Infinity Pool Uncut Differences: Theatrical vs. Unrated!

There are a few differences in the uncut (unrated) version of Infinity Pool as close-up shots of body parts, violence, and sexual behaviors are not shown in the theatrical version.

Infinity Pool: Uncut follows Alexander Skarsgård as James Foster and Mia Goth as Gabi on a terrifying sci-fi adventure. When Skarsgard’s character is found to be guilty of the death of a local in a foreign country, the local authorities inform him that the sentence for such a crime is execution. However, those who can afford it can purchase a clone of themselves to be executed instead. This leads James, Gabi, and others down an out-of-control rabbit hole where they lose all fear of repercussions in a visceral, violent, and suspenseful story.

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Infinity Pool: Differences in the Uncut (Unrated) And Theatrical Version!

Infinity Pool: Uncut has received critical acclaim, getting a favorable review score on RottenTomatoes and frequently receiving accolades on social media. However, the film’s graphic nature is frequently mentioned in the commentary. Brandon Cronenberg‘s latest horror thrill coaster created an NC-17 cut that was screened for the press prior to the release of an R-rated (unrated) version in theaters. As it turns out, Cronenberg did not make many differences to the film in order for it to receive an MPAA rating, making it more acceptable for theatrical distribution.

Close-up shots of body parts, violence, and sexual behaviors are the differences in the uncut Infinity Pool. celebsindepth.comClose-up shots of body parts, violence, and sexual behaviors are the differences in the uncut Infinity Pool.
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According to Alexander Skarsgård, who plays struggling author James Foster in Infinity Pool, “The R-rated version is as long. There are a couple of frames in the orgy scenes and in the psychedelic, like when they’re doing the icky drug, that have been… But again, it’s a few frames here and there. Brandon loved the, the score of those sequences so much that he just, he didn’t want to shorten it, so he went out and found other really interesting, suggestive weird shots that he replaced it with.”

Additionally, the NC-17 version of Infinity Pool includes unusually close-up shots of body parts, violence, and sexual behaviors, which contributed to the film’s harsh rating.

Likely, Skarsgrd also stated that Cronenberg did not fully exclude any scenes. He substituted frames and moments with other shots to keep the film’s runtime in a similar, if not the same, spot and to keep the musical score intact. He explained,

So, talking to Brandon, it’s not sometimes it’s tough for directors when they have to cut stuff they love and it’s hard. But this is like, talking to Brandon about it now, he feels like there are two, he loves both versions and so it’s not like 10 fantastic minutes were cut from the NC 17 version to get the R-rated in one.

What Is Infinity Pool About?

Infinity Pool is now streaming online. celebsindepth.comInfinity Pool is now streaming online.
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Infinity Pool: Uncut follows James Foster and his fiancée Em on a romantic island trip that goes horribly wrong when they meet one of James’ fans, Gabi. After being exposed to Gabi’s quirky acquaintances, the duo is involved in a car accident in which James accidentally kills someone.

On the island, the only punishment for crime is death, unless you create a clone of yourself to take your place. What James perceives as the only answer quickly turns into his worst nightmare, as Gabi and her friends aren’t who they appear to be. ”

Even if you’re a seasoned horror fan, Infinity Pool will leave you with a slew of psychological scars. Brandon Cronenberg takes everything disconcerting he did in his underappreciated horror masterpiece Possessor and turns it up to its most terrifyingly terrifying potential. The images here will keep you awake at night, the body horror is very blood-soaked, the story’s sexually charged nature peels back your skin, and the themes are brilliantly dense.

What Infinity Pool implies about lost identity and the world’s broken class system is astounding. Then there’s Goth, who gives a fantastic villain performance. To say that Goth provides the best performance of her career is an understatement. Gabi is one of the most intriguing genre villains in recent memory, and the bus sequence will have you in tears.

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