Celine Dion Death Hoax - The Full Story!

Nov 7, 2019 @ 16:59 GMT-0500
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Celine Dion Death Hoax - The Full Story!

Calling the internet a weird place would be a massive understatement. Quite often, rumors seem to appear out of nowhere on social media. Some ridiculous, some funny, and some that make your heart skip a beat.

Celine Dion is one personality who needs no introduction. The legendary singer was, unfortunately, a part of the death hoax, leaving fans extremely worried. Worry not, she is alive and well. But let's look at the details of what actually happened.

Celine Dion Death Hoax - She did NOT die in a plane crash

On 6th November 2019, rumors spread like wildfire claiming the 'My Heart Will Go On' singer had passed away.

A website that is merely four days old called 'worldnews.hytactv' claimed the music star bit the dust in a plane crash. The news is false, as confirmed by Dion's talent agency.

Apparently, the fake news site altered a CNN New Day Program, making it seem like the cable channel broke the news, when, in reality, they never did.

The headline read, "Superstar and singing legend Celine Dion dead at 51," which was shared hundreds of times on social media, in particular, Facebook.

The screenshot from the website that spread Celine Dion's death hoax.

The screenshot of the report that spread Celine Dion's death hoax.
Source: AFP Fact Checker

AFP Fact Checker confirmed the report is a ruse, and there is nothing to be worried about. Dion's talent agency told AFP, the news "is absolutely false."

The original video used in the death report is the news confirming US chef Anthony Bourdain had passed away on 8th June 2018. You can check out the clip here.

Interestingly, there's another video from 18th November 2013 claiming Dion died in a plane crash. The singer is clearly not new to being targeted for a death hoax.

While a part of the internet believed she died, the Canadian pop star in the meantime was busy on her world tour she plans to perform till September 2020.

On 5th November 2019, Celine shared a picture on Twitter of her concert at Michigan's Little Ceasars Arena.

The website claiming Dion is no more was created on 2nd November 2019. Needless to say, the site couldn't be any less credible.

How did the fans react?

As soon as the hoax of her plane crash hit social media, fans couldn't help panic. Some genuinely bought it and were terribly sad while others were smart enough to notice something fishy going on. Let's check out some of the fans' reactions.


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