Declan Rice Girlfriend’s Age: How Old Is Lauren Fryer?

Declan Rice’s girlfriend, Lauren Fryer, is reportedly 23 years old as of this writing. The couple has been together since 2017 and shares a son together.

Declan Rice is an English professional footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder for West Ham United and captains the England national team. Rice was born in England but has paternal Irish grandparents. He formerly represented the Republic of Ireland at both the junior and senior levels until transferring to England in 2019.

After making his debut against the Czech Republic at Wembley in March 2019, he was part of the squad that finished third at the inaugural UEFA Nations League Finals and completed a successful qualification campaign for EURO 2020. Rice was a key part of Southgate’s plans by EURO 2020, playing with Kalvin Phillips in the center of midfield and starting all seven of England’s matches on their road to the Final.

Recently, Declan Rice’s personal life has been the subject of many of his fans. While he openly flaunts his girlfriend on his Instagram, many people have been interested to know how old his partner is. Well, what do you think her age is? Let’s find it out.

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Declan Rice’s Girlfriend, Lauren Fryer, Is Currently 23 Years Old!

Declan Rice (@declanrice) is in a relationship with his 23-year-old girlfriend Lauren Fryer (@laurenfryer_), whom he met when they were younger. The couple has been together for almost eight years, as disclosed on her Instagram when they celebrated their sixth anniversary in 2021. She is a fan of her partner, frequently attends games, and most recently wrote a message to Rice following England’s Euro 2020 final loss to Italy, expressing her admiration for the West Ham captain.

Declan Rice is in a relationship with his 23-year-old girlfriend, Lauren Fryer. celebsindepth.comDeclan Rice is in a relationship with his 23-year-old girlfriend, Lauren Fryer.
Image Source: Instagram

Lauren Fryer is from Chessington but other than her association with Rice, little is known about her. According to sources, Lauren is said to have been extremely supportive of Rice and respected his decision to relocate from the Republic of Ireland to England in 2019. Furthermore, she has over 38k Instagram followers as of June 2023.

Declan Rice and his girlfriend are reported to be very close and have a strong mutual bond, with Lauren frequently seen at the London Stadium cheering on Rice during West Ham’s games. The couple has also been photographed on lunch dates and on vacation, proving their bond. They have a dog named Raffa as well.

When Declan Rice was named Young Player of the Year at the London Football Awards, Fryer posted on social media that she couldn’t be happier for her fiance, saying,  “Couldn’t be more pleased with my Dec winning youthful player of the year. You merit everything and the sky is the limit from there.” Furthermore, on Fryer’s 19th birthday, Rice also conveyed his excitement and love for her, writing,

Glad nineteenth birthday celebration to my dazzling sweetheart Lauren Fryer. Looking forward to making many more memories with you, I love you.

Recently, there have been rumors that Rice might be gay, although there has never been concrete proof of this. Declan Rice, a former Chelsea academy graduate, and Mason Mount have been close since their childhood days in Cobham, and their girlfriends believe the two are perhaps in love, fueling speculation that Rice is gay. However, she later made it evident that he had a friendship with Mason Mount in an interview with The Sun when he humorously joked,

My missus is quite worried. I’m genuinely being serious. She’s quite worried. Oh she’s just always: ‘You two . . . you love him more than you love me’. Honestly. We just get it in the neck all the time. But they need to understand the friendship.

How many children do Declan Rice and Lauren Fryer have?

Declan Rice has one son named Jude with her girlfriend, Lauren Fryer. celebsindepth.comDeclan Rice has one son named Jude with her girlfriend, Lauren Fryer.
Image Source: Football London

Declan Rice and Lauren Fryer have only one child together. While Rice did not confirm the birth of his son, he did show off a tattoo with the name and date of his son’s birth in August 2022. The ink appears to bear the name Jude as well as the number 07.08.2022.

As far as the public is aware, this is the couple’s sole kid, though Declan Rice frequently brings his nephew onto the pitch at West Ham, who has previously been misidentified as his own son.

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