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Oct 8, 2019 @ 18:38 GMT-0500
Christie Amery | Watchmen, Ms. Crookshanks, Parents, Mother, Father

Christie Amery is a rising British actress who is looking to make her mark in the months to come. From numerous theatre plays to debut in one of the top series, Amery's career trajectory is nothing short of remarkable. The most impressive part of them all, this looks to be merely a beginning for this talented actress.

Christie Amery stars as Ms. Crookshanks in 'Watchmen' (2019)

Christie Amery is playing the role of Ms. Crookshanks in 'Watchmen'.

Christie Amery is playing the role of Ms. Crookshanks in 'Watchmen'.
Source: Christie Amery Instagram

Watchmen is an American superhero drama series based on DC Comics, adapted on screen for HBO by Damon Lindelof. Christie Amery is one of the cast members, who is making her debut on the small screens playing the character Ms. Crookshanks for ten episodes.

The series is set in an alternate reality where superheroes and masked vigilantes are prohibited by law because of their vicious nature. Consequently, some of them strive towards a revolution while others attempt to stop it.

Watch: Watchmen: Official Trailer | HBO

The show won't be a direct adaptation of the original storyline, rather a 'remixed' version that tells an entirely new story set in the same world where the original events take place.

Watchmen premieres on 20th October 2019.

The actress' performance in theatres

Watchmen actress Christie Amery portrayed the character of Emmeline in 'King Arthur' (2018).

Amery portrayed the character of Emmeline in 'King Arthur' (2018).
Source: Christie's Insta

Amery began performing in theatres from a very early age. She made her stage debut with The Lost at the Young Vic theatre playing the role of troubled daughter Caitoz. Her character is an offspring of two refugee parents running off from their country.

The actress further sharpened her skillset by joining the National Youth Theatre. Back in 2018, she landed her first leading stage role at the Wimbledon theatre. Christie portrayed the character of Emmeline in Dryden's adaptation of King Arthur.

Christie Amery's Parents

Watchmen star Christie Amery's parents - She has a Trinidadian mother.

Christie Amery has a Trinidadian mother.
Source: Amery Instagram

The British actress Christie Amery was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Although her parents currently reside in London, not both of them are from the UK. The actress' father is English while her mother is Trinidadian.

Back when Amery was merely nine years old, her family moved to England and decided to stay in North West London. From an early age, she began acting in a drama school. Subsequently, she started performing in theatres.

From stage shows to one of the most anticipated TV series in 2019, the actress's come a long way. It goes without saying her career has only just begun. In a few years, she could easily become one of the household names in the acting industry.

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