Ayesha Erotica Is Trans: Truth or Just a Rumor?

Ayesha Erotica is said to be trans, but some people have disagreed as there has been no exact proof except some sources. Reddit claimed that she began transitioning in 2013, when she was around sixteen years old. It has been said that her father is transphobic and that he always posts about her on Facebook, talking sh*t about her.

Ayesha Erotica is a well-known American artist well recognized for her singing career. She rose to prominence as a result of her flamboyant, diversified, and energetic songs. Many of the verses from this song went viral on TikTok, with one audio recording having a verse. Currently, she has resigned from her music career, despite the fact that her admirers enjoy hearing her songs. Aside from singing, she is well-known as a producer and lyricist who has worked on a number of successful projects.

Ayesha Erotica’s professional trajectory reveals her evolution from a vocalist to a formidable force in the business industry, but what about her personal life? She has a large number of fans that follow her and are curious about her personal life, especially about her gender identity and sexuality. It’s a common thing for celebrities to face such rumors, as she is being called a trans. So let us learn in detail.

Several Sources Suggest That Ayesha Erotica Is Trans!

Ayesha Erotica (@ayeshaonline69) has always been speculated by several people and even her fans that she might be trans. Several discussions have been made on social media regarding her sexuality. Some believe that she is straight and was born as a girl, while others believe that she is indeed a trans person. So what is the truth?

As claimed by several sources, Ayesha Erotica, the singer, is trans. Ayesha Erotica was born Ayesha Alexis Auciello. She is a hyper-pop performer from Huntington Beach, North Carolina, with Hispanic ancestors. She was said to have been born as a boy but later transformed into a girl. It is unknown how old she was at the time; she realized her sexuality and transformed, but it has been verified that she is indeed trans.

Sources claimed that Ayesha Erotica became trans in 2013. celebsindepth.comSources claimed that Ayesha Erotica became trans in 2013.
Source: Beat Zone

She is regarded as one of the most divisive and influential artists. Throughout her music career, she has recorded a number of singles and albums that have been well received by her fans, and she never kept her fans in the dark by hiding her sexuality. It was never truly leaked; but she had made it clear from the start that Ayesha Erotica was transgender.

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We are not sure about the information, but one source, Reddit claimed that she began transitioning in 2013, when she was around sixteen years old, and posted an older photo of herself in 2015, at the beginning of her transition, with the statement This was two years ago, something to such an effect. Its again important to say that this information is based on some sites over the internet, and we have not found any official information by Ayesha Erotica herself.

Reddit Discussion About Ayesha Erotica Coming Out as Transgender!

There are still several people who don’t believe Ayesha Erotica is trans, and there is conflict among people who believe and who don’t believe the information provided on the internet. Not only that, Reddit users have had a huge discussion regarding it. A discussion was held on Reddit asking if Ayesha is trans, and several people have provided information sharing their thoughts. And one Reddit user added,

Yes, I believe so! I’m not sure if she’s intersex or not. I’m sure she was outed at some point in her career, which is bad for any artist if it happens without their permission.

Ayesha Erotica's father was unhappy about her daughter coming out of a trans. celebsindepth.comAyesha Erotica’s father was unhappy about her daughter coming out of a trans.
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While the other person said,

No, she only has a genital deformity and a voice issue. People who are surprised are unaware of this.

While one person was not satisfied by the debate and said that this is one of the most toxic Reddit comment sections he has ever seen, with discussions that sound like teenagers yelling at each other in a cafeteria. One source has claimed that her father was transphobic and that he always posts about her on Facebook, showing images of her before she transitioned and basically talking sh*t about her.

Her father used to say nonsense, like Ayesha “killed” his son. The user added that he is not going to give out his information since it’s none of your business, but he’s a shady human being, and her followers have harassed him in the past. However, the post is still not available on the internet.