Does Kody Brown Have a New Girlfriend? Meet Bonnie Dwyer, His Fifth Wife!

Kody Brown is said to have a new wife, Bonnie Dwyer, rather than a girlfriend. As per sources, after having four wives (Robyn, Meri, Janelle, and Christine) in total and their 18 children, Kody Brown had a spiritual marriage with his fifth wife, Bonnie Dwyer. However, it’s still a secret whether the news about his new wife is true or not.

Sister Wives‘ is a reality television show on Hulu, that follows the lives of people who have left polygamous marriages and are now adjusting to life outside of their religious community. The curriculum provides insight into the challenges and complexities of leaving behind a culture and way of life that have been an integral part of one’s identity for many years. The show covers the adventures of several men and women as they go on a path of self-discovery and attempt to find their place in the world.

Kody Brown has been dealing with his four wives. He is no longer with Meri Brown. He claims that he only sees Meri on rare occasions. They have had a short date since he stopped calling. Because of COVID worries, Janelle Brown has told Kody not to come over. He has been going back and forth between Christine and Robyn Brown‘s homes. And there are claims that he has a girlfriend, or, say, a wife, Bonnie Dwyer.

Kody Brown Is Rumored to Have a New Spiritual (Wife) Girlfriend, Bonnie Dwyer!

As per some sources, Kody Brown (@kodywinnbrown) has a new (wife) girlfriend named Bonnie Dwyer. Kody from Sister Spouses had four wives, but it doesn’t appear like his failed marriages will prevent him from finding a new wife when the time comes. The patriarch has refused to accept responsibility for his failed relationships with Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown, and instead, the father of 18 is returning to the dating scene in search of a more obedient wife.

Kody Brown is said to have a new wife, Bonnie Dwyer. celebsindepth.comKody Brown is said to have a new wife, Bonnie Dwyer.
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Mr. Kody Brown’s fifth wife is named Bonnie Dwyer, according to people close to production and the Wives. She is 40 years old, making her much younger than Robyn and causing even more jealousy between the couples. He has connections in the world of polygamy, and a friend told him Bonnie would serve his every need, whim, and desire.

Bonnie Dwyer is said to be his spiritual wife. She is a Utah native (unsurprising) and, like many other women who end up in this scenario, comes from a polygamous household. She has 13 siblings, nine of whom are half-siblings, meaning they share the same father but a different mother than Dwyer. According to reports, she’ll also appear in the next season of Sister Wives, which explains why Kody opted to remarry.

Still, it's unknown about the rumors of Kody Brown's new wife. celebsindepth.comStill, it’s unknown about the rumors of Kody Brown’s new wife.
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As per Life & Style magazine, Bonnie Dwyer told Kody Brown she didn’t like the way Robyn controlled him so much and said she couldn’t see a future with him. Another recent myth is that Kody spiritually married Bonnie Dwyer after he and Christine divorced. But, once again, there is no verification of this alleged fifth wife.

Details on Kody Brown’s Relationship With His Four Wives!

Meri Brown of ‘Sister Wives‘ is going on as a single woman after her divorce from Kody Brown. Meri was Kody’s first wife when they married in 1990. His polygamous marriage expanded in 1993 with his spiritual marriage to Janelle Brown and in 1994 with his marriage to Christine Brown. Robyn Brown, Kody’s fourth wife, joined the Brown family in 2010. Meri and Kody separated in 2014, allowing him to legally marry Robyn and adopt her children from a previous marriage.

Christine and Kody Brown married in March 1994 and have six children: Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, Truely, and Paedon. After nearly 26 years of marriage, the couple decided to divorce in 2021. Despite the recent controversy on ‘Sister Wives,’ Christine Brown has shared some good news with her fans. However, it comes after a rocky few episodes in which Christine was involved in “one of the saddest conversations I have ever been in” with her husband Kody.

Kody Brown with his four wives (Robyn, Meri, Janelle, and Christine). celebsindepth.comKody Brown with his four wives (Robyn, Meri, Janelle, and Christine).
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Janelle and Kody Brown’s lives were interwoven long before they were spiritually wed in 1993. They were thus stepsiblings before becoming spouses. Janelle revealed on the broadcast that she was friends with Kody’s family before they began dating.

Kody’s lone remaining wife is Robyn, 44. Given everything he’s been through recently, Robyn admitted in the last Sister Spouses: One on One episode that she’s not sure what Kody’s plans are for the future, although she did say that “he’s basically said no” to bringing in new spouses. A savvy fan snapped a photo of Kody and Robyn strolling through a Las Vegas retail mall.