'Emily in Paris's Camille Razat Is Engaged to Boyfriend-Turned Fiance Etienne Baret

Dec 30, 2021 @ 23:06 GMT-0500

Starring in the Netflix television series Emily in Paris, French actress Camille Razat has been on the audience's radar more and more now. Known for playing Lea Morel in the France 2 drama The Disappearance and Camille in Emily in Paris, Razat is growing up as one of its beloved actresses. The audience thus wants to know more about her, especially if she's got a boyfriend or other. Considering their on-screen chemistry, Razat was fantasized to be with her Emily in Paris co-star Lucas Bravo, but her love-life is a better story than just that.

Born on 1 March 1994, in Toulouse, Occitanie, France, Camille began her acting career in 2015 with her popular role in The Disappearance. Following her debut in 2015, the actress then worked for Captain Marleau in 2015, Rock 'n Rollin in 2017, Girl with Balls in 2018, Paris Pillage in 2018, and eventually Emily in Paris in 2019. The actress's quick popularity and success grabbed the attention of many. So, here's everything to know about Camille Razat and her boyfriend.

Camille Razat's Boyfriend? She's Already Engaged Now!

Leading quite a low-key and silent love life, Camille Razat is rather a private person. Camille revealed her boyfriend, now fiance, Etienne Baret, in 2017. The actress posted a picture of the two on her Instagram page. Since neither any account of Camille's past relationship is known, nor anything on the couple before 2017, it could be assumed that the two began dating in 2017.

Camille Razat and her boyfriend-turned Fiance Etienne Baret taking a selfie.Razat is engaged to her photographer boyfriend.
Photo Source: Camille Razat, Instagram

Camille Razat's fiance Etienne Baret is a France-based photographer. At the young age of 15, Baret joined the Auguste Renoir Art School in Paris, followed by the live model class at the Beaux-Art in Lyon two years later. From 2015 to 2018, Baret posed as a model at the Beaux-Arts of Paris and worked as an assistant on fashion productions, where he participated in the works of photographers Jurgen Teller and Ezra Petronio.

After two years of photography exploration, Baret encountered Jonathan Barzel, who proposed he become his manager. Due to this latest encounter, Etienne Baret created Les Efemmeres, an assembled collection of his reflections regarding the human body, the actresses, and the medium of photography. All in all, Etienne Baret is a well-established photographer and now the soon-to-be husband of actress Camille Razat.

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Since having a photographer boyfriend, the actress has posted many pictures with his credits on them. The pair posts quite fewer pictures with each other, following the privacy of their relationship. Both of them seem to be more career-focused and want their work and achievements to be highlighted while being together behind the curtains.

After dating for almost 4 years, Camille and her boyfriend recently got engaged. A slow-motion video posted by Camille on December 16 on her Instagram features the moment of the two getting engaged. Captioned, "Pacsés ?? @etiennebaret merci à mes ami(e)s extraordinaires, je vous aime!" the video received quite the love. Razat's fans were head over heels over the two love birds being in love. The pair received a lot of blessings and well wishes as well. They are speculated to be married by 2022!

Camille Razat on 'Emily in Paris': From a Potential Rival to Emily's Companion!

Camille Razat was the most memorable character from Season 1 of Emily in Paris. Her character, also known as Camille,  appears to be a well-dressed threat to Lily Collins's heroine Emily Cooper's growing connection with her neighbor Gabriel, portrayed by Lucas Bravo at first. However, over time, the two leading ladies form a deep bond that can weather even Emily's unintentional affair with Camille's brother.

A scene from 'Emily in Paris', Lily Cooper (left) and Camille Razat's (right) characters during a conversation.Season 2 got some mixed reviews once it came out.
Photo Credit: Stephanie Branchu, Netflix

In an interview with L'Official USA, Razat shared how being a pandemic series makes it special. She says, "It was quite special since, in the midst of a pandemic, we had no direct feedback, we were all at home. There was this double appreciation: on the one hand, really happy and grateful, and on the other, not really understand what is happening. There was a little unreal feeling." She continues, "Especially since the series is released on Netflix, we are all at home in joggers, and we see ourselves on the screen quite differently—ultra-beautiful, stylish, makeup, hair on top."

Explained by HollywoodReporter as "a biting satire of femininity; a sympathetic portrait of an Ugly American; a transmogrified Sex and the City fanfic where Carrie ends up living her Paris dream instead of giving it all up to marry Big. Emily in Paris, though, is also a document of redemption," the season is expected to be a big hit and have season 3 as well. It also reviewed the second season as "springy and munchable as the first, aside from the many, many superfluous musical interludes featuring Emily’s disgraced billionairess bestie Mindy (Ashley Park) busking with her new street band." The second season was released on December 22.

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