April Stevens Actress Devon Hales From Teenage Bounty Hunters Netflix – 4 Facts!

From the never-ending pit of original content comes another Netflix series called Teenage Bounty Hunters. People love the show, and despite the story of the new Netflix series, streaming fans love the cast of Teenage Bounty Hunters. One of the beloved cast members of the show, who is sure to build a fan base from her performance, is Devon Hales, who plays April Stevens.

Not particularly a TV or on-camera actress, Devon Hales cut her teeth in the hardest form of acting, on stage. She honed her skills on various stages over the years, and when the opportunity came for her to shine in a Netflix show, Devon took it with her arms wide open. It’s amazing how she went from a hated character to a fan favorite in the span of 10 episodes. So, here are four facts you need to know about Devon Hales.

Devon Hales Plays April Stevens in the Netflix Series Teenage Bounty Hunters

Teenage Bounty Hunters on Netflix is the new teen dramedy series. The show follows two teens who start bounty hunting as a way to pay for the repairs of their father’s truck, which they wrecked. The two fraternal twin sisters manage a religious high school schedule and bounty hunting while also dealing with their own teenage troubles.

Devon Hales plays April Stevens in the Netflix series Teenage Bounty Hunters. April Stevens is the former friend turned mortal enemy of Sterling Wesley. She is an overly competitive, high achieving high schooler who was unknowingly bullied by Sterling in the middle school. This is one of the reasons why April Stevens is angry and hell-bent on destroying Sterling’s image in school.

Devon Hales plays April Stevens in the Netflix series Teenage Bounty HuntersDevon Hales plays April Stevens in the Netflix series Teenage Bounty Hunters
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Spoiler for the middle part of Teenage Bounty Hunters, do not read this paragraph if you have not seen the show. Sterling and April Stevens also have a connection between them, something they realize later due to their continuing rivalry. Sterling kisses April Stevens, and the two engage in a hush-hush romance for a while, only to be messed up by the release of April‘s father from prison.

Teenage Bounty Hunters was released on 14 August 2020, with Devon Hales playing a supporting role as April Stevens in the Netflix series.

Devon Hales Studied at Kennesaw State University

After finishing her high school, Devon Hales enrolled in Kennesaw State University in Georgia. Her desire to become an actress led Devon to take up Theatre and Performance Studies. She completed her course and graduated with a B.A. in Theatre and Performance Studies.

While in school, the actress also trained at performing on stage. This led to Devon appearing in numerous University staged plays, including Arms and the Man, Into the Woods, Closer Than Ever, Falsettos, Cabaret, and Red Hanrahan. Experiences the young actress gathered during her time in University helped her further her career on stage.

Devon Hales Cut Her Teeth in Acting as a Theatre Actress

Devon Hales appeared in numerous plays after finishing her studies.Devon Hales appeared in numerous plays after finishing her studies.
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After finishing her education and training, the actress started to appear in stage plays at various theatres. Devon appeared in Shakespeare in Love, The Dancing Handkerchief, Appropriate, The Light in the Piazza, I and You, Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Musical, Peter Pan, One Man, Two Guvnors, As You Like It, Stick Fly, and others.

Most of her performances and the shows she appeared in have received good to great critical reception. The stage is where she got to show off her gymnastic training and her talents; then, TV came calling soon after.

Devon Hales Career on the Small Screen

The first acting credit of Devon Hales, according to IMDb, is in the 2011 short movie Storage. She appeared in a TV series documentary Swamp Murders in 2013, and three years later, she appeared in another TV show called Stan Against Evil. More recently, she appeared in the hit medical drama show The Resident, in 2018.

But her biggest role to date has been on Teenage Bounty Hunters as April Stevens. The role has brought a lot of eyeballs on the actress, and her Instagram has been the place were fans are stacking praises on Devon. Here’s hoping we get to see the talented actress in many more TV and silver screen roles over the next few years.

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