Is Humberly González Gay? Who Is She Dating? – Just to let you know, Humberly González identifies herself as queer, not gay. As for her relationship status, she has been dating her boyfriend, Jonathan Groeneweg, since 2015.

Humberly González (Venezuelan) is a Canadian actress who recently appeared in Hallmark Channel’s first lesbian holiday romance, Friends & Family Christmas. But to let you know, this is not her first role as an LGBTQ character. She has previously played Brooklyn on Hulu‘s Utopia Falls and Sophie on Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia.

Due to the roles that Humberly González has chosen to play, people have generated a lot of debate all over social media about her actual sexuality.  Many viewers believe she is gay in real life. Well, if you’re here seeking for same answer, we got you covered.

Humberly González Is Not Gay; She Identifies Herself as Queer!

As Humberly González (@humberly) has been open about her sexuality lately, she identifies herself as queer not gay. However, in an exclusive interview with The List, the Friends & Family Christmas actress revealed that being upfront about her sexuality hasn’t always been simple.

Humberly González identifies herself as queer, not gay. celebsindepth.comHumberly González identifies herself as queer, not gay.
Image Source: Instagram

She was able to embrace herself and come out to the public more readily after playing these roles. She even discussed how her acting motivated her to be more honest about her sexuality, as well as what it means to her to play Latina LGBT characters.

You may imagine that Humberly González sought LGBT characters to provide that representation because she has been outspoken about her sexuality. However, she was cast in LGBT roles before coming out publicly, and she claims she didn’t seek out those roles.

Despite being in the closet herself, González was able to play multiple LGBT characters, beginning with her part as Vanessa on The CW‘s In The Dark. Though she has subsequently come to accept herself and be more honest with her audience, her first part was a significant milestone for her. She explained,

Back then, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ I was so scared. I was actually really scared to step into that because it was so new for me, too.

Later, Humberly González went on to play several LGBT characters after her role as Vanessa on In the Dark, including Brooklyn on Utopia Falls and Sophie on Ginny & Georgia. Speaking on her role in Utopia Falls, she stated,

With Brooklyn, they never really talk about her sexuality. Everything is just kind of normalized, and she just is who she is and loves who she loves. That was so refreshing because that’s always how I felt … So for me to play these characters that are just accepted right away was so important.

She wasn’t sure if or how she wanted to come out as queer. She stated she was thinking,  “Do I need to post about it? Who do I talk to?” But, by playing characters like Brooklyn and Sophie, whose sexuality was accepted without a major come-out, she realized she could do the same.

However, Humberly González believes that these characters have made others feel more secure in their own identities. It was because of them that she felt comfortable sharing her sexuality. She said she’s had a lot of nice comments from viewers who related with Sophie and were delighted to see someone they could identify with on-screen, especially since the first season of Ginny & Georgia premiered.

Take a Look at Humberly González’s Dating Life!

According to the sources, Humberly González is dating her long-term boyfriend, Jonathan Groeneweg (@jonathangroeneweg). The couple is said to be in a relationship since 2015. However, her Instagram doesn’t do much to highlight her relationship with Jonathan because she posts a lot of gorgeous solo modeling shots, selfies, profiles of her various makeup looks, full-body outfits of the day, fashionista poses, snaps with her puppies, and photos of what it’s like behind the scenes on the sets of her many projects.

Humberly González has been dating Jonathan Groeneweg since 2015. celebsindepth.comHumberly González has been dating Jonathan Groeneweg since 2015.
Image Source: Instagram

On the other hand, Jonathan uses Instagram to showcase his relationship with her a lot! He has photos of the two making memories on various vacations, celebrating their anniversaries, dressing up in costumes, going out for great nights on the town, and so much more.

As of yet, there is no sign that Humberly and Jonathan are planning a wedding anytime soon. However, the way Jonathan talks about Humberly on Instagram encourages us to assume that wedding bells are completely conceivable at some time in the future. In one of his most recent captions, he wrote,

I’m so proud of everything I’ve watched you accomplish and the woman you have/are becoming every day. Thanks for encouraging and sticking by me just the same, and helping me grow into the most complete and authentic version of myself, even when I am my own biggest obstacle. I can’t wait to see what our future holds.

In another caption from 2020, he wrote,  “Five years ago today, on a day not too unlike this one, I woke up blissfully unaware that I was about to meet the love of my life… and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Thank you Humberly for all the good, no, great times that have come and gone, as well as those still to come.”  Moreover, what could come next for this happy couple is evident from the way he speaks about their future together. They appear to be madly in love.