Alex M’s Plastic Surgery: Laguna Beach Star’s Transformation Is the Result of Her Cheek Reduction, Nose Job, and More!

Laguna Beach star Alex M looks completely different leading fans to believe she has benefited from plastic surgery. Looking at her before and after pictures, we could say that she has undergone Botox, Lip Fillers, cheek reduction, and a Nose Job. Also, she is already in her mid-thirties and she may be afraid of aging, which is why she has gone under the knife.

American singer/actress Alex Murrel is best known for her roles in Love Written in Blood, Action News 5, and American High School. She rose to prominence after appearing on the hit MTV show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. Hello, her first single from her debut album, was also featured in the series. Alex went on to release singles such as Best Friend, Now, What’s It To You, Let It Come True, and others.

Alex left her label in 2009 due to company differences and began her acting career as Dixie in the comedy film American High School. Currently, the actress owns and operates Mox Agency, a full-service boutique media, and marketing agency that specializes in web development, brand management, and marketing.

Her music has been featured in some movies which have won many hearts, and she quickly became everyone’s favorite contestant. No one could deny Murrel’s beauty; she also had a great talent. We know she makes a difference in the entertainment industry not only as an actress but also as a singer.

She has completely changed from how we used to see her and now. People, however, expect her to show signs of aging once she reached 35. Also, due to the lack of any signs of aging, Alex Murrel’s plastic surgery becomes a rumor. Follow this article to find out about her transformation.

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Grab Every Detail on Alex M From Laguna Beach’s Plastic Surgery

There have been changes in Laguna Beach‘s stars Alex M’s (@alexmurrel) face, which is why fans speculate she is benefited from plastic surgery. Because of the constant change that occurs in her career, she may have gone under the knife to enhance her appearance. Not only does she appear more attractive. However, it also increases her fame; she also gains more important roles in the years following the surgery.

Meanwhile, the Laguna Beach star is already in her mid-thirties. She begins to gain popularity when she appears in the series. Fans and the entertainment industry were also abuzz with talk about her plastic surgery. Murrel’s face has a few changes. Even though she is still in her mid-thirties, it appears she has undergone Botox treatment. She may have become afraid of aging, which is why she underwent Botox injections. There are no wrinkles, fine lines, or anything else on her face.

You can see Alex Murrel’s juicy lips if you look closely. Her lips have gotten bigger and plumper than before. Even as people grow older, their lips do not change dramatically. As a result, we can easily conclude that her juicy lips result from lip fillers. Alex Murrel’s stomach could have been the next issue. The tummy tuck rumor begins after she has given birth. Because when she became pregnant, her weight increased dramatically, causing her belly to develop a lot of fat deposits under her skin.

On the other hand, the mother of three is also said to have a nose job because she had a flat nose in the before pictures. However, the shape of her nose has changed, and the tip of her nose seems different. She has completed her transformation with a change to her nose. We all know that the nose is the focal point of our faces. That is why, if there is a change in someone’s nose, the change will dramatically transform their entire face.

Looking at the structure of her face, her chin’s fat has been reduced. Fat reduction surgery reduces facial fullness and draws attention to your cheekbones. This is also known as cheek reduction surgery. As we can see, Alex has significantly benefited from plastic surgery. She is yet to express her thoughts on plastic surgery.

Alex M Married Life: Husband & Kids

Alex Murrel married her longtime boyfriend Kyle Mark Johnson on October 25, 2014. The couple exchanged vows in a beautiful ceremony at the Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, California. The bride wore a delicately embroidered lace gown with a plunging neckline and veil, while the groom wore a classic black tuxedo. The couple exchanged vows in front of family and friends in a rustic outdoor setting.

Furthermore, the couple is the proud parents of three children. They had their first child, Levi Johnson, in July 2016, their second child, Kase Johnson, in August 2018 & their third kid named Rome. Murrel also frequently posts pictures of her children on her official Instagram. The 35-year-old actress is currently enjoying a happy married life in California with her husband and sons.

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