Is David Camm’s Documentary on Netflix? Or Is It on Hulu? What Happened to the Indiana Trooper’s Family!

No, David Camm’s documentary, Framed By The Killer, is not available on Netflix or Hulu. You can stream the show about the case of the Indiana former trooper’s family on other streaming platforms such as Oxygen, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Google Play Movies & TV, Apple TV, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, and FuboTV.

David Ray Camm (born March 23, 1964) is a former Indiana State Police (ISP) trooper who served 13 years in prison after being convicted twice of the murders of his wife, Kimberly, and their two young children on September 28, 2000, at their home in Georgetown, Indiana.

After 13 years in prison, David Camm was released on October 13, 2013, after a jury in Lebanon, Indiana found him not guilty of the charges against him. It was a reprieve for the father who had been wrongfully accused. It took the hard work and creativity of Bill Clutter, who worked on an animated crime scene reconstruction, to persuade the jury that their client was not guilty.

Previously, the first episode of the documentary named Framed By The Killer was released which was inspired by David Camm’s life. Since the release of the episode, people have been curious the know more about David Camm’s criminal investigation. Likely, many people also have been wondering if the series is available on Netflix. Well, here’s your answer.

David Camm’s Documentary, Framed by the Killer, Is neither Available on Netflix nor on Hulu: You Can Stream the Show on Oxygen, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Google Play Movies & TV, Apple TV, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, and Fubotv!

No, Framed By The Killer, a crime thriller documentary that covers the story of David Camm‘s life, is not currently available on Netflix or Hulu. However, the documentary was released on January 15, 2021, and is available on streaming platforms such as Oxygen, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Google Play Movies & TV, Apple TV, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, and FuboTV.

As mentioned earlier, the documentary depicts the story of David Camm, a former Indiana State Police trooper, who was greeted by a horrifying scene of his entire family being murdered. Kim, his wife, was half-naked and lying in a pool of blood on the garage floor. Jill, David’s five-year-old daughter, and Bradley, David’s seven-year-old son, were slumped inside the SUV. His wife and children were executed by the firing squad.

David called 911 and asked for police officers to come to his house right away after learning that his wife and children had died. David also suspected that his son was still alive and pulled him out of the SUV while performing CPR. When police arrived, they discovered Bradley on the floor, on top of a prison-issue sweatshirt containing DNA from two unknown individuals.

Police began investigating the case and discovered various facts. Several false leads hampered the case’s progress in the beginning. The first theory in the case was that David Camm shot his family after returning home from basketball practice. They also stated that he attempted to clean up before calling the Sellersburg State Police post for assistance.

Another factor that made David Camm a prime suspect in his family’s murder was his history of infidelity, which is frequently used as a motive in such cases. However, as the case progressed, the critical evidence proved to be incorrect. Furthermore, the evidence provided by the blood spatter analyst was found to be incorrect. The DNA evidence found at the scene also yielded no results.

Initially, investigators focused on the evidence at the crime scene and devised various theories to prove David Camm’s guilt. On January 14, 2002, David’s first trial for the murders of the Camm family began. On March 17, 2002, the jury returned a guilty verdict after deliberating for three days. And David received a 195-year prison sentence.

The first trial did not conclude David’s case. In August 2004, David Camm’s lawyer filed an appeal, and the Indiana Court of Appeals overturned the conviction. The judge claimed that the testimony of women associated with David skewed the jury’s verdict.

This time, the defense used CODIS to run the DNA evidence on the grey sweatshirt. They discovered another match, and this time the genetic material belonged to Charles Boney. Charles was a convicted felon who had previously assaulted women and stolen their shoes. Charles was also known as Backbone, which matched the name on the sweatshirt. After his fingerprints were discovered inside Kim’s SUV, he was arrested and charged with conspiracy to murder in March 2005. The second trial for David began on January 17, 2006. Despite the dismissal of his conspiracy charge, he was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

David was dissatisfied with the case’s progress and requested a new trial after the Indiana Supreme Court overturned his conviction due to speculative evidence. His third trial began in October 2012. This time, David was fortunate enough to receive a not-guilty verdict, which cleared him of all charges. As a result, he was released from prison on October 24, 2013, thirteen years after being imprisoned for the first time.

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