Aubrey O’Day

Aubrey O’Day was born on 11 February 1984 to her parents in San Francisco, California, as Aubrey Morgan O’Day. She lived in San Francisco during her early years and was interested in theatre acting when she was only five years old. In an interview, she talked about her love for the theatre and how it grew from an early age.

While growing up, her career and interest were supported by her parents and especially by her mother, who encouraged and pushed her into theatre acting. While still a little girl, she enrolled in La Quinta High School and appeared in The Wizard of Oz, Fiddler on the Roof, Grease, The Sound of Music, and Rent. She described her influences were The Notorious B.I.G and Diddy, which came full circle later in her career.

Aubrey O'Day is accused of getting Plastic Surgery.Aubrey O’Day started her career in 2004.
Source: Instagram

After graduating from the University of California, Irvine, with a degree in political science, she started to pursue her dream of singing and soon was discovered on MTV’s Making the Band 3, which was started by Diddy (coming full circle). She got her big break with the band Danity Kane but was later fired from the band. But the group is not the reason why she is still in the news and front pages of the tabloid. It is all because of her suspected use of plastic surgery and staunch denial on the matter.

Did Aubrey O’Day Get Plastic Surgery? She says, No!

Plastic Surgery picture comparison of Aubrey O'Day from 2009, 2016 and 2019.Aubrey O’Day comparison photo starting with 2009 then 2016 and 2019.
Source: Us Weekly

Aubrey O’Day says she never went under the knife or got plastic surgery, but her recent Instagram posts are something, which tells a different story. Aubrey is a beautiful lady, someone who possessed an amazing voice and an equally beautiful face and physique. But she later became famous for her “oversexed” persona and also rubbed her cleavage against the arm of a TV host.

But then the rumors of plastic surgery started to grow as early as 2011 when she needed to clarify her position of being all-natural. Her transformation then was not as pronounced then as it is now, and in 2011, she said the reason she looks different was because of the makeup instead of her getting plastic surgery.

Aubrey O'Day photo comparison between 2007 and 2017; looking at her lips.Aubrey O’Day explained her lips were due to make up and not plastic surgery.
Source: Life and Style Mag

Now, however, there is a better case to be made for the singer and reality star going under the knife because of the unrecognizable photos she is posting on Instagram. Again she attributed the transformation to makeup and “knowing all the tricks,” but still no amount of makeup is going to make her pout look so different from the times past.

When asked about the criticism and all the negative comments she is receiving on social media relating to the plastic surgery by Us Magazine, she said, “I’ve had lip fillers and Botox. I put a lot of filters. I know all the tricks, and I use them.” The tricks she is referring to are filters, but the filters work when she is taking the pictures, how about when someone else does, she looks like she did some work on her body, but still, the singer insists she is all-natural.

Aubrey O'Day lips filler and plastic surgery.Aubrey O’Day and her drastic looks change.
Source: Life and Style Mag

Like we mentioned above, she is a beautiful lady and someone who already sported an amazing figure. But then there are these images where her bottoms, for example, look way bigger than they used to. No amount of squat and work in the gym can get a person glutes like her, not even a fraction of it.

The biggest suspect, however, are her breasts and lips, the pout is just unbelievable from the once thin-lipped girl to now sporting those massive puffed up lips. Then the chest is larger than they used to be, but still, she insists everything is natural. Natural like Kylie was when she claimed her transformation was what God gave her and not what a doctor did in a room. She later explained getting her lip done, but there is more, and everyone knows it.

Aubrey O'Day full body plastic surgery comparison.Aubrey O’Day looks a whole lot different from her early days.
Source: Life and Style Mag

The reason fans are hating on Aubrey is, when everything is all too apparent, she still insists on claiming herself to be natural. The world knows she got plastic surgery, and instead of saying she did, there is this fake persona, trying to pull the wool over the eyes of her followers and fans.

Danity Kane and Starting Her Career

Danity Kane group together at a reunion.The group formed by Diddy, Danity Kane where it all started for Aubrey O’Day.
Source: NY Daily News

In 2004, on MTV’s Making the Band 3, she was discovered and made the biggest impression on the show. Her newfound fame allowed her to experiment on other sectors of the media, and soon, she was on sexy magazine covers and flaunting her looks on shows and photoshoots.

Aubrey was the favorite of Diddy, and she was the first member of the group Danity Kane, and the group released their first album, which made its debut at the number one spot. By 2008, there were troubles in the group, and soon, she was fired from the MTV show and the group because Diddy felt she was putting herself over the group.

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After her departure, the group fell apart, and the fans were not happy with her leaving. Aubrey ventured out on her own, got a reality TV show, started her solo career, and then returned to Danity Kane in 2013 for a reunion performance. She and her former bandmate, Shannon Bex, made their own group Dumblonde, and she also worked on various reality shows.

Relationship Status of Aubrey; Her Past Affair with Donald Trump Jr.

Aubrey O'Day and Donald Trump Jr. were in a relationship which ended in 2012.The relationship between Aubrey O’Day and Donald Trump Jr. ended in 2012.
Source: People

Starting out with Danity Kane, she was rumored to be dating her boss Diddy which was said to be untrue, and she dispelled all the rumors while talking with Wendy Williams. For years, her sexuality was questioned and numerous people speculating which side she leaned on. After years of speculation, she explained she identifies as sapiosexual, someone who is attracted to the intelligence of another person. The people who identify as sapiosexual can be gay, straight, or bisexual.

Aubrey was also once rumored to be in a relationship with the son of the now-President of the United States, Donald Trump. Donald Trump Jr. and Aubrey were said to be in a relationship, and she confirmed it later on Ex on the Beach, while also calling him, her soulmate. The relationship between the two ended in 2012 after his wife found sexy texts on his phone and filed for divorce. She hoped the relationship lasted longer, but she is also fine with the choice he made.

Aubrey O'Day and Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio were in a relationship.Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio and Aubrey O’Day were in a relationship for a while.
Source: Elite Daily

Aubrey moved on and found love in the arms of Paul DJ Pauly D DelVecchio, but the relationship did not last long with the couple splitting in July of 2017. Now, the reality star is looking for an intelligent person, someone compassionate and a person with whom she can “laugh at life.”

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