The Actual Reason Behind Austin Swift’s Weight Gain!

Austin Swift has been struggling with his weight gain for a long time, but his recent appearance has created concern among fans. It’s not his sudden transformation, as once he weighted 250 pounds. But the actual reason behind his massive weight gain is yet to be revealed.

Apart from just being known as the younger brother of Taylor Swift, a well-known singer and songwriter, Austin Swift is a producer and actor who is most known for his parts in movies like Live by Night, I.T., and We Summon the Darkness. He has established himself in the entertainment industry with his talents and hard work, starting with his acting debut in the 2016 thriller I.T., starring Pierce Brosnan.

Recently, his appearance at Sunday’s game has made headlines regarding his weight gain. During Sunday’s game against the New York Jets, Taylor Swift stood by Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs, and Austin Swift and his girlfriend Sydney Ness were also present. The match was interesting, but all fans could notice was Austin’s massive weight.

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Austin Swift’s Massive Weight Gain Is Visible After His Recent Appearance!

If you have watched Sunday’s match between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Jets, you might have noticed Austin Swift‘s (@austinkingsleyswift) massive weight gain. His sister Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) was also present, and she supported Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs, but all fans have gossiped about is Austin’s huge transformation, which is noticeable.

Austin Swift was captured along with his girlfriend, Sydney Ness. The two made a rare public appearance, and it had been a long time since they were seen together. It was a surprise for the fans to see how Austin has changed over time by putting on that much weight, almost looking unrecognizable.

Austin Swift's weight gain appearance in 2022 and 2023 with Sydney Ness. Austin Swift’s weight gain appearance in 2022 and 2023 with Sydney Ness.
Source: Celebs In Depth

Well, it’s not that Austin Swift’s weight gain is the most recent one; he has been seen overweight for several years, and now it looks like he has put on more weight, which is quite visible. As he hasn’t been seen in public or in movies or TV shows and also hasn’t shared photos or videos of him on his social media Instagram, his last post on Instagram was in January 2022, which means he hasn’t shared any posts related to him. So many fans thought that the weight gain was in 2023, but in the year 2022, when he made his public appearance, he already had massive weight.

Austin Swift and Sydney Ness, a fashion model, were seen walking hand in hand in New York City last year. He appeared in the pictures sporting a laid-back white button-down shirt, black pants, and brown shoes. Sydney wore a black t-shirt, gray trousers, and white boots. In the photographs, his transformation was noticed, but the topic of his weight gain gained more attention after Sunday’s appearance, so we could not say his weight gain was so sudden.

Austin Swift Has Yet to Reveal the Reason Behind His Weight Gain!

After the recent pictures of Austin Swift‘s weight gain went viral, many of his fans and well-wishers have shown concern and asked details regarding his transformation. So why did the actor put on so much weight? Is he struggling with his health? What’s the real truth?

It’s not that Austin Swift had a sudden weight gain; he had once talked about his weight to Vanity Fair; at the time, he weighted 250 pounds and shared that he was a sophomore in high school who, in his words, “didn’t have a lot of friends.” He recalled that the movie theater served as a haven for him as a child. He used to go to the movies with Viggo Mortensen, Clive Owen, Daniel Craig, Christian Bale, and all of  his friends. So it shows that he has been struggling with his weight for a long period of time.

Austin Swift once weighed 250 pounds, at his heaviest. Austin Swift once weighed 250 pounds, at his heaviest.
Source: E! Online

But since Austin Swift hasn’t commented on the current details about him gaining weight, we can’t be sure whether it’s his decision. Who are we to bother him with fitness tips and other things like that if he is happy and satisfied with his life? He may be having some medical condition or is not following a proper diet and exercise routine. Additionally, he might be attempting to lose weight but failing, as some people are born with different bodies and don’t have control over their body weight. Whatever the case, it’s to inform you that the reason mentioned above is just our speculation and not the actual truth regarding the reason behind his weight gain.

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