Is Benoit Blanc Gay? Reddit Users Wonder About the Detective’s Partner!

Yes, Benoit Blanc is gay. As Reddit users wonder about Detective Benoit Blanc’s partner, he is partnered with Phillip, who is portrayed by Hugh Grant. The fact that Hugh Grant played Blanc’s boyfriend in The Glass Onion made Rian Johnson very happy, and viewers should feel the same way.

Knives Out, a murder mystery movie directed by Rian Johnson, is among the best movies to come out in recent years. The 2019 movie, which stars Daniel Craig as the flamboyant Benoit Blanc, centers on the detective’s attempts to solve the death of famed author Harlan Thrombey. Blanc surprises Harlan’s family by identifying the murderer using his odd ways and techniques. In the 2022 movie Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, Cassandra Andi Brand, a well-known CEO of a tech corporation, was found dead. Blanc decides to look into her death.

The mystery-comedy Netflix’s Knives Out offers a modern interpretation of the whodunit subgenre. It is based on Agatha Christie’s writings and has earned positive reviews for its sophisticated plot, compelling characters portrayed by outstanding performers, and entertaining satire of a well-liked genre.

Christie’s fictional detective Hercule Poirot served as inspiration for Daniel Craig’s portrayal of Benoit Blanc. Many fans of Knives Out and Glass Onion have questioned whether Benoit Blanc is gay after learning from the relevant scene that the investigator cohabitates with another man in his apartment. So, is he gay? Let’s find out!

Yes, Benoit Blanc Is Gay; Reddit Update on the Detective’s Partner!

In the Knives Out movies, Benoit Blanc identifies as gay. While the film’s writer and director, Rian Johnson, have been far more outspoken about the detective’s sexuality, Glass Onion just makes a passing allusion to that fact. In response to a question about whether a sequence in the movie where Benoit Blanc is seen cohabitating with another guy indicates that the character is gay, after the movie’s screening at the London Film Festival, Rian said,

Yes, he certainly is.

Three years later, the eagerly anticipated sequel, Glass Onion, has finally been released, presenting Daniel Craig’s (@DanielCraig007) southern investigator with yet another complex and perplexing case. As anticipated by fans, the movie provides extra character insight for Blanc by having him play Among Us with some notable actors in an early scene before he discovers the information that prompts him to become involved in the investigation.

Many fans of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery have questioned the investigator’s cohabitation with another man in his apartment after learning of the relevant scene. As Reddit users speculated about Benoit Blanc’s partner, he is partnered with Phillip, who is portrayed by Hugh Grant. The fact that Hugh Grant played Benoit Blanc’s boyfriend in Glass Onion made Rian Johnson very happy, and viewers should feel the same way.

The contrast between Blanc’s character and Grant’s typical roles during his early career makes the casting largely perfect. Initially, Grant was the stereotypical British heartthrob who courted women with his clumsy, uncomfortable demeanor. The relationship between the two would be ideal should Grant take on a similar role in the Knives Out series because Blanc is such an oddball, goofy character and Daniel Craig plays the part to perfection.

It’s interesting to picture Blanc’s colorful, flamboyant, yet good-natured detective interacting with Grant’s uncomfortable charm. Grant should reprise his role as Phillip in Knives Out 3, which is presently in development so that the two characters can interact in a way that Glass Onion did not permit. Many of Benoit Blanc’s supporters have expressed their opinions on social media as a result of the news that he is gay. One supporter tweeted:

One of my favorite movie moments of the year is when Benoit Blanc’s gay boyfriend is revealed in Glass Onion.

Another person commented,

How am I just now finding out that Benoit Blanc is gay? I had to watch the entire episode of Glass Onion while wondering if they would ever talk about how ridiculous everything was.

While the latter is avoided in Glass Onion, Phillip only makes a brief appearance, and the nature of his and Blanc’s relationship is left unclear. The movie did not explicitly reveal this; it was up to the filmmaker to do so. All of this serves to highlight how undeveloped and naive any charge of Johnson’s engaging in queer baiting feels, especially in light of the director’s history of including social problems in his movies.

The dearth of overt LGBTQ+ representation in Hollywood has drawn significant criticism, as the majority of parts given to the group are either side characters who have little to no impact on the broader narrative or who adhere to harmful stereotypes.

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