got in the audition for the character of Yennefer. The thing is Yennefer is from Europe, and she is white with green eyes and somewhat old. Then came in this girl, light brown skin, brown eyes and barely young enough to get into a bar; the audition started, and the creator of the show and the casting directors knew she was the one, the one person to play the character.

The ethnicity was not the match, but they knew they got something in the actress and the fact the actress only appeared in two TV series before auditioning was not enough to deter the people casting the role. But, well, the fan base is not so forgiving or tolerating, everyone’s got their own version of Yennefer. The American base and the game lovers know one type of the character whereas the book readers are familiar with another version of the portrayal, which is why most of the fans were triggered when the casting was announced.

Watch: The trailer for the first season of The Witcher coming this fall to Netflix

Most people felt she was not the right person for the role and there was a huge controversy centered on the fact a brown person was hired to play a white character, and when most people were hoping to see Eva Green in the role. Still, Anya went into filming and fans were not happy, but then the trailer arrived and the comic-con sizzle reel combined with her appearance in the convention. People were blown away by the sizzle reel, and most of the doubters were gone and turned into fans. There will always be detractors, but at least she was able to shut some people down with snippets of her performance.

Before she was hired to play the character of Yennefer, the first on-camera acting job she got was in the show Wanderlust where she played the character of Jennifer Ashman, and this was followed by the Agatha Christie adaptation, The ABC Murders lead by John Malkovich, where she played the character of Lily Marbury in all three episodes. She was also cast to voice the leading character of Robin Loxley in the modern retelling of the animated Robin Hood story, Sherwood. This all led to the great opportunity of playing a character in The Witcher.

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