Genneya Walton | Chloe Barris, Black AF, #blackAF, Relationship, Net Worth, Career, Family, Bryden Bandweth, Project Mc2, Dancer, Wiki, Bio, Wikipedia, Instagram, Netflix, Gay

Genneya Walton

Genneya Walton was only six years old when she showed interest in dancing and started taking classes. Multiple forms and lessons later, she started a

Tamar Amit Joseph | Yael Roubeni, Unorthodox, Netflix, Girlfriend, Lior Elefant, Bi-Sexual, Relationship, Career, Education, Wikipedia, Wiki, Bio, Netflix

Tamar Amit Joseph

The girl with the beautiful smile, perfect teeth, and a harsh mouth in the new Netflix series Unorthodox is played by the amazing actress Tamar

Aaron Altaras | Robert, Unorthodox, Netflix, Girlfriend, Eliza Lawrence, Relationship, Parents, Father, Mother, Family, Career, Wiki, Bio, Wikipedia, Not All Were Murderers, Michael Degen, Facts

Aaron Altaras

Aaron Altaras is an actor, someone who’s appeared in close to 20 movies and TV shows, and he is only 24 years old. Primarily an

Jeff Wilbusch | Moishe Lefkovitch, Unorthodox, Netflix, Girlfriend, Anna Wilbusch, Career, Family, Relationship, Wikipedia, Wiki, Instagram, Bio

Jeff Wilbusch

Jeff Wilbusch was born in 1987 in Israel to his parents, who were members of an ultra-orthodox Jewish community. He was only 13 years old

Amit Rahav | Yakov Shapiro, Unorthodox, Netflix, Relationship, Gay, Boyfriend, Career, Wiki, Bio, Wikipedia, Age

Amit Rahav

Amit Rahav started his journey in the world of show business in 2014, at the age of 19, but some who started acting almost six

Shira Haas | Esther Shapiro, Unorthodox, Netflix, Boyfriend, Relationship, Daniel Moreshet, Shtisel, Ruchama Weiss, Deborah Feldman, Career, Wiki, Bio

Shira Haas

Ever since the series Shtisel came on the air in 2013 about an orthodox Jewish family living in the Jerusalem Shira Haas’ character of Ruchama

Emilie Cocquerel | Queen Alianor, The Letter for the King, Siblings, Sisters, Brother, Wikipedia, Wiki, Bio, Career, Relationship, Parents, Age, Netflix

Emilie Cocquerel

Emilie Cocquerel was 21 years old when she got her first crack in front of the camera, doing something she always imagined herself doing when

Jack Barton | Actor, Foldo, The Letter for the King Netflix, Career, Grantchester, Theatre, Wikipedia, Instagram, Wiki, Bio

Jack Barton

For someone who only started appearing in movies and TV shows in 2020, Jack Barton doesn’t lack confidence and carries himself in a way that

Jonah Lees | Jussipo, The Letter for the King, Girlfriend, Nicole Alyse Nelson, Career, Relationship, Brother, Christian Lees, Parents, Instagram, Wikipedia, Wiki, Bio

Jonah Lees

Jonah Lees was born to become a performer, not that he was influenced by anyone in his family to take up acting and singing, he

Nathanael Saleh | Piak, The Letter for the King, Actor, Family, Brother, Parents, Game of Thrones, Arthur, Marry Poppins Returns, Career, Wiki, Bio

Nathanael Saleh

The amazing thing about the upcoming new Netflix series The Letter for the King is first the show is the first Dutch adaptation by the

Islam Bouakkaz | Arman, The Letter for the King, Thaddea Graham, Career, Relationship, Ethnicity, Origin, Family, Wikipedia, Bio, Wiki

Islam Bouakkaz

The allure of show business is undeniable, the glitz and the glamour is something which captures the imaginations of many aspiring actors. Islam Bouakkaz was

Thaddea Graham | Iona, Actress, The Letter for the King, Career, Relationship, Education, Family, Wikipedia, Bio, Curfew, Wiki

Thaddea Graham

With the rise in content from Netflix, new stories and varied backgrounds of actors and actresses are getting their day in the spotlight. There is

Ruby Ashbourne Serkis | Lavinia, The Letter for the King, Relationship, Girlfriend, Family, Parents, Siblings, Career, Brothers, Netflix, Wikipedia, Wiki, Bio

Ruby Ashbourne Serkis

Surrounded by actors and growing up in a creative household is going to have some effect on a formative young brain. Ruby Ashbourne Serkis grew

Gijs Blom | Prince Viridian, The Letter for the King, Gay, Relationship, Tobias Kersloot, Dutch, Mother, Boys, Sieger, Career, Netflix, Wikipedia, Wiki, Bio

Gijs Blom

Gijs Blom is not someone who is new to acting, but the press release for the new series The Letter for the King lists him

Björn Thors | Wife, Children, Arnar, The Valhalla Murders, Career, Wikipedia, Bio, Twins, Iceland, Actor

Björn Thors

Iceland is a quiet country, a place with a small number of people but also a play with big hearts, and for the past few

Pearl Thusi | Queen Sono, Netflix, Daughters, Relationship, Career, Quantico, Girlfriend, Instagram, Wiki, Bio

Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi started in the show business at a young age; she was only 15 when she first got her first outing as a performer.

Vuyo Dabula | Wife, Son, Shandu, Queen Sono, Netflix, Tau, Five Fingers for Marseilles, Father, Family, Career, Wiki, Bio

Vuyo Dabula

Vuyo Dabula is not a new person to acting, he’s been in the world of show business from the early 2000s, but the actor only

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