Bobby Flay GF 2020 - After Helene Yorke Who is the Celebrity Chef Currently Dating?

Jul 3, 2020 @ 20:42 GMT-0500
Bobby Flay GF 2020 - After Helene Yorke Who is the Celebrity Chef Currently Dating?

For decades now, women have been pining for the devilishly good looking and equally charming celebrity chef Bobby Flay. He is one of the most recognizable faces in the culinary world, and through his years of television appearances and book sales, Bobby has become a sex symbol. Someone, whose relationship news dominates tabloid headlines and leads to people searching for Bobby Flay GF on the internet.

If you are wondering about latest information on Bobby Flay's latest romantic flings in 2022, then here is everything you need to know about the celebrity chef's writer girlfriend.

Bobby Flay GF – Relationship Timeline of the Celebrity Chef

Bobby Flay has been married and divorced three times.Bobby Flay has been married and divorced three times.
Source: Bobby Flay Instagram

As his career was taking off, Bobby Flay married a talented rising chef Debra Ponzek on 11 May 1991. The couple was together for less than three years when the relationship took a toll on their careers, resulting in them separating and getting divorced by the end of 1993.

After a two year gap, the rising star of the culinary world got married to Kate Connelly in 1995. They were together for three blissful years of marriage, resulting in the birth of their daughter, Sophie Flay. But by 1998, the marriage between the two came to a screeching halt, and after deciding to separate, they got a divorce.

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In the next half-decade, Bobby was single and in casual relationships with different women. He finally got settled again on 20 February 2005 with actress Stephanie March. The couple was together for ten years, and less than a month after their 10th anniversary Stephanie and Bobby separated. By 17 July 2015, their divorce was finalized, after which Helene Yorke came into the picture.

Bobby Flay’s Relationship with His Ex-GF Helene Yorke

Bobby Flay and actress Helene Yorke were together for over two years before breakig up in 2019.Bobby Flay and actress Helene Yorke were together for over two years before breaking up in 2019.
Source: Instagram

Bobby Flay was divorced from his third wife for a little over six months when he met actress Helene Yorke during a Knicks game. The whole thing was romance at the first meeting as both fell for each other hard. The couple started dating soon after, and they were together for over two years when fans started speculating they would get married.

Well, instead of getting married, Bobby Flay and his then gf Helene Yorke called it quit in 2019. Helene was 20 years his junior, and by the end of 2019, she had moved on with another man. Bobby Flay opened up about the breakup during his show, Beat Bobby Flay, when asked about his situation; the celebrity chef said his ex-gf “kicked” him to the curb.

After hearing about his failed relationship, there were numerous ladies who were happy about the handsome chef being single. Even the show host Fran Drescher got in on the action to make Bobby blush by asking him out.

Bobby Flay GF 2020 - Current Dating Situation of the Celebrity Chef

Bobby Flay GF 2020 - The celebrity chef is currently single.Bobby Flay GF 2020 - The celebrity chef is currently single.
Source: Bobby Flay Instagram

There are no shortages of women throwing themselves at Bobby Flay. During a recent video, when he mentioned a new girl, there were rumors he was dating someone else; instead, it turned out he was talking about his new secretary Christie Bok. Much to the delight of the fans, the new girl only turned out to be his assistant.

Bobby is reserved when talking about his relationship status, but recently he has been claiming to be single. After three divorces and a couple of years of romance with Helene, Bobby is taking some time off the dating game. For those looking to find out about Bobby Flay GF, we have some good news; the handsome chef appears to be single.

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