Chantel Jeffries’ Boyfriend in 2023: Relationship History With Lil Twist, Travis Scoot, and More!

Despite having a number of relationships, Chantel Jeffries doesn’t have a boyfriend in 2023. Her dating history includes a number of ex-boyfriends, including Andrew Taggart, Diplo, Lil Twist, Justin Combs, Wilmer Valderrama, Kyrie Irving, and Machine Gun Kelly. She was also rumored to have a relationship with Travis Scott.

Chantel Jeffries is a phenomenal American DJ, fascinating model, and alluring YouTube phenomenon who has enthralled the world with her unmistakable skill. She has amassed a big following on platforms such as Instagram, who are invested in her personal life, especially wondering about her boyfriend in 2023. Many have expressed curiosity to learn about her relationship history, as she is known for dating famous celebrities. So let’s get into detail.

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Chantel Jeffries Hasn’t Revealed Her Boyfriend in 2023!

Along with her amusing career, Chantel Jeffries (@chanteljeffries) has dated high-profile celebrities as her boyfriend. She pushes the boundaries of conventional musicianship with every beat she drops and song she spins, immersing her listener in a sea of passion and ecstasy. However, rather than her career, fans are interested to know about her boyfriend in 2023.

Chantel Jeffries doesn't seem to have a boyfriend in 2023. celebsindepth.comChantel Jeffries doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend in 2023.
Source: Instagram

Chantel Jeffries appears to be single and doesn’t have a boyfriend as of 2023. Her talent and work ethic have made her a powerful and desired woman in the entertainment industry. She has been in the profession for a while and, as a result, has dated a few Hollywood stars over the years. This is quite a surprise for her fans to know that she is single because she used to have a partner and was never considered single. She has not made any public statements about her current relationship situation or boyfriend. Also, she is not currently rumored to be dating anyone.

Maybe she has understood that true happiness can be found in embracing oneself and pursuing passions that ignite one’s soul. Her journey is her own, and she traces it with tenacity and grace, leaving admirers in awe of the lady who remains a mystery even in the face of the spotlight’s relentless scrutiny. The enigmatic Chantel Jeffries looks to be embracing the beauty of singlehood at the moment, effortlessly traversing life’s journey without a romantic companion by her side.

Chantel Jeffries Had a History of Relationships, Including With Andrew Taggart, Diplo, Lil Twist, and Machine Gun Kelly!

If you don’t recognize Chantel Jeffries from her career, you’ll recognize her through her high-profile ex-lovers! The DJ managed to win the hearts of everyone, from The Chainsmokers Andrew Taggart to P Diddy‘s son Justin Combs! With her ex-boyfriends continually being public individuals, it’s always fascinating to learn more about her relationship history.

Chantel Jeffries was dating Andrew Taggart in 2020. celebsindepth.comChantel Jeffries was dating Andrew Taggart in 2020.
Source: Nicki Swift

Although Chantel Jeffries doesn’t have a boyfriend and hasn’t revealed her relationship status, she has been involved in several relationships in the past. The most current rumor regarding her dating life is that she dated Drew Taggart, a member of the famed EDM group The Chainsmokers.

In July 2020, Chantel Jeffries announced their relationship on Instagram by posting two photographs of herself cuddling up close to Taggart. One photo showed them kissing during a sunset supper, while the other showed them smiling. However, they have publicly confirmed their relationship or provided any details about it.

When Chantel and the famed DJ and producer Diplo were photographed getting intimate on a beach in Mexico in January 2020, they were thought to be dating. Diplo was also seen snapping shots of Chantel and calling her “baby” in other Instagram stories, according to Chantel. Their connection, however, appeared to be brief, and they never publicly confirmed it.

The Dj and Justin Bieber had a brief relationship in January 2014. They were spotted together in Miami, where Bieber was detained for drunk driving. She was also in the car with him when he was arrested. Their relationship, however, did not last long, and they eventually parted ways. She also dated Lil Twist.

Chantel Jeffries with her ex-boyfriend, Lil Twist. celebsindepth.comChantel Jeffries with her ex-boyfriend, Lil Twist.
Source: Pop Sugar

Then she began dating actor and musician Wilmer Valderrama in July 2017. They have been spotted together at a number of events and parties, including the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival and the Beautycon Festival. They did, however, split up after only a few months of dating.

In June 2018, Chantel Jeffries and NBA player Kyrie Irving were photographed on a movie date. They were photographed holding hands, which fueled dating speculation. They appeared to be having fun together and holding hands. They never confirmed their relationship or appeared in public together after that.

Chantel Jeffries and her boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly, were in a relationship. celebsindepth.comChantel Jeffries and her boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly, were in a relationship.
Source: Daily Mail

The model and rapper Machine Gun Kelly were spotted together in New York City in July 2019. They exchanged passionate messages on social media, implying a love relationship. However, their romance quickly faded, and they moved on to new partners.

Chantel Jeffries’ Relationship Rumors With Travis Scott!

Many fans have asked about Chantel Jeffries‘ relationship with Travis Scott, and if they were a couple, as per some sources, Travis allegedly dated the model from May to September 2015. However, we are not sure if she actually dated Travis or if it was just rumors.