Barbie Ferreira’s Girlfriend: Meet Elle Puckett, With Whom She Has Matching Tattoos!

Barbie Ferreira is dating her girlfriend, Elle Puckett. The couple started dating in 2019 and are still together. Puckett is a musician who performs under the stage name Rosie Ugly. Barbie and Elle have matching tattoos, which she revealed in March 2022 on Instagram.

Actress Barbie Ferreira discussed leaving the Emmy-winning HBO series Euphoria before Season 3 on the Armchair Expert podcast. In August of last year, Ferreira announced that she was leaving Euphoria and would no longer play Kat Hernandez. Her departure came as a result of rumors that she had disagreements with Euphoria creator Sam Levinson during Season 2 throughout her character. In Season 2, Kat’s plot was diminished, and one report has it that she even left the set during a confrontation with Levinson.

With the recent news about Barbie Ferreira’s exit from the show, fans’ interest in her personal life has increased. The actress is said to have a girlfriend. So who is she dating in 2023? Let us get into every detail about her girlfriend and relationship status.

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Barbie Ferreira Has Been Dating Elle Puckett Since 2019 and Has Matching Tattoos!

Celebrities don’t typically make their private relationships known, but Barbie Ferreira (@barbieferreira) frequently talks about her girlfriend. Her love for her girlfriend, Elle Puckett (@rosieugly), is obvious, even though she still wishes to keep some private matters to herself.

Barbie Ferreira and her girlfriend Puckett have been dating since 2019, according to Yahoo. And Ferreira shared a cute photo of herself and Puckett on Valentine’s Day. With a burning heart emoji, she added the comment “love of my life” to the picture. On September 29, 2020, Puckett posted a picture of the two almost kissing. This was one of their earliest postings together. And after three years, they are still together.

Barbie Ferreira with her girlfriend, Elle Puckett.

Barbie Ferreira with her girlfriend, Elle Puckett.
Image Source: Daily Mail

On September 30, 2020, when speaking with Cosmopolitan for a profile, Barbie Ferreira revealed that Puckett was the one who got her first tattoo. Barbie acknowledged getting a stick-and-poke tattoo on her butt from her lover. She explained,

It’s a spiral on my butt. A spiral for my spiral of isolation.

Afterward, Barbie Ferreira revealed that she and Puckett had complementary tattoos together, as Yahoo reported in March 2022. The actor documented the experience of the couple’s new matching bleeding heart tattoo on her Instagram story. She has tattoos of Ferreira on her ribs and of Puckett on her neck. The couple that stays together, as they say, stays together.

Barbie and her girlfriend Elle have matching tattoos.

Barbie and her girlfriend Elle have matching tattoos.
Image Source: Yahoo

Barbie Ferreira told Out that she identifies as queer in July 2019. She acknowledged that she had previously preferred to keep that aspect of her life largely private. But ever since she made her acting debut in Euphoria that same year as Kat Hernandez, she has gradually felt more at ease discussing her sexuality. So much so that she expressed a desire for her character in the HBO series to explore her queerness in an interview with the New York Times that same year. She told the magazine,

I feel like in my personal life, I’ve been queer as hell. I believe Kat to be a little queer, but that could just be my opinion.

Barbie Ferreira is content with her lover, Elle Puckett, in terms of their relationship. Who is she, then? Although she’s not actually in Ferreira’s line of work, she’s rather close. Puckett is a musician who performs under the stage name Rosie Ugly, according to the Warm Audio website. She is a guitarist, producer, and artist who, along with her sister, formed the band Poema in 2016. 2010 saw them perform at the Warped Tour and release four EPs. But, as of late, she has also released music under the name Rosie Ugly and is a Spotify-verified artist.

Puckett has shared the stage with some pretty well-known performers. According to The Long Beach Post, on January 20, 2019, Puckett and Maggie Rogers performed at the East Village Arts District. Puckett played the only guitar throughout the acoustic portion of Rogers’ performance of her debut album, Heard It in a Former Life before Rogers joined. In addition to performing with Rogers, Puckett has also shared the stage with Lorde.

Puckett uploaded a picture of herself, three other musicians, and Lorde performing on stage at the Guggenheim International Gala on November 18, 2021, to Instagram. On April 14, Puckett also uploaded a picture of herself performing on stage with Lorde and said that she was thrilled to be touring again.