Child Abuser YouTube Mom Machelle Hobson Death – The Complete Story!

Death is often a matter of sorrow, where people tend to express their sadness. However, there are some people who are better off not existing in this world. Them biting the dust comes with the feeling of ‘good riddance.’

Machelle Hobson is one such personality nobody would shed a tear over her passing. Racking up thousands of dollars and raising her net worth at a ridiculous rate from her popular Youtube channel through the horrific exploitation of her children, karma eventually caught up to this despicable person with a premature death at the age of 48.

Machelle Hobson died in November 2019 – What was her cause of death?

Machelle Hobson, known for running a popular channel on Youtube called Fantastic Adventures featuring her seven children – who later got accused of child abuse – died on 12th November 2019.

Hobson made thousands of dollars from her Youtube videos starring her kids. However, she was later accused of abuse after the children reported to the police of horrific treatments towards them. She apparently beat her kids, locked them in a closet for days, as well as pepper-sprayed them.

On 15th March 2019, Hobson was taken into custody. A fortnight later, she was already on a wheelchair during her court appearance on 29th March. As per the local media, she suffered a brain injury during her time in prison.

Although she was incapacitated to stand for her trial, the local authorities were positive, she would eventually recover to hold herself accountable for her actions.

Fast forward to November 2019, the Youtube mom passed away in a hospital. Her cause of death, however, was not instantly announced.

The case is scheduled to be officially dismissed once the prosecutors are handed her death certificate.

‘Fantastic Adventures’ Child Abuse – What Really Happened?

Hobson was the owner of a Youtube channel called Fantastic Adventures, where she regularly uploaded videos featuring her adopted kids whose ages ranged from 3 to 15 years old, alongside some adults as well.

The channel boasted 800,000 subscribers until it was terminated in March 2019. The videos racking up millions of views usually revolved around the subject of superheroes and nerfed battles.

Following the report made by Hobson’s adult daughter, the police visited her home in March 2019, where they noticed the malnourished children with dark circles under their eyes.

The children accused their mother of abusing them. They revealed they hadn’t attended school in years and that they faced severe punishment if they forgot their lines during filming.

One of the boys revealed he was beaten with a hanger and a belt, and at times his genitals were pinched by Hobson until it bled. Likewise, one of the daughters stated she would often suffer days of pain upon getting pepper-sprayed into her private parts.

Meanwhile, the adult sons of Machelle, Logan Ryan were initially taken into custody for failing to report such horrific incidents at their home. However, no charges were filed against them.

Despite her incompetence to attend the trial, Machelle continued to face several charges. In addition to child abuse, she was charged for child neglect, molestation, and lawful imprisonment. The case officially ended following her death.

Machelle Hobson’s Net Worth – How much did she make from Youtube?

As per SocialBlade, Machelle Hobson’s net worth was largely boosted by her monthly revenue off her Youtube channel Fantastic Adventures that ranged from $8,900 to $142,000. This makes her annual earnings anywhere between $106,800 and $1.7 million.

The estimation is pretty wide in range due to several variables, most significantly the geographical locations of the audience bringing in varied dollars. Moreover, ad-blockers could play an impact on the estimated earnings. However, her average daily views of hundreds of thousands mean even a conservative estimate would put her in a position to earn hundreds of dollars each day.

Prior to Youtube demonetizing her channel in March 2019, Machelle Hobson’s net worth was estimated at $600,000.

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