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Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe was appointed as the UN Human Rights Council Ambassador by President Barack Obama in 2009. Following her successful tenure in the United Nations, she was appointed as a board member of the International Service for Human Rights in 2014.

A former affiliate of Stanford University’s research center, Donahoe completed her bachelor in American Studies from Dartmouth College. Later, she earned her JD and completed her Masters From Harvard University in Theological Studies. Besides, she did her Ph.D. in Ethics and Social Theory from the Graduate Theological Union.

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Eileen is a member of the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity (TCEI) since 2018 and 'Benetech' since 2016. Additionally, she’s a board member of National Endowment for Democracy, council member of World Economic Forum, and advisory board member of the University of Essex.

Eileen Donahoe is married to her husband, John Donahoe

John Donahoe is married to his wife Eileen Donahoe.

John Donahoe is married to his wife Eileen Donahoe.
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John Donahoe is in a long term marital relationship with his wife, Eileen Donahoe. The lovebirds were high school sweethearts who were dating for a long time before eventually deciding to get married.

John is a former CEO of eBay, who currently serves as the President and CEO of American cloud computing company called ServiceNow. In addition, he’s the president of PayPal and is now set to become the next CEO of Nike from 2020, replacing Mark Parker.

The couple shares four children together, three sons and a daughter. The entire family of five resides in their Portola Valley house in California.

John Donahoe and Eileen Donahoe revealed the secrets to their successful relationship

John Donahoe and his wife Eileen Donahoe share four kids, three sons & a daughter.

John Donahoe and his wife Eileen Donahoe share four kids, three sons & a daughter.
Source: Lean In

John and Eileen wrote a joint article on Lean In on 15th July 2013, where they shared their relationship experiences. Although the duo had it all figured out what they were gonna do with their lives and how they intend to proceed, it was far from plain sailing as they carried several moments of doubt in numerous phases of their life.

The duo revealed the five things that helped their relationship flourish. Initially, they talked about the ‘Positive Sum’ mindset, which ensures they never clash ‘career vs. family’ or pit one’s career against the other’s. They wanted to integrate family, work, and kids from the start. For this, they made several tradeoffs and sacrifices, but at the end of the day, they were all worth it.

John Donahoe and his wife Eileen Donahoe made plenty of compromises to make their relationship work.

The couple made plenty of compromises to make their relationship work.
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The couple believes creative solutions often emerge if you carry the courage to ask. Even the unavoidable circumstances in one’s career that tends to conflict with family life can be easily resolved if one is not afraid to ask.

In almost every case, a creative solution emerged – that came about by asking for ideas or help from others.

When you gotta find a work-life balance, the duo believes building a community is essential. They were fortunate enough to find friends who had similar family challenges and career aspirations. Sharing each other’s struggles helped them broaden their perspective. There was no shortage of encouragement and support from both parties during the time of need. Therefore, sharing a community helped them achieve their personal and professional goals simultaneously.

Husband and wife duo Eileen Donahoe and John Donahoe are together for over three decades.

Eileen Donahoe and John Donahoe are together for over three decades.
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The couple reckons real life is the best teacher out there that makes you capable enough to strive towards the achievement of your career goals. Having a trusted partner and becoming parents to multiple children have served them well in their personal growth, which in turn has helped them grow in their professional life too. Their family life has made Eileen a better diplomat, and John, a better leader.

On a final note, the duo insisted there will always be challenges and adversities, as well as several moments of uncertainties. Life will never be just rainbows and sunshine. The couple was never really sure they were ‘doing it right.’ However, they carried a vision and stuck with it through thick and thin. Eventually, they got rewarded with beautiful family life and successful professional careers, all at the same time.

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