Chosen Netflix 2022 Cast: Fresh Faces in Danish Series; Get to Know Them All!

Netflix series Chosen has a stellar cast of new faces showing off their talents. Get to know all the details of the 2022 Danish mystery series.

Set to stream on January 27, Netflix is back again with yet another fiction series Chosen. Surrounding the story of a girl in the small town fictional town of Middelbo in Demark, the Danish series follows the adventure of mystery after the town was hit with a meteor. As promising as the trailer of the series looks, the cast glimpses are filled with new talents.

The premise of the series proceeds after seventeen years when the location has become a tourist attraction, replete with a piece of granite for visitors to admire. Emma, a youngster who is reluctantly hired there, loses her job and the notion that her supervisors were telling the truth about the meteor when a kid persuade her to let him touch the artifact and it comes apart.

Chosen Cast Netflix 2022: New Danish Talent Mixed with Old Blood

chosen-netflix-2022-cast-malaika-berenth-mosendaneChosen is bring debutant Malaika Berenth Mosendane as a leading cast member in the 2022 Danish Netflix thriller show.
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As with most TV shows of this nature, a young cast of fresh faces show up on our screen and somehow make us care about them. Chosen is pairing new young blood with old veterans of the Danish TV and film industry to make sure the mystery series is a success. And with a promising cast and a new-ish story, the producers are looking for a diamond in the rough.

The story progresses joins hands with a group of teenagers who are convinced that something fishy is going on, aligning with Emma’s suspicions. Determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, Emma and her friends begin unraveling a saga of mindblowing revelations alongside their teenager. Here’s a little look at the cast that has been chosen to bring the chronicle to life.

Malaika Berenth Mosendane as Emma

Starring as the lead Emma, Malaika Berenth Mosendane is now in the spotlight. Fresh in the industry Malaika has been part of a few projects like The Sommerdahl Murders and Mystery MeatThe promising actress seems very active on her Instagram, interacting firmly with her fans sharing moments of her life. Quite social in nature, Malaika is a free-spirited and fun-loving person.

The actress is currently speculated to be dating one of her close friends Benjamin Svane. Mosendane can be seen sharing many pictures with Benjamin with her 1219 Instagram followers.

Talking about the character Malaika is playing, Emma is the protagonist of the show. As seen in the trailers, Emma seems like a curious teen who has a desire to unravel not just the mystery of her town but also the universe. She appears to be starstruck by what lies beneath the deepest mystery. Emma also seems to have a female love interest as seen in the clips of the trailer.

Andrea Heick Gadeberg as Marie

Born on November 24, 1998, in Denmark, Andrea Heick Gadeberg has appeared in quite a lot of shows. Daughter of actress Trine Gadeberg, Andrea starred in movies like Riders of Justice, Sygeplejeskolen, Deroute, Daniel, Pagten, and Sunday.

A promising actress, Andrea has around 6626 followers on her Instagram. She is also currently dating actor Andreas Dittmer, as seen through her posts.

As per the character, she is playing, Marie appears to be a shy and quiet girl.  She has also been portrayed as the main character’s love interest.

Andreas Dittmer as Frederik

Another promising young actor starring in the series is Andreas Dittmer. The actor previously appeared in the miniseries Frederik IX. Diving deeper into his personal relationship, Andreas is currently in a relationship with Andrea Heick Gadeberg. The couple can be seen together on multiple posts on his Instagram.

Talking about the character he is playing, Frederik acts as the driver of the group. As seen in the trailer, he too seems to be having something for Emma. The progression of a love triangle between Emma, Frederik, and Marie can be well expected in the series.

Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt as Mads

Born on July 12, 2001, Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt is a rising star who began his acting career in 2011 with Grantræet. The actor since then has appeared in multiple series like The Other World in 2016, Next Door Spy in 2017, The Rain in 2018, Collision in 2019, and many more. With around 8974 followers on his Instagram, Albert seems to enjoy sharing quite the piece of his life with his followers.

As per the character, Lindhardt is playing, Mads is the leader of the teen group. Mads is the one driven by his determination to get to the core of the conspiracy of the town. Albert’s character appears to be crucial for the development of the story.

Mohamed Djeziri as Elvis

Mohamed Djeziri is another exciting addition to the cast of the movie. The rising star began his acting career in 2020 with Sex. He has since then debuted in projects like The Day We Died in 2020, Try Hard in 2021, and First Night in 2021. Djeziri seems to have a quiet and interesting personality as reflected through his Instagram posts.

The character Mohamed Djeziri is playing is Elvis. An amiable part of the team, Elvis belongs to a rich family who got fortunate due to the meteor incident. Surely, the revelation of Elvis‘s family history will add more to the plot.

Line Kruse as Lykke

Also a violinist, Line Kruse is yet another exceptional addition to the cast of the series. Born on August 3, 1975, the talented actress began her acting career back in 1988 with Emma’s Shadow. She has then acted in multiple movies and series like Psyko-LabIn China They Eat Dogs, Ulven kommer, Follow the Money and many other Danish as well as English productions.

Kruse is playing the role of Lykke in Netflix’s Chosen.  She is Emma’s mother who plays a crucial role in the plot progression of the series. She knows something about the mystery and is hiding it from her daughter Emma.

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