How Did Brian Stelter Undergo Weight Loss?

People are curious to know if Brian Stelter has a new weight-loss routine. Well, he has yet to make a statement as of now, but in 2010, he had lost around 75 pounds in some months. In 2010, he also used Twitter rather than write a blog, keep a diary, or join Weight Watchers to keep motivating himself.

Brian Patrick Stelter is an American journalist known as the former chief media correspondent for CNN and host of the CNN program Reliable Sources, roles he held from 2013 to 2022. As of 2023, he works with the Walter Shorenstein Media and Democracy Fellowship at Harvard Kennedy School.

Recently, Brian has been in the news after his new book, Network of Lies, got published. The book is now available on different social media sites, including Amazon. Many of Brain’s fans have already read the book, and some of them have given positive reviews to the book. On the other hand, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro described her as a reckless maniac, according to the book.

After Brian’s book was published, many people seemed curious about Brian’s personal life. In this article, we will be talking about his weight-loss journey and personal life. To learn more about his diet, exercises, and daily life activities, read this article.

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Brian Stelter Credits His Weight Loss to the Website Tall Tales, Truth, and His Twitter Diet!

Brian Stelter‘s (@brianstelter) weight loss has made people choke in 2010. His physical appearance has been claimed to look a little different since October. During an interview, he mentioned that he was able to make his weight loss journey successful through the website Tall Tales, Truth, and his Twitter diet.

Brian Stelter changed his diet for his weight loss. celebsindepth.comBrian Stelter changed his diet for his weight loss.
Source: Instagram

Recently, Brian Stelter’s weight loss has been a huge topic for discussion among people on social media. With the release of his new book, Network of Lies, people think that not only does his writing seem amazing, but his appearance has also seen a little change, after undergoing weight loss.

Although Brian has not talked about his recent weight loss plan, people are curious to know about his new diet plan routine. Some people online think that he gained weight during the pandemic, and recently he seems to have been in his usual shape. Before 2010, he was a very healthy person, but he had a massive weight loss in 2010. He had described his weight-loss journey and updated her physical appearance through social media.

Why Did Brian Stelter Start Using Twitter?

Brian Stelter, who has been the biggest fan of GPOYW (Gratuitous Picture of Yourself Wednesday, in Tumblr-speak), loves to post his mirror selfie on Wednesday. His weight loss journey in 2010 seems to be a remarkable thing, and when people started seeing August’s picture, they started asking about his weight loss. He documented his journey from March 2010 to August 2010 as a result of losing some weight and coming into perfect shape.

Brian Stelter is a fan of GPOYW. celebsindepth.comBrian Stelter is a fan of GPOYW.
Source: Instagram

While he was busy documenting himself and focusing on his weight-loss journey, people started to consider him an inspiration. He made people believe that everything could be done slowly and steadily. During an interview in 2010, Brian Stelter mentioned that he knew that he could not diet alone and that he needed the help of a cheering section, so he decided to use Twitter rather than write a blog, keep a diary, or join Weight Watchers. He also stated that:

It’s easy to deride people like me who diet and tell, as one Web site described the trend earlier this year. Or, for that matter, those who post every day about their job searches, debt loads or love lives. This impulse to share every minute detail of life is often ridiculed as a narcissistic trait of my generation — the millennials, who are generally in their 20s.

What Kind of Exercise Does Brian Stelter Follow?

Continuing the interview, Brian Stelter also said that he quickly learned that narcissism wasn’t the problem with his Twitter diet account; the real problem was asparagus instead of fries, but too much alcohol. He also talked about how he changed his eating habits and loved to eat fruit, then sushi, a little bit of soy sauce, and 1 cookie instead of the usual 3.

At the beginning of Brian Stelter’s weight loss journey, he was going to account honestly for every ounce, but after some months, he stopped posting the daily log of bites and sips and disappeared from the account for almost a week at a time. However, he came back each time because he was gradually accumulating an audience and posting about his goal. He mentioned that he was able to make his weight loss journey successful through Tall Tales, Truth, and his Twitter diet, exercise.

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