Ayo Edebiri’s Boyfriend: Still Dating Her Partner, Colin Burgess? Spouse?

Ayo Edebiri is dating her longtime boyfriend, Colin Burgess, as of 2023. Her partner is a musician and drummer. Despite not sharing any posts yet and not being seen in public, they are still together. She is not married and doesn’t have a spouse.

Although each person’s high school experience can be incredibly unique, Bottoms has taught us that every high school requires a fight club. Two high school students test that theory in the upcoming comedy from Orion Releasing. Two LGBT teens named Josie (Ayo Edebiri) and PJ (Rachel Sennott) are doing their hardest to finish high school and catch the attention of two other girls. They are not the apex of the food chain by any means. After some disruption concerning an incident involving a football player named Jeff (Nicholas Galitzine), Josie and PJ decide to start a fight club.

Fans of the lead actress have now questioned both ladies sexuality off-screen due to the fact that the duo portrayed lesbian personas. Well, in real life, Rachel Sennott has a boyfriend. This has led viewers to learn about Ayo Edibiri‘s personal life, wondering about her boyfriend.

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Ayo Edebiri Is Dating Her Boyfriend, Colin Burgess; Are They Still Together?

Ayo Edebiri (@ayoedebiri) is dating her boyfriend, Colin Burgess (@colinburgess), as of 2023. She is an actress and rose to fame in 2022 after joining the cast of the comedic series The Bear on FX on Hulu. For her portrayal of Sydney Adamu, a driven young sous chef, she was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award, a Gotham Award, and an Independent Spirit Award.

Ayo Edebiri's boyfriend shared a post making their relationship public. celebsindepth.comAyo Edebiri’s boyfriend shared a post making their relationship public.
Source: Instagram

With her increasing popularity, Ayo Edebiri is becoming more private, but thanks to her partner for sharing about their relationship. Her boyfriend Colin Burgess shared pictures of them together wearing a mask in 2021, calling the actress his girlfriend and his Valentine. He captioned the picture saying;

I’ve decided that my girlfriend Ayo will be my Valentine this year after giving it much thought. Here we are wearing a Dr. Jart+ Water Jet Vital Hydra SolutionTM sheet mask together.

Speaking about their relationship details, we are not sure since when and where they started dating, as the actress is a private person regarding her dating life and also hasn’t shared any pictures with her boyfriend. Due to her not sharing any posts with her partner, fans have wondered if they are still together in 2023 or if they broke up.

Well, although they have not shared most pictures together and have not made any public appearances, they are still together as of 2023. Going through their Instagram, both of the couples follow one another. If they had broken up, then they would have unfollowed one another, and Colin Burgess would have deleted their picture.

Meet Ayo Edebiri’s Partner, Colin Burgess!

Ayo Edebiri is extremely private regarding her boyfriend and dating life. She is one of The Bear‘s actors and is poised for a significant career breakthrough following her nomination for a Primetime Emmy Award. She has a huge fan following that keeps an eye on her, and wonders more about her partner.

Australian rock musician Colin John Burgess played drums for The Masters Apprentices from 1968 to 1972. Between November 1973 and February 1974, he was the hard rock band AC/DC’s first drummer. The Masters Apprentices achieved success in the top 20 singles charts with “5:10 Man“, “Think about Tomorrow Today“, “Turn Up Your Radio” and “Because I Love You“. With his brother Denny Burgess on bass guitar and vocals, he has played in a number of bands, including His Majesty.

Ayo Edebiri's partner, Colin Burgess, is a musician and drummer. celebsindepth.comAyo Edebiri’s partner, Colin Burgess, is a musician and drummer.
Source: Instagram

In Sydney, he played drums for The Untamed, which featured guitarist Joe Travers. Denny played bass guitar and sang with The Throb, a surf-instrumental group, in 1965. In 1967, Burgess and Denny joined up with Travers and ex-Morloch bassist Bill Verbaan to form the psychedelic band Honeybunch. They changed their name to The Haze later that year.

Just as Ayo Edebiri, her boyfriend, Colin Burgess is also a well-known personality who has fans throughout the world. After the reveal of their relationship, fans were soon to comment on the post, some showing jealousy and some showering love.

Does Ayo Edebiri Have a Spouse?

Some of Ayo Edebiri‘s fans wonder if she has a spouse; well, no, she isn’t married yet in 2023. The actress is 27 years old but has yet to tie the knot. She is still rising towards her career and seems to be focused on it, and it doesn’t seem like she is soon getting married. Well, she has a long-term relationship with her boyfriend, so they might be waiting for the right time.