Did Joshua Jackson Gain Weight for Dr. Death?

celebsindepth.com – Joshua Jackson seemed to have a huge frame, leading fans to believe that he gained weight for Dr. Death. To justify his character, he was in a larger frame and was unrecoginizable, but as per a Reddit user and some sources, he was compelled to wear a fat costume for the final two episodes of Dr. Death.

Peacock‘s Dr. Death is a true crime anthology series taken from the eponymous podcast and created by Patrick Macmanus and Ashley Michel Hoban. The second season is based on the season titled Miracle Man of the Dr. Death podcast, and it tells the true story of Beinta Alexander‘s connection with a handsome physician named Paolo Macchiarini. Paolo is also known as Miracle Man because of his creative surgical methods. Benita, an inquisitive journalist, decides to approach the surgeon for a potential story, but when the personal and professional lines between the two begin to blur, her life is turned upside down.

Dr. Death spans a long period of time, with Joshua Jackson portraying Duntsch from his college days to his eventual conviction. And during the season, we have seen Joshua Jackson’s large figure and that he was looking really overweight. So did he gain weight for the show Dr. Death like several celebrities do for their role?

Joshua Jackson Did Gain Weight, but for Dr. Death, He Wore a Fat Costume

If you have watched Dr. Death, you might have noticed Joshua Jackson‘s (@vancityjax) weight gain. No doubt he had a larger frame and was at his heaviest. His character, Dr. Christopher Duntsch, is nasty and/or incompetent since he continues to harm his patients. Duntsch, as presented, is simply an incompetent surgeon, and his arrogance drives him to deny that his work is anything less than perfect.

Joshua Jackson was compelled to wear a fat costume for Dr. Death. celebsindepth.comJoshua Jackson was compelled to wear a fat costume for Dr. Death.
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Although in a recent episode of Dr. Death, Joshua Jackson seems to have undergone weight loss, fans have been discussing his weight gain from the previous season. His role has been able to gain followers and attention from fans; several people thought that he did gain weight for his character on the show and to justify the character. His transformation looked so huge that some people were unable to recognize him.

Joshua Jackson appeared to be a completely different guy in 2022 when he was photographed strolling out of an Erewhon grocery store in Calabasas with a huge gray-speckled beard on Sunday. As per Daily Mail, Dawson’s Creek star wore a low-key suit while picking up a huge water jug from the upmarket retailer. He paired the top with plain black shorts and finished the look with white shoes. And we could clearly notice his big stomach and figure as he had gained weight.

However, as per sources, Joshua Jackson was compelled to wear a fat costume for the final two episodes of Dr. Death to represent real-life surgeon and sociopath Chris Duntsch, which critics generally panned as aesthetically deplorable and made him look like he was gaining weight. Although it looked like he really gained weight, reddit users have claimed that he did use fat to show his larger frame. Many fans didn’t like his costume, and it was the hideous fat costume and prosthetics they placed on Joshua Jackso.

Joshua Jackson Plays Christopher Duntsch in Dr. Death

Dr. Death‘ is a crime series that follows Dr. Christopher Duntsch, whose medical misconduct has earned him the moniker Dr. Death. As his notoriety grows, his other doctors do everything they can to stop him. The motif of an evil doctor has appeared numerous times in literature, popular films, and television series.

Joshua Jackson‘s Dr. Death is undoubtedly the show’s biggest attraction. He was originally cast as the multi-faceted sociopath. And he would have been absolutely terrific in this part. After all, his portrayal of sexual sadist serial killer Paul Spector on the BBC’s The Fall was outstanding. Depending on the situation, that character also required equally believable shades of emotional detachment and a pleasant, socially adept demeanor.

Joshua Jackson's character is nasty and harms his patients. celebsindepth.comJoshua Jackson’s character is nasty and harms his patients.
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Christopher Duntsch, played by Joshua Jackson, is a dubious spinal surgeon who chose his specialty for more or less financial reasons, with disastrous repercussions. It’s something Jackson has clearly given a lot of consideration to. ‘The institutions are not actually built for patient outcomes,’ he said. In Peacock’s limited series Dr. Death, Jackson faced the unusual difficulty of portraying someone who many would consider a real-life villain.

In Dr. Death, Jackson plays Christopher Duntsch, a real-life neurosurgeon who became famous for permanently maiming and killing two patients. It can’t be simple to put yourself in the mind of someone who committed such heinous crimes and try to play them onscreen. After seeing Dr. Death, fans knew Dornan was a wonderful candidate for the character because of his portrayal.