Greta Onieogou

Greta Onieogou is an actress who lives in Los Angeles and started her career while still in high school. She was 14 years old when Fever Pitch was casting, and she appeared in the movie alongside Drew Barrymore and the Late Night show host Jimmy Fallon. Now she is all set to appear in the second season of All American playing Layla Keating, where she is the leading cast member and a fan-favorite character.

The Layla actress was born Greta Adah Onieogou on 14 March 1991 in St. Petersburg, Russia to a Nigerian/Russian parents and is of both Nigerian and Russian descent. She was born and raised in Russia but later moved to the United States where she started living in Los Angeles and also began her career in acting.

Greta Onieogou is playing the character of Layla Keating in The CW show All American.Greta Onieogou played the character of ‘Layla Keating’ on the show ‘All American’.
Source: IMDb

In California, the actress lives with her French Bulldog and Corgi whom she loves a lot. When she is with her parents, she speaks Russian. Greta can speak both Russian and English fluently because of her time in Russia. Now, the 28-year-old is embarking on the most interesting part of her life when All American comes on for a second season.

Playing ‘Layla Keating’ in ‘All American’

Greta Onieogou is playing Layla Keating in All American.Greta Onieogou was cast as ‘Layla Keating’ in The CW show ‘All American.’
Source: IMDb

In 2018, The CW debuted a show All American where the character of Spencer James is brought over from South Central and is moved to Beverly Hills where he plays for the team but also needs to adjust with the excess of the place, while he was living with a mom who was struggling to make ends meet just a little distance away. The show was a hit and it was the amazing cast, which allowed the success of the show and one of the leading characters of the show is Layla Keating played by Greta.

Layla is the popular girl in the school and she takes the eye of Spencer, but since she is in a relationship with one of his teammates he does not pursue a relationship. Layla, on the other hand, looks to be the complete girl, someone who grew up with everything but everything is not as it seems.

Watch: The trailer for the first season of All American featuring Greta Onieogou

Layla lost her mother and is living with a father who is absent, and also her best friend was her confidant but the two lost their connection a while back. While Spencer tries to figure out his life in the new surroundings, she is also looking to fit in and find herself in a world where everyone is only pretending to be the best.

The CW occasionally puts out great content and this was one of the instances where the great cast and good story combined to form an amazing show. Greta appears in all of the episodes, and she is going to play an even bigger role in the second season of the series.

Career before ‘Layla,’ Getting Started in the Show Business

Greta Onieogou became a Raptors fan while working in Canadian TV shows.Greta appeared in the show Degrassi and also became a Raptors fan while in Canada.
Source: Instagram @greta.onieogou

After her debut movie, the actress appeared in Degrassi: The Next Generation and was also cast in the show Heartland where the actress played the character of Soraya Duval, and this was also the reason why a girl living in Los Angeles became a fan of the Toronto Raptors. The actress was seen in Basketball matches and also wearing the team gear.

After she finished her time in Heartland, the actress appeared in the revamped Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters. Then she also appeared in Miss Sloane, Ransom and Schitt’s Creek. Her first starring role was in the movie Undercover Grandpa which released in 2017, and she played the character of Angie Wagner.

Greta Onieogou appeared in the show Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters.Greta Onieogou appeared in a few episodes of Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters.
Source: IMDb

2018 was also filled with other TV series and one episode stints which led to her casting in The CW show, and the Russian/Nigerian actress is all set for bigger things when the show returns for a second season.

Greta’s Relationship Status

Greta is busy with her acting career, and she seems to be working hard with no room for a relationship. The actress shares amazing chemistry with the All American character Spencer James, played by Daniel Ezra, but it seems the two are in a reel relationship only.

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