David Dobrik

David Dobrik is an internet celebrity, every social media site you look; he is there wreaking havoc and enjoying the best time with his friends. Ever since he was introduced to vlogging, it changed his life and made him one of the hottest creators current working on YouTube.

But before the fame and the money, he was just a normal immigrant kid born to working-class parents who moved to America in 2002. David was born on 23 July 1996 in Kosice, Slovakia, and he was one of four children of his parents. He was only six when his parents decided to uproot their entire family and move to America.

David Dobrik is a YouTube celebrity who started his career on Vine.David Dobrik is a YouTube celebrity who started his career on Vine.
Source: David Dobrik Instagram

David first arrived in Ohio, and his parents moved to Chicago, where he spent most of his formative years and met some of his friends with whom he still hangs out and makes videos. The YouTuber went to Vernon Hills High School and afterward moved out when his parents gave him a choice to make a beeline to college or move out, he decided to move to Los Angeles and began his internet career.

Starting out with Vine and Moving on to YouTube

YouTube Play Button given to David for over ten million subscribers.YouTube Play Button, given to David for over ten million subscribers.
Source: Instagram

Heeding to his parents’ wishes, David moved out instead of going to college, and Los Angeles was the place where he wanted to explore the next phase of his life and career. David discovered the app Vine and soon started to post six-second comedy videos of the social media platform and started to gain some following.

David also utilized his free time in networking with other Vine stars, which led to the formation of the group Second Class which was active on YouTube. But by 2015, the team was gone, but David’s career on YouTube was only taking off, which led to the formation of his now-famous vlog channel.

Watch: The vlogging channel which made David Dobrik famous

By 2016, Vine went out, and most of the popular Vine celebrities started to jump ship and started creating content on YouTube. When most of the Vine stars used large sums of money for elaborate videos and shooting on sets, David was lost. He did not possess the kind of money others did and then entered Liza Koshy, who introduced him to vlogging.

It was efficient, cost-effective, and all he needed to do was do an interesting thing while filming. David loved vlogging, and it didn’t feel like a job for him, which is why his videos are so much fun. The vlogging channel took off, and David started The Vlog Squad with Liza and other his other Vine friends.

David Dobrik and his friends are always together in the videos on YouTube.David Dobrik and his friends are always together in the videos on YouTube.
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David’s signature four-minute twenty-second videos were a hit, and even more, people started to subscribe to his YouTube channel. By the end of 2017, he was the owner of two successful YouTube channels, a hit podcast and award recognition.

The vlogger’s star shone so bright, he was even asked to voice a character in the new Angry Birds sequel, and he also hosted the 2019 Teen Choice Awards with Lucy Hale.

Why David Dobrik, Cannot Leave USA?

David Dobrik is protected by DACA which is why if he leave the US he cannot come back for ten years.David Dobrik is protected by DACA which is why if he leaves the US he cannot come back for ten years.
Source: Instagram

Looking at the lifestyle of David and how much money he makes, you would not be wrong in assuming he’s been to almost all the amazing vacation spots of the world, but the truth is he’s never been out of the USA since he first got there at the age of six.

David was on GQ’s going undercover segment on YouTube when he answered the question about why he is not able to venture outside of America. David is not a citizen of the United States, and he was brought into the country as a child, which means he is protected by the DACA act and this is exactly the reason why he technically can leave, but will not be allowed back into the country once he does.

Watch: David Dobrik explains why he cannot go out of the US

David explained on the YouTube video, “I can’t leave because I’m protected by DACA and basically I can leave, I can go right now, but I can’t come back. I can’t re-enter the country for, like, another ten years if I leave the country. So I’m not a citizen. I don’t have a visa.”

The vlogger is not a citizen of the US, and there is an easy fix to the whole thing, he can get married to someone who is already a citizen of the US. Well, David did marry someone who is the citizen of the US, but it was for a prank, so, guess he blew he chance.

David joked about getting engaged to his assistant, Natalie, though, “The only thing I can do where I can leave the country and come back is if I get married. But Natalie and I are not engaged, so that’s not happening anytime soon, but who knows fingers crossed.”

Getting Married; Who was David Dobrik’s Wife?

David Dobrik got married to his best friend Jason's mother.David Dobrik got married to his best friend Jason’s mother.
Source: Instagram

David and his friends play pranks on each other, and most of the time, they are funny, and this one was utterly hilarious. David joked for the longest time about becoming his friend Jason Nash’s step-father, and on 15 May 2019, he decided to take the joke a step forward and went to Las Vegas with Jason Nash’s mother, Lorraine Nash and got married for real.

