Cameron Esposito

Cameron Esposito is best known for her stand-up comedies, her podcast Queery, and her own sitcom Take My Wife. Currently residing in Los Angeles, she was born on 17th October 1981 in Western Springs, Illinois.

The lesbian star usually focusses on topics involving LGBTQ Community. Moreover, she does not hesitate to speak out on feminism and social justice.

Cameron Esposito is an is an American comedian, actor, and podcaster.

Cameron Esposito is an American comedian, actor, and podcaster.
Source: Los Angeles Magazine

Cameron often talks about the challenges faced by marginalized communities. In fact, she loves expressing her views on the more sensitive and controversial topics. On 11th June 2018, she released an hour-long stand-up special on her website titled ‘Rape Jokes‘ where she talked about sexual assault from her own perspective.

Cameron Esposito was previously married – Who was her wife?

Cameron Esposito was married to her former wife Rhea Butcher.

Cameron Esposito was married to her former wife Rhea Butcher.
Source: WBUR

Back in 2015, Cameron Esposito married her partner turned wife Rhea Butcher (who is non-binary and prefers to use they/them pronouns). The wedding was held on 12th December 2015 at The Hideout in Esposito’s hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

The pair — who made their careers out of sharing their personal lives — met during a live show hosted by Esposito. They soon began to collaborate and subsequently started to date. The couple worked on several projects together. They created an American sitcom on Seeso streaming service (that got shut down in November 2017) titled Take My Wife (2016-2018) which followed their life of stand up comedians as they seek to balance work and relationship.

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The duo, likewise, released a joint stand-up album titled Back to Back in 2017. Moreover, they had their own podcast Put Your Hands Together which ran for six years from 2013 to 2019. They used to record it weekly at the U.C.B. Theatre in Los Angeles.

Why did Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher divorce?

Cameron Esposito and her wife Rhea Butcher divorced in 2018.

Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher divorced in 2018.
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In August 2018, news broke out that Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher are no longer a couple as they’ve decided to divorce.

Cameron Esposito confirmed the news of their separation on Twitter. The comedian implied they were separating for the good of both parties as they look to prioritize their individual lives.

Esposito stated they are doing this only because they care a lot about each other. She added, “We’re gonna talk to our friends about it & be pretty private in public. Thanks for your kindness and understanding.”

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Earlier in 2016, Cameron reflected on the first year of their marriage in a column for A.V. Club. She wrote,

When I met you our life now was beyond my scope. We couldn’t have gotten legally married then, even if we’d decided to throw caution to the wind.

She continued,

We were engaged for more than two years because I couldn’t figure out how to take the next step.

Following their divorce, both Esposito and Butcher are currently working on their own podcasts, the former with Queery and the latter with Three Swings.

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