Darren Barnet, Getting Being Walked Like a Dog: Actual Reason!

Darren Barnet was seen getting walked being like a dog in a video that is trending on the internet. While the video was posted back in 2015, fans have been commenting on it recently and wondering why. While the actual reason has not been revealed, it looks like a funny video, which he, along with fans and Britney Spears, seems to be enjoying.

Never Have I Ever‘ is a comedy-drama television series that was created by Lang Fisher and Mindy Kaling and centers around Devi Vishwakumar. Devi, a teenage Indian-American who had a terrible first year in school, wants to change her life. She struggles after the death of her father and longs to move on to more thrilling experiences. She, however, finds it difficult to identify her identity and situate herself within her social group. On April 27, 2020, the series made its debut, to a resoundingly enthusiastic reception from the critics. It has been praised for shattering preconceived notions about Asians and for being a turning point for South Asian representation in Hollywood.

Darren Barnet is one of the cast members of Never Have I Ever and played Devi’s love interest. Since then, the actor has gained several fans who are truly interested in his life. Recently, his video walking like a dog, has raised an internet discussion about it. And fans have wondered about the reason. So let us get into detail.

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One of the Videos of Darren Barnet Getting Walked Being Like a Dog Is Going Viral!

Recently, the video of Darren Barnet (@darrenbarent) being walked like a dog has gone viral on the internet. In the much-loved Netflix series “Never Have I Ever,” which premieres on the streaming service on June 8, Barnet returns as teenage idol Paxton Hall-Yoshida. He portrays one of Devi Vishwakumar’s love partners in the television series, the well-liked but complex Paxton. He has received plenty of adoring attention from fans for his video in which he is shown being walked like a dog, proving that outside of “Never Have I Ever,” he is just as desirable as his show role.

Darren Barnet getting walked like a dog. celebsindepth.comDarren Barnet getting walked like a dog.
Source: TikTok

While Darren Barnet’s video of him being walked like a dog was posted on March 8, 2015, it recently raised hype, gaining attention from several of his fans. The actor himself shared the video of the tiktok back in the day, which was written in a caption saying, I finally found a video of Darren Barnet being on the leash by Britney. In the caption sharing it as a post, he said, Britney showed me who’s boss with a laughing emoji.

Britney Spears (@britneyspears) was standing and singing on the stage, and everyone was enjoying Darren Barnet being walked like a dog. Britney is a singer and songwriter from the United States. She is frequently referred to as the “Princess of Pop” and is recognized for having a significant impact on the resurgence of adolescent music in the late 1990s and early 2000s. In addition to a Grammy Award, 15 Guinness World Records, six MTV Video Music Awards, seven Billboard Music Awards (including the Millennium Award), the first-ever Radio Disney Icon Award, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, she has received other honors and recognition.

Darren Barnet getting walked like a dog is trending on the internet. celebsindepth.comDarren Barnet getting walked like a dog is trending on the internet.
Source: Instagram

It was quite a fun post, and fans were soon ready to comment on it. Some of his fans wrote, saying, Yes, I really found it. And others enjoying the video. They seemed to be enjoying the interest, and it is quite clear and evident from the video.

The Reason Darren Barnet Getting Viral for Being Walked Like a Dog Is Not Revealed Yet!

While the video of Darren Barnet getting walked like a dog is going viral, fans have been interested in the reason for it. Fans quickly prepared to comment on the post because it was pretty entertaining. Many others are watching the video. It was clear from the footage that they appeared to be enjoying the attention. But the actual question is, Why did he do that? What was the reason? Let’s find out!

The reason for Darren Barnet getting walked like a dog is unknown. celebsindepth.comThe reason for Darren Barnet getting walked like a dog is unknown.
Source: Instagram

Well, the actual reason for Darren Barnet being walked like a dog is unknown, but it looks like a funny video, and the hastags were more popular. The hastags includes #Vegas, #britneyspears, #pieceofme, #victim. With the video, fans talked about the hashtag victim, and fans were enjoying it in the comment section. One of the Tiktok users shared the post, and the comments were really funny. Why is he always in flannels and other wrote hashtag victim lmao.

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