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Charmaine Piula expected a lot of things to happen while growing up in Utah, but being linked with one of the most divisive figures in the NBA, Jimmy Butler, was most probably not one of them. But it was the same thing which found her and shot her into the limelight.

Start of Charmaine’s Life and Her Educational Qualification

Charmaine Piula was once in a relationship with Jimmy Buttler.Charmaine Piula was once in a relationship with Jimmy Butler.
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Charmaine was born in the mid-80s in St. George, Utah, where she spent most of her childhood and also got her high school education. Utah was also the place where little Charmaine dreamed to be big and do better things in life while attending the Snow Canyon High School, which was located in her home town of St. George.

The school was a three-year public school where Charmaine honed her skills in basketball. She competed in the 4A division of high school basketball with other Washington and few Utah teams.  After her three years in Snow Canyon was over, Charmaine went to Dixie State University, where she got her associate’s degree in two years.

In 2005, Piula enrolled in Southern Utah University to get her Bachelor’s degree, and she also used her high school basketball talents to get on the University’s Basketball team, the Southern Utah Thunderbirds. She switched between playing Guard and Forward in both of her junior and senior years at the University.

Career After Graduating and Finding Success

Charmaine Piula worked with Auto-Owners Insurance.Charmaine Piula worked with Auto-Owners Insurance.
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Charmaine graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in 2008, and soon after her graduation, she joined the Dixie State University as the Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach. After only ten months on the job, she moved to Title One, Inc., where she worked as Escrow Assistant for over two years.

All of this lead Charmaine to her job with the Auto-Owners Insurance, where she made her way from a Commercial Underwriter to a Marketing Representative to the position of Supervisor, most recently in 2017. She’s been working for Auto-Owners Insurance for almost nine years now, and while working there, she also got involved with one of the most polarizing players in the NBA.

Charmaine and Jimmy; Was She Jimmy Butler’s Wife?

Jimmy Butler played for the Philadelphia 76ers last season.Jimmy Butler played for the Philadelphia 76ers last season.
Source: The Undefeated

Jimmy Butler is a basketball player who was selected 30th Overall by the Chicago Bulls in 2011, and he played for the team for six seasons and became one of the main guys. After some great years in Chicago, the player was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves, where he played for one season and a little bit of the second season and was shipped off after some bust-ups with his teammates.

Minnesota’s star player Karl Anthony Towns was reportedly unhappy with the player, and there were also rumors saying the player was involved in a relationship with KAT’s girlfriend. He was moved to Philadelphia 76ers, and he helped them reach the playoffs. In free agency, the player was involved in a sign and trade deal where he was moved to Miami.

Charmaine Piula and Jimmy Butler were in a relationship in 2015.Charmaine Piula and Jimmy Butler were in a relationship in 2015.
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Throughout his career, he not only raked points on the scoreboard but was also left behind a long list of flings and girlfriends. One of the people in the long trail of romance for the player was the Polynesia ethnicity former Thunderbirds player Charmaine Piula.

The couple started going out in 2015, and though there were no signs the duo was ready to get married, they were still close enough to warrant discussion of sharing vows and getting married. Like most of the relationships in Jimmy Butler’s career, this did not last long. The couple separated, and Jimmy kept on dating other ladies.

Kaitlin Nowak and Jimmy Butler’s Baby

Kaitlin Nowak and Jimmy Buttler were supposedly in a relationship.Kaitlin Nowak and Jimmy Butler were supposedly in a relationship.
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Around the mid-point of this year, there were rumors about Jimmy fathering a child with an IG model. The rumors were neither confirmed nor denied, and recently, the played missed the first game of the season against his former team Minnesota so he could be there for the birth of his baby.

It was reported, Jimmy Butler’s girlfriend gave birth on 25 October 2019, and the player will be missing two more Miami games so he can be with his girlfriend and newborn baby. There were no reports of the player dating anyone in recent days, and all there existed was the rumor of the relationship with Kaitlin Nowak.

Jimmy Butler is a father after the birht of his child with rumored girlfriend Kaitlin Nowak.Jimmy Butler is a father after the birth of his child with rumored girlfriend Kaitlin Nowak.
Source: Sports

It appears the couple was intimate, and now are parents to their first child. Again, the identity of the mother is not revealed, and Kaitlin and Jimmy’s relationship is only a rumor at this juncture. But still, Jimmy is a father now, and we want to offer our congratulation to the family.

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