Ben Napier’s Weight Loss in 2022: How Did the Home Town on HGTV Star Lose Weight? How Does He Look Now? Photos Examined!

Ben Napier, the co-host of Home Town on HGTV, has undergone a massive weight loss and some fans are curious to know how he was able to lose weight. He lost around 55 pounds by intaking fewer calories and avoiding carbs. Additionally, he also plays basketball and trains hard with his personal trainer. Looking at his photos, Ben looks in much better shape now and is enjoying his healthy lifestyle.

Ben Napier is an American television presenter and a social media personality. He is well-known for co-hosting and starring in the American television series Home Town with his wife Erin Napier. The show airs on HGTV and the duo has hosted the show since 2016. Additionally, Ben was offered the opportunity to host the show after being featured in Southern Weddings Magazine in 2014.

Born on September 24, 1983, in Laurel, Mississippi. Ben Napier is a Christian by faith and holds American nationality. Likewise, he is one of four kids born to Bennie Napier and Das Napier. His father was a Baptist minister. His three brothers are Tom, Sam, and Jesse.

The 38-year-old social media star went to a local school for his education and attended the University of Mississippi and finished with a history degree. After finishing his education, he began working as a carpenter and woodworker.

Ben and Erin Napier are presently filming the second season of Home Town Takeover. Ben had gained a lot of weight as a result of his poor eating habits and lack of concern about his weight. The key objective at this point was to get rid of it.

But this was all secondary thought. He’s lighter, healthier, and faster today. This announcement came as a huge surprise to his supporters, who were used to seeing a gigantic Ben. Many others were concerned that he was battling an illness. So, what was the cause? Get to know more about Ben Napier’s weight loss journey.

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Ben Napier’s Weight Loss in 2022: The Hometown Co-host Was Able to Lose 55 Pounds With a Strict Diet & Workout Routine; How Does the HGTV Star Look Now? Before & After Photos Examined!

Ben Napier ( used to appear to be a giant due to his heavy weight. But that’s all in the past because the Home Town co-host has undergone a major weight loss since then. Ben acknowledges that he has been exercising for years but has never taken it seriously.

He desired to be healthy so that he could see her daughter grow up and for a healthy living. He lowered his carbohydrate and calorie intake to lose weight. In addition to his daily workout, he plays basketball every morning as part of his fitness routine.

Ben Napier has lost significant pounds since beginning his weight loss journey in 2018. His fitness and weight conditioning regimen has truly paid off. He now has a leaner figure that is vastly different from how he seemed previously. Furthermore, Ben has no intention of discontinuing his exercise regimen anytime soon.

Ben Napier, on the other hand, has resolved to completely increase his weight loss game in 2022. Clark Raspberry, a personal trainer, is engaged to help him with this. He’s always worked out and can easily do bench presses. However, the actor believes that it is time to commit to his fitness routine.

Intermittent fasting appeared difficult at first, but with time, the HGTV star developed strong habits of resisting his favorite meal and focusing solely on his family. Erin, Ben’s wife, was also a huge support to him on his weight loss quest. The good news is that Ben’s health has improved as a result of his weight loss, and he now feels invigorated and in terrific shape.

Ben Napier weighed around 335 pounds before the birth of his daughter. He eventually shed approximately 55 pounds by cutting carbs and calories, fasting periodically, and mixing cardio and weight training. He mentioned in an Instagram post that his family has a history of ailments due to their huge size. As a result, in order to live a long life for her daughter, he lost weight.

Ben Napier’s Wife, Kids, & Social Media!

Ben Napier is a married man with two children. His current wife Erin Napier (@erinapier) is another well-known American television personality who worked with him on Home Town. Ben originally met Erin while attending the University of Mississippi. Ben proposed to Erin in 2007 and they began dating.

On November 22, 2008, the couple married. In January 2018, they had their first child, Helen Napier. Furthermore, the couple’s second child, Mae Napier was born on May 28, 2021. The couple is never reluctant to publicly declare their emotions for one another. Furthermore, Ben and his family are currently living a great life in Laurel, Mississippi.

The HGTV personality, 38, celebrated his love for his wife in an Instagram photo, as well as his enthusiasm for a car he received for the couple’s upcoming season of Home Town Takeover in Colorado.

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