Dan Buettner’s (Wife) Spouse: Married? Dating Kathy Fresto After Splitting With Cheryl Tiegs?

It’s not confirmed yet if Dan Buettner is married, but as of 2023, he doesn’t have a (wife) spouse. He is happily dating his girlfriend, Kathy Fresto. He was once in a relationship with Cheryl Tiegs. Unfortunately, they split in early 2009.

A new television series that seeks to learn from the lessons of the “Blue Zones,” regions of the world where people often live the longest, brings these regions to life. Dan Buettner, an explorer and best-selling author who has studied the Blue Zones for more than 20 years, takes viewers on a journey to the places with the highest concentration of centenarians, or people who live to 100.

Netflix‘s Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones, a documentary, currently has Dan Buettner in the executive producer position. He is among the most important writers, educators, explorers, producers, public speakers, and storytellers of our day, if there is one thing that cannot be disputed. And with his increasing popularity, fans have wondered about his wife. So let’s get into detail.

Dan Buettner Has Not Revealed His Wife Yet!

Dan Buettner (@danbuettner) doesn’t have a wife as of 2023. However, it doesn’t mean that he is single. He holds a distinguished position as an American National Geographic Fellow, is a best-selling author who has appeared on the New York Times bestseller list, and is a skilled explorer, producer, storyteller, and public speaker. He is now serving as executive producer on the documentary Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones, and fans have wondered about his personal life.

Dan Buettner doesn't have a wife. celebsindepth.com Dan Buettner doesn’t have a wife.
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Since Dan Buettner has never spoken publicly about his wife, we are unsure if he has ever been married or not. Even though he has been a well-known public personality since at least the 1990s, he has been able to keep a substantial chunk of his private life out of the public eye. This includes information about his previous relationships, whether they were short-term or long-term, especially since we already know he is the father of at least three kids from unions that took place between 1987 and 2000.

As per Cinemaholics, this 63-year-old’s children appear to be 36, 28, and 25 years old as of writing, and all of them are said to have expressed interest in his Blue Zones operations at some point. Despite all of this, we are aware of a confirmed connection between him and his ex-girlfriend Cheryl Tiegs, a model turned fashion designer. Unfortunately, they split up in early 2009.

Well, we are unable to find the details regarding whether the children are from his wife or girlfriends, as he has never opened or shared any information regarding his marriage or wife until today. It looks like Dan Buettner wants to live a private life and doesn’t want to share his past relationships.

Dan Buettner Is in a Relationship With His Current Girlfriend, Kathy Fresto, and Is Splitting up With Cheryl Tiegs!

Although Dan Buettner has not revealed if he has a wife or not, he is happily in a relationship with his girlfriend, Kathy Fresto. After splitting up with his ex-girlfriend, Cheryl Tiegs, he is in a happy relationship. Although they officially started dating in 2013, they actually initially connected in 2008. As a result, it looks as though they have maintained such a strong relationship.

His current girlfriend, Kathy Freston is a New York Times bestselling author (‘The Lean,’ ‘Clean Protein,’ etc.) who practices veganism and conscious eating. Beyond her relationship with Buettner personally, she has had a substantial impact on the fields of nutrition and health.

Dan Buettner is dating his girlfriend, Kathy Fresto. celebsindepth.com Dan Buettner is dating his girlfriend, Kathy Fresto.
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The author revealed saying that about six years ago, he was at a book party at [HuffingtonPost founder] Arianna Huffington‘s house [attended by] another great woman writer, a New York Times [bestseller]. There he met Kathy Freston, a stunning woman that Arianna had carefully screened. The love of his life is now standing there next to him after five years of swimming against the current. In other words, it appears that this couple has subsequently managed aging, global travel, the COVID-19 epidemic, and various stages of life by one another’s side, demonstrating that they are committed to one another.

Dan Buettner, a well-known pioneer in longevity research, found himself with Kathy Freston, a successful writer and supporter of plant-based diets, during the 2020 lockdown. Southern Florida, a growing Blue Zones Project region known for emphasizing healthy living, provided a thriving environment for a unique cooperation to flourish. It’s vital to remember that Buettner and Freston are not married, even though their relationship exudes love and common beliefs.