Sofia Bryant | Dina, I Am Not Okay with This, Relationship, Girlfriend, Gay, Career, Instagram, Netflix, Age, Wikipedia, Bio, Wiki

Sofia Bryant

I Am Not Okay with This has the potential to reach the heights conquered by unexpected shows like The End of the F***ing World and

Aidan Wojtak-Hissong | Instagram, Liam, I Am Not Okay with This, Career, Family, Parents, Siblings, Wikipedia, Bio, Wiki

Aidan Wojtak-Hissong

Aidan Wojtak-Hissong’s face may not be particularly familiar to most people, but the actor’s voice is something you’ve probably heard before if you have kids

Joseph Julian Soria | Erik, Gentefied, Net Worth, Army Wives, Hector Cruz, Career, Relationship, Family, Netflix

Joseph Julian Soria

Joseph Julian Soria is one of those faces you have probably seen before in cop shows and gang movies. Early on in his career, like

Karrie Martin | Ana Morales, Gentefied, Boyfriend, Parents, Siblings, Career, Relationship, Wikipedia, Bio

Karrie Martin

Karrie Martin decided pretty late to get into acting, and it was partly an impulsive decision and something which worked out fine for the actress.

Akiel Julien | Bohdi, Utopia Falls, Girlfriend, Erika Prevost, Hulu, Relationship, The Next Step, LaTroy

Akiel Julien

The number of Canadian actors coming over from the maple country is growing exponentially over the past few years, and nowadays, most of those actors

Robbie Graham-Kuntz | Tempo, Utopia Falls, Girlfriend, Jamie Murray, Relationship, Career, Age, Wikipedia

Robbie Graham-Kuntz

Robbie Graham-Kuntz made his movie debut with the film Full Out in 2015, but it was not the first time the acting job of his

Humberly Gonzalez | Brooklyn, Utopia Falls, Jupiter's Legacy, Career, Relationship, Boyfriend, Ethnicity, Wikipedia

Humberly Gonzalez

Performing on stage or in front of the camera was not something Humberly Gonzalez had in mind when she was younger. But a change in

Laysla De Oliveira | Boyfriend, Jonathan Keltz, Dodge, Locke & Key, Netflix, Relationship, Instagram

Laysla De Oliveira

There is nothing more terrifying than a pretty face, chilling voice, and villainous intent, and some of the best villains in movies and TV shows

Connor Jessup | Partner, Tyler Locke, Locke & Key, Gay, Relationship, Career, Falling Skies

Connor Jessup

Connor Jessup started acting at the age of eleven, and he’s been in the show business for nearly 15 years now. For a 25-year-old, to

Jackson Robert Scott | Locke & Key, Bode Locke, Netflix, Net Worth, Career, Parents, Sibling, Georgie, It

Jackson Robert Scott

Anyone who watched It: Chapter One definitely remembers the opening scene where little Georgie runs down the street wearing his yellow raincoat and encounters Pennywise

Praneet Akilla | Phillip Mishra, October Faction, Relationship, Career, Ethnicity, Indian, Canadian, Geoff Allen, Gay

Praneet Akilla

Praneet Akilla was born in the early 90s in Mumbai to his Indian parents and lived in India for a while before moving to Canada.

Gabriel Darku | Geoff Allen, October Faction, Girlfriend, Netflix, Career, Relationship, Abs, Alyssa Marina, Instagram

Gabriel Darku

Some people are meant to be in the show business, and they dedicate their lives to reaching the goals of one day being in a

Aurora Burghart | Viv Allen, October Faction, Career, Relationship, Age, Theatre, Instagram, Netflix

Aurora Burghart

In a short time, we’ve been online; there’s been a lot of young and talented actors and actresses we’ve covered here. Most of them are

Marlo Kelly | Beth Cassidy, Dare Me, Relationship, Home and Away, Parents, Career, Country

Marlo Kelly

Marlo Kelly is not a well-known actress and considering her small filmography we are not surprised. The Aussie actress only started acting in front of

Rob Heaps | Matt French, Dare Me, Wife, Relationship, Career, Ezra Bloom, Imposters, Theatre

Rob Heaps

The way Rob Heaps holds himself up and carries himself in TV shows and movies, one thing you will probably never realize is the fact

Willa Fitzgerald | Colette French, Dare Me, Boyfriend, Career, Relationship, Family, Gabe Kennedy

Willa Fitzgerald

The question of “what do you want to be when you get old” is something almost everyone’s parents asked them at one point or the

Herizen Guardiola | Addy Hanlon, Dare Me, The Get Down, Family, Parents, Siblings, Relationship, Career, Singer

Herizen Guardiola

With the rise in stream services, there was a rise of content on the small screen. This was a great thing for actors and actresses

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