Danny Godoy From Next in Fashion Season 2: Instagram and Height of the Californaia-Based Designer!

Danny Godoy, a contestant on Netflix’s Next in Fashion season 2, is a former Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising student whose sense of style was instilled in him at a teenage. Standing at the height of 5′ 5”, he and James Ford were paired up for the fifth challenge to design two original outfits, but sadly, they resulted in a double elimination due to the bad fabric choice and failed to exhibit a sense of style. Follow to know more about Danny with his Instagram handle (@gisforgodoy).

A fashion reality show on Netflix called Next in Fashion follows the journeys of great fashion designers as they compete for the top spot. It includes prominent fashion industry figures including Gigi Hadid, Tan France, and Donatella Versace. Twelve designers from around the world compete in multiple challenges that test their creativity, technical expertise, and understanding of fashion for a $200,000 prize and the life-changing moment to launch their own fashion brand.

Among the designers competing for the title of the best fashion designer in season 2, Danny Godoy wowed the fans and audience with his talents and show to the judges that he had the potential to join the ranks of the country’s great designers. With Godoy becoming increasingly popular in the fashion industry, fans are curious to learn more about his personal background and wonder where he is right now. Well, here is everything you need to know!

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Danny Godoy from Next in Fashion season 2: the 5′ 5” designer Was Eliminated in the Fifth Challenge Due to Poor Fabric Selection and a Lack of Professionalism!

Danny Godoy (@gisforgodoy) was born in Inglewood, California, and is of Mexican descent. The Next in Fashion Season 2 cast was raised in a loving family with three older brothers. According to reports, he stands at the height of 5′ 5”. Previously known as Beverly Luxe, the former Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising student later changed his name to Godoy.

The reality TV star is a full-time drag queen who usually dresses up other queens to make them look even more stunning. He first became well-known in the world of drag as a student. He has also had the moment to work with James Charles, the owner of G is for Godoy, and has developed some of the styles seen on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

However, the designer learned the DRAG Transformation technique while studying at FIDM. He now works full-time as a drag queen and has established himself in Southern California. After graduating from FIDM and beginning his career as a fashion designer, Danny created his own collection of striking, eye-catching styles. His artistic works always tell a story about his personality and roots.

Likely, Master Class with Diane von Furstenberg, Project Runway Threads, Custom Clothing for RuPaul’s Drag Race, RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars, and RuPaul’s Drag Race Live-Las Vegas, Pit Stop with BOB the Drag Queen, and Custom Wear for Local Legends are some of the projects he has worked on in the last decade.

Talking about his time on Next in Fashion season 2, Danny Godoy made an appearance with a tote full of originality and a handful of sass. He knew from the start what he have to do to gain the favor of the judges. The contestant, who specializes in Drag Queen outfits, breezed through the first challenge because his muse was the one and only Queen of the Drag Queens, Ru Paul. The gold lining black made the entire outfit pop, according to the judges. He aced the first challenge, Royalty, even though it was said that the sleeves should be changed slightly.

Danny was a member of the winning team for the second challenge, which included Bao, Amari, and Megan. And for the Wear the Earth episode, he created a beautiful yet simple piece of a budding flower showcasing the blooming of a flower from a bud. Though he was said to improve the fit of the top of the dress, the judges were very impressed with his design. Danny’s designs shone brightly throughout his time on the show.

The designer did a good job with denim in the third challenge. He designed a piece that tells a story, and the material was not thrown together at random; every detail on the outfit served a purpose. He was at his best during episode 4, titled Childhood, in which he transported the judges back to his own childhood in a heavy-bottomed dress with a sweetheart neckline and a bustline with shimmery shoulders.

Danny’s vision of blending masculine and feminine styles was well-received by the judges, and he eventually won the challenge. In the fifth challenge, James Ford (@jamesdoinginsta) and Godoy were paired up to create two different outfits, but they didn’t make the cut. Their fabric choice failed, and they also failed to show effectiveness in their creation, resulting in dual elimination. Furthermore, we wish Danny the best of luck in his fashion career and hope to see him on the show next season and on the covers of fashion magazines in the future.

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