Charli D'Amelio Look-Alike Ellie Zeiler's Rise to Fame

Jun 23, 2020 @ 10:58 GMT-0500
Charli D'Amelio Look-Alike Ellie Zeiler's Rise-to-Fame Story You Won't Find Elsewhere

The TikTok community has found a lot to give for people to moan about something. And a mere presence of a doppelganger gives them that chance whether it is by the personality's fault or just the people's general need for drama, but mostly the latter. Ellie Zeiler has found herself in that position.

Although, if you really get to know her, you'll find she's just a really humble teenager, living a normal life with fame that just came with looking a little like Charli D'Amelio. The online community, as usual, read too much into things and comments, as some completely unrelated vicious people won't stop existing.

As Soon As Ellie Zeiler Joined TikTok, She Was Noticed by Charli D'Amelio Herself

By as soon as, we mean it did take some time. Zeiler was just a normal high school teenager in a quiet little town in San Diego who did not have much to do with school being off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She's not too keen to be active on social media, as witnessed by the lack of many posts on Instagram, but when she came across TikTok in March 2020, she was hooked.

Ellie Zeiler responding to numerous comments related to Charli D'Amelio.Her 'Together As One' movement is going to have a whole new purpose already.
Photo Source: The TikTok Shaderoom, Instagram

Some people tend to think the 16-year-old is someone whose fame came pretty easy, with that resemblance to the TikTok Queen. And while she does think these things happen, she knows maintaining the status of an influencer isn't easy. But it wasn't long until Charli took notice of her, among many other comments of their similarity. According to Famous Birthdays, Charli commented on one of Ellie's videos about their similarity.

A Fake Account, Neither Charli's Nor Ellie's, Made Her Slam Rumors That It Was Her Trying to Confuse People

You get a lot of fan accounts of personalities out there, and whoever created Ellie Zeiler's fake Twitter accounts has to admit that it was them who gave her celebrity status. She gained 2 million followers in a month, but those accounts, hampered her humble status as a lot of the users were already axing her for looking like Charli and copying her persona already.

At first glance, the April 2020 Twitter account, @charidamelio, made people assume Ellie was trying to confuse them to think it was Charli's account with a poor attempt at misspelling the handle-name. Meanwhile, another Twitter page, @elliezeilerr, was doing the same job of dragging her down.

A fake account claiming to be Ellie Zeiler's second account and that the fake TikTok account is not theirs.A fake Twitter account claiming to be Ellie Zeiler's second account and that the fake TikTok account is not theirs.
Photo Source: The TikTok Shaderoom, Instagram

And then, she had to squash the rumors herself, trying to explain it wasn't her at all trying to do all those stuff. In a The TikTok Shaderoom comments section, she wrote, "my [Twitter] account is @elliezeiler1, NOT @elliezeilerr. ask them for a face reveal please because it's all fake. i'm sorry for having to comment like this but it has gone too far. ... that is not my REAL twitter account. PLEASE stop."

Both the Twitter accounts has since been deleted, with the former imposter supportively clarifying, "This account has never been run by Ellie Zeiler. Please don’t give her sh*t for something she has nothing to do with. It’s not Charli either." As for the second Twitter account, the imposter still tried to convince it was Ellie's second account (the photo above), but they weren't fooling anyone like that.

She did respond herself too, saying she does not know how to use Twitter in the first place.

Ellie Jumped to Charli's Aid When Charli Posted One Video After Ellie Initially Did

One comment from an outside user will really hit you hard, which is often true, "Charli's style is basically half of America’s style." She does choreograph some dance moves herself, but a majority of them is a popular trend she is following, or basically endorsing at this point. And there were bound to be instances she would come to find the trend a little later than others.

Side by side comparison of Charli D'Amelio and her look-alike Ellie Zeiler.Sometimes, similarity comparison is best left at just that.
Photo Sources: Ellie Zeiler, TikTok & Charli D'Amelio, Instagram

As for Ellie, aside from copying D'Amelio, she was also accused of copying Hype House member, Avani Gregg, once. But at one point in mid-May, the tables seemed to have turned for Ellie & Charli.

Ellie made a quirky dance video to the trending Sweet and Salty music on TikTok, and Charli also made one with a similar style. When some took notice that Charli posted it a while after Ellie did, the former was accused of copying her look-alike instead.

The devoted Jew was having none of it though and later came to Charli's aid instead, responding with, "it's a trend, not that deep." In a world where many were accusing high-ranking TikTokers of not crediting the original dance choreographer, it was a comparatively low-key one.

Ellie Zeiler responding a critic comparing Charli D'Amelio's dance with hers.There's just no need for drama folks.
Photo Source: The TikTok Shaderoom, Instagram

Of course, Charli hasn't responded to any of the events yet, and there isn't such a need to fuel the drama anymore. But Ellie did fuel a rumor that she's joined Daisy Keech's Hype House rival, Clubhouse, after having posted a TikTok clip with members Sebastian Topete and Isaak Presley. Although, that seems to be a temporary thing only, but a second clip inside the house tells a different story. Here are the details of the Daisy Keech-Hype House feud.

D'Amelio Recently Responded to Zeiler's Presence on TikTok

In the most recent news, Charli was stopped by a YouTube reporter in her neighborhood with her sister Dixie D'Amelio to ask what she thought about Ellie's presence on social media. It was a very positive response for the TikTok queen saying she really doesn't think too much of what's going on.

"I'm not that surprised,' the 16-year-old says. "...It is what it is. I haven't seen anything on that." Dixie also added, “Honestly, I think we have a very basic look. We have brown hair and brown eyes. Like, I see TikToks all day. Everyone — ‘Oh my god, you look like Charli!’’s chill.”

“It’s not that different,” Charli concluded. “We don’t really care.”

Watch: The Discussion Starts from 2:03

Ellie Zeiler recently just surpassed 5 million followers on her TikTok page @elliezeiler. Here's to hoping people don't pit them against each other from now on.

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