Dustin Johnson Girlfriend: Almost Married to Paulina Gretzy in 2022, Get the Wedding Details!

Dustin Johnson has been in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend Paulina Gretzky. The pair’s wedding bell is ringing and is soon to be married. However, they had revealed their wedding destination but the date is yet to be published. Here is everything you need to know about the PGA star and his love life in 2022!

Dustin Johnson, the 2020 Masters champion, is known as one of the most unflappable players in the game, and he celebrated his first-ever green jacket triumph in November of that year by being in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend Paulina. Johnson has amassed $74 million in prize money over his career on golf’s premier tour, a model of nearly metronomic regularity. Furthermore, he has won on the PGA Tour in each of his first 14 seasons. But off the course, the player is also know for his relationship with girlfriend Paulina Gretzky.

Dustin Johnson Girlfriend: Everything About Paulina Gretzky

dustin-johnson-girlfriend-paulina-gretzky-wedding-wife-2022Dustin Johnson is currently dating his girlfriend Paulina Gretzky. They are engaged and getting married in 2022.
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Paulina Gretzky has performed as a model, singer, and actor in films such as Grown Ups 2 (2013), Fame (2009), and Guns, Girls, and Gambling (2012). She insists that singing and songwriting are her passions, and the 33-year-old has previously inked record deals. Moreover, Gretzky has a massive following on social media.

Gretzky is one of four siblings born to professional ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky. Her father is in the National Hockey League. Her love of golf appears to be paying off, as she has been on the pages of Golf Digest and Flare, a Canadian fashion magazine. She’s also a frequent attendee at Johnson’s events, and she caddied for him at the 2016 Masters Par 3 competition.

Although Dustin Johnson’s girlfriend is not a professional player, she has become a household figure in the sports world. The internet sensation has wealthy connections and is not her sole claim to fame; the Canadian-American singer, model, and actress has established her place in the world by being in a blessed relationship with Dustin Johnson.

All About Dustin Johnson & Paulina Gretzky’s longtime Relationship

Dustin Johnson’s professional career has already yielded two Major titles, six WGC triumphs, the FedEx Cup, and a term as a World’s No. 1 golfer. The American legend has done everything with his girlfriend, Paulina Gretzky by his side.

Paulina, a model, has been engaged to Johnson since August 2013. Even though the couple has two young kids, Tatum and River, they have no plans for marrying. “I’m not sure if people realize if Dustin and I are truly married or not.” “We’re not,” Paulina said in a January 2021 edition of the podcast “The Netchicks.”

“I just want to be with the kids and be happy, and I don’t want anything from Dustin other than to love him,” Paulina later said. Furthermore, the attractive model has always been the center of attention.

Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson met in 2009, but their first date was three years later. Despite the chaperone, there was chemistry between them. In August of 2013, Dustin proposed to Paulina. Never been happier, she said in an Instagram post (later removed). Dustin posted a snap of her new ring. The narrator shouted and said yes.

The Couple Became Parents To Two Kids Before Wedding!

Dustin and his girlfriend Paulina began to build a life for themselves over a decade after their engagement. This pair also entails starting a family with two young kids. In September 2014, Paulina revealed that she was expecting their first child. She captioned, “@djohnsonpga & I are so delighted to finally share with you all our good news.”

The long-time girlfriend’s boyfriend’s kid, Tatum Gretzky Johnson, was born on January 19, 2015. Paulina has now removed an Instagram image in which she was cradling her baby’s abdomen.

Two years after Tatum was born, they disclosed that their family was expanding. In February 2017, Paulina posted a photo (now removed) on Instagram. She was embracing her baby tummy by holding up ultrasound in the shot. The second child, River Jones Johnson, was born on June 14, 2017.

Dustin Johnson & Paulina Gretzky’s Wedding Destination Booked

The pair have been involved since 2013 and have revealed their wedding will take place later this year. They’ve also announced the venue at Blackberry Farm, a five-star resort in Walland, Tennessee. On the Pillows and Beer podcast, Gretzky also addressed why she and Dustin waited so long to marry.

The model asked her prospective maid of honor and bridesmaids to partake in her big day by sending them opulent gift baskets, and in the basket was a “Save the weekend” that leaked sensitive secrets about the big day.

Similarly, the notable couple posted a selfie of herself with Dustin, visiting the island for his bachelor celebration. Inside the property, she handed them further presents. Photos and videos from the week-long vacation show the group dancing, singing, and drinking. And while Paulina had a lovely day with her pals, she wasn’t alone.

The Future Bride & Maid Luxurious Living & Bungalows.

Dustin Johnson, a two-time major winner, is worth $50 million and has earned around $1.5 million on the PGA Tour. The genuine magical house has five enormous bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a cutting-edged kitchen, and even a private Jacuzzi. Furthermore, Johnson has his theater room, and the main sitting area features large panoramic windows and an open-plan living space.

Jupiter which is worth 14 million USD located north of West Palm Beach, is noted for its numerous canals that cut across the sun-drenched countryside. While DJ tries to stay away from the water on the golf course, he can’t get enough of it away from it. The house has its mooring, allowing him to keep two luxury yachts ready for a fishing excursion.

Johnson, his wife Paulina, and their two sons, Tatum and River, packed their belongings and moved from their old Sunshine State hideout to a beautiful new home.

Furthermore, the pro-golfer has put his hard-earned money to good use by building a home for his young family in Jupiter’s renowned Admirals Cove neighborhood. With a premium waterfront and on-site golf community, the stunning Cove homes are tailor-made for the South Carolina-born pin seeker.

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