There days later, he posted on Instagram telling his step-son to take out the trash, and the vlog was hilarious. At the start of the vlog, Jason teased David about no woman ever wanting to marry him, and all of a sudden, Dobrik decided he was flying to Boston to propose to Jason’s mom.

Watch: David getting married to Jason’s mother Lorraine

After a few confusing moments, Jason’s mom said yes, and they all flew to Vegas and got married, then left for Hawaii to celebrate their honeymoon. David then came back to his home with his new wife and introduced her to all his friends, then with Josh Peck present, David told his step-son, he was his father, which was hilarious.

About a month later, David filed for divorce, which is bummer because those two were amazing together. We are still uncertain who won the custody of their 46-year-old son, though.

Falling in Love with Liza Koshy

Daniel Dobrik and Liza Koshy started dating late 2015.David Dobrik and Liza Koshy started dating in late 2015.
Source: Instagram

Liza was also a Vine star who transitioned from the platform to YouTube, and she was there from the start when David started his YouTube page. She was also the reason he started vlogging, and while the two were working together, they also fell in love with one another, and the two were dating by November 2015.

David gets into a lot of trouble and looks so comfortable with his friends, but when it comes to talking and flirting with girls, he is like a shy kid, which is why it was amazing to see the chemistry between Liza and David. “Never have I ever gotten so comfortable being around a person as quickly as I did with,” David gushed about his then-girlfriend during their first anniversary. “I probably sound so repetitive, talking about how lucky I am.”

Watch: The viral video of David and Liza announcing they broke up


The relationship between the two was inspiration bordering on seemingly being fake. They were comfortable with one another, and there were genuine love and care between the two, but starting in 2018, they started to grow distant and called it quits in an emotional viral video on YouTube in June of 2018. The couple is no longer together, but they are still friends.

Is David Dobrik Dating His Assistant Natalie Noel?

David Dobrik and Natalie Noel are childhood friends but fans are reading between the lines when it comes to their relationship.David Dobrik and Natalie Noel are childhood friends but fans are reading between the lines when it comes to their relationship.
Source: Natalie Noel Instagram

After the break up with Liza was official, she slowly started to disappear from David’s Instagram page; and there was no significant other in his life. Then, all of a sudden, his childhood friend Natalie Noel moved from Chicago to Los Angeles to be David’s live-in assistant.

But soon after, the chemistry between the two started to shine on Instagram and vlog videos, which resulted in the fans speculating if the two are dating. David wished her Happy Valentine’s day with an image of the two during their high school time, and he even gifted her Mercedes on her birthday.

Natalie Noel is David Dobriek's live-in assistant and there seem to be a lot of chemistry between the two.Natalie Noel is David Dobriek’s live-in assistant and there seems to be a lot of chemistry between the two.
Source: Natalie Noel Instagram

Yeah! He’s gifted a lot of people cars and expensive cars, but when the closeness between the two is taken into consideration, their fans cannot help but feel like the two are dating. Look at any picture of the two together on Instagram, and you will find the comment section loaded with people either saying the two are dating or hoping the duo would start.

But as David explained to GQ, they are good friends and nothing more.

What is David Dobrik’s Net Worth?

Daniel Dobrik is a rish man now through all his busines endeavors which allowed him to amass a healthy net worth.David Dobrik is a rich man now through all his business endeavors which allowed him to amass a healthy net worth.
Source: Instagram

When David Dobrik started out making Vine videos, he was making about $1000 to $1500 a month, which was not enough money to live in LA, but he was making it work. Then his YouTube channel blew up, and the money started rolling in. David started on his partnership with Seatgeek and also Chipotle, which is sure to pay David a lot of money to pad his net worth.

David is a rich man, and even though you cannot tell it by the way he dresses, all you need to do is scroll through his Instagram feed, and you will find the YouTube sensation gifting everyone expensive cars.

David gifted Natalie a car for her birthday.David gifted Natalie a car for her birthday.
Source: Instagram

In the video for GQ David said, he’s given away at least 15 cars since 2018, including one to Natalie, and you need a lot of money to be confident enough to buy and gift people luxury sports cars. All in all, considering all the money he earns from YouTube and the sponsored posts on his social media site, plus the sponsorship of two reputed, and high paying companies, David’s net worth is rumored to be around $8 million as of 2019.

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