Hanna Van Vilet Girlfriend: Anne+ Movie Actress on Netflix is Dating Ilke Paddenburg in 2022!

Hanna Van Vilet is dating her girlfriend Ilke Paddenburg for over 6 years in 2022. Hanna created and stars in the Netflix movie Anne+ currently streaming on Netflix. Learn all the relationship details of the queer actress.

One of the prominent Dutch actresses who has bamboozled many with her amazing, Hanna Van Vliet is a Golden Calf nominated actress and creator. Making her official debut in the entertainment world in 2009, Hanna is a proponent of a diverse range of female leads and queer roles in Dutch film and television. With her latest lead role in the Netflix series ANNE+, Hanna is gaining quite the attention of many, and out of everything, it’s her girlfriend that’s being the center of curiosity.

Born on June 6, 1992, in Gorinchem, Netherlands, Hanna started acting at the age of six and played all her youth at Het Jeugdtheaterhuis Gouda. She always had the inborn talent of an artist. Graduating in Drama and Contemporary Music Theater at the Amsterdam University of the Arts in 2014, Van immediately received the opportunity to play the lead role of Pippi Longstocking in the musical of the same name in 2014 followed by the lead role alongside Rosa da Silva in the musical De Tweeling in 2015.

Also starring in Quicksand, Lost Transport, Random shit, and Anne+, Hanna is making herself a well-known face in the international movie and TV scene. So, it’s obvious for her audience to want to know her on a personal level. So, here’s everything we know about Hanna Van Vilet’s girlfriend.

Hanna Van Vliet Girlfriend: Dating Ilke Paddenburg for Over 6 Years

hanna-van-vliet-girlfriend-ilke-paddenburg-2022Hanna Van Vliet is dating her girlfriend Ilke Paddenburg for over 6 years in 2022.
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Hanna Van Vliet’s girlfriend has been a topic of curiosity for many for a while now! An advocate of queer representation, Van Vliet’s love life is seen as an inspiration by many to open up.Hanna Van Vliet’s girlfriend is none other than her fellow Dutch actress Ilke Paddenburg. The pair have been together for 8 years now and are thriving together as queer actresses.

Hanna first posted Ilke on her Instagram in 2015. The couple probably began as friends with the same circle and eventually got into a relationship. Vliet and Paddenburg were in a relationship by September 21, 2015, as Van Vliet posted a picture with Ilke with the caption, “even een dagje met m’n andere wederhelften hoor” which translates to “just a day with my other halves.”

Hanna Van Vliet’s girlfriend Ilke Paddenburg is also an aspiring actress. She graduated in 2011 from the Arnhem Theater School and has been a permanent member of the ITA ensemble from seasons 19-20. Paddenburg performed in multiple theater shows over time. The potential actress is soon to be appearing in The Doctor directed by Robert Icke, The Hours directed by Eline Arbo, Judas directed by Robert Icke, The damned directed by Ivo van Hove and in the reprises of Flight 49 and Age of rage in season 21-22.

Looking at Ilke’s socials, she possesses around 1900 followers on her Instagram. Most of her posts feature moments of herself with Hanna and their friends. Ilke can be seen showing off Hanna at times. She posted a picture of them together with a caption that says, ” My far too beautiful girlfriend.” The couple attended the premier of Hanna’s movie together. 

One of the admirable queer couples, Hanna and her girlfriend Ilke’s story was covered by a popular Dutch magazine Linda. The couple shared details on their relationship and importantly opinions on the queer relationships in the interview. Ilke took it to her Instagram and showed her gratitude with snippets of their pictures from a magazine. She writes, ” Pride 2021!??? Long live love! Cause it’s just nice fun with my prettiest smartest funniest wifey-friend.” In the interview, the couple shared their views on queer relationships and it’s still not accepted. Hanna shared how she still hesitates to hold her girlfriend’s hand in public and is worried about her safety because she is queer.

Hanna Van Vliet and her girlfriend Ilke Paddenburg are doing pretty well together as of right now. Ilke’s very recent post features Hanna and the two looking amazingly happy in their disco attire. Hanna too posts her girlfriend but is currently more invested in her new production Anne+.

Anne+ Film is Currently Streaming on Netflix

With the release of its first season in 2018, Anne+ is a Dutch Netflix production that navigates the life of Anne who is a twentysomething lesbian trying to find her way through relationships and identity. The plot revolves around Anne‘s life and how the way of her experiences have shaped her.

Hitting the screens on February 11, 2022, Anne+ the film is a revision of an already released television series of the same name. The movie serves as an epilogue in Anne’s story with interesting conversations and opinions which might not be acceptable or preferred by many. The story is about Anne, played by Hanna Van Vliet, who is twenty-something, living in Amsterdam, trying to make a life by writing a book. When Anne’s girlfriend Sara played by Jouman Fattal relocates to Montreal for a career, the two resolves to expand their relationship, though Anne becomes concerned when she learns Sara is seeing someone else.

Anne is planning to join Sara in Montreal in a few months, but she’s having second thoughts about it and is unsure if it’s the correct decision. Anne is intrigued by a performer named Lou played by Thorn Roos de Vries at a drag show one evening and musters the guts to slide into their DMs. The two start hanging together and seem to have a genuine relationship, though Anne is still unsure how she feels about Sara’s situation. As Anne’s life gets messier, she must decide what she really really wants!

An exploration of sexuality and life, directed by Valerie Bisscheroux and written by Maud Weimeijer, the cast of the movie includes Hanna van Vliet, Jouman Fattal, Thorn de Vries, Jade Olieberg, Eline van Gils, Jesse Mensah, Huib Cluistra, Alya Cekin, Amy van der Weerden and Anne-Chris Schulting.

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