Is Luca Argentero Gay? The Ignorant Angels on Disney Plus Raise Fans' Interest About the Actor's Sexuality in 2022!

Apr 18, 2022 @ 11:48 GMT-0500

Luca Argentero, known for playing the role of a gay man multiple times, is back again with an LGBT-based Italian Disney Plus series, The Ignorant Angels. He is once again playing the role of a gay which is why some fans have been wondering if he is really gay. However, he is totally straight and has been married to his wife Cristina Marino since 2021. The couple even has a child together. Let's know everything about Luca Argentero's gay rumors and the details of his new series.

Luca Argentero is an Italian actor, model, and television personality who was born on April 12, 1978. Argentero was born in Turin and grew up in Moncalieri. He worked as a bartender at a local nightclub after graduating from the Catholic "Collegio San Giuseppe" with a degree in Economy and Commerce in 2004. Argentero rose to fame in 2003 as a contestant on the third season of the renowned reality television show Grande Fratello (Big Brother), when he reached the final and finished third with 9% of the Italian vote.

Following this, Argentero went on to guest star on multiple television series and work as a model, posing for a sensual calendar created by the Italian monthly magazine Max. Argentero made his acting debut in 2005 with the television series Carabinieri, in which he played Marco Tosi in the fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons.

In 2007, Luca starred in Ferzan Zpetek's Saturno Contro (Saturn in Opposition), in which he played a homosexual man. Argentero starred as the lead character in Luca Lucini's film Solo un padre, which was released in 2008. In 2009, he starred in Diverso da Chi? (Different from Whom? ), in which he played a gay guy for the second time which gave him his first David di Donatello nomination for best actor.

Recently, he was cast in Disney's Italian series titled The Ignorant Angels and fans have been curious to know more about him, including if he is gay. Well, here is everything we know about Argentero's gay rumors.

Is Luca Argentero gay?

luca-argentero-gay-relationship-wife-2022Luca Argentero is married to his wife Cristina Marino and they have one daughter together. Though he plays LGBTQ characters, Luca is not gay.
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Luca Argentero is a very well-known actor in Italy and he is massively admired for his talent. His new Italian series, The Ignorant Angels, premiered on April 13, 2022, and is based on LGBT stories. And as mentioned above, Luca has already played in two movies as a gay man which is why there have been rumors about him being a gay man.

However, Luca (@lucaargentero) being a gay man is nothing more than speculation. Yes, Luca is not gay and is totally straight. Just because he played the role of a gay man multiple times does not mean he is or might be gay. Some actors are known for their signature roles and it seems the audiences are pretty impressed with Luca as a homosexual man. However, he is a very well-established actor and can fit into any role he gets.

Not to forget, Luca has been married twice to women which further indicates he has never been gay. After a five-year relationship, Argentero married actress and voice artist Myriam Catania in July 2009. After almost 7 years of marriage, the two stars divorced in 2016. According to some sources, the cause of the separation was related to Luca's connection with Cristina Marino on the set of the movie, Christmas in the Caribbean. Later, the rumors turned out to be true.

Since 2017, Argentero has been engaged to Cristina Marino (@cristina__marino). He met Cristina while filming Christmas in the Caribbean, in which they both starred. The two stars have always stated that their relationship began after Luca's marriage to Myriam Catania ended.

Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino announced their first child's arrival in December 2019. Cristina and Luca welcome their first daughter, Nina Speranza Argentero, in May 2020.  On June 7, 2021, Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino got married surprisingly in Città Della Pieve.

Therefore, there are enough pieces of evidence to prove that Luca Argentero is not gay. He is totally straight and has been living a happy life with his wife and child. He just seems to be very good while doing a role of a gay man. Considering the fact that he has been cast as a gay man thrice now, we can expect him to play the role again in the upcoming days.

The Ignorant Angels: Everything You Need to Know About the Disney Plus LGBTQ Show

R&C Produzioni's The Ignorant Angels is an Italian romantic-drama streaming television series. which is directed by Ferzan Ozpetek, who previously directed the 2001 Italian film The Ignorant Fairies, which serves as inspiration for the series. The series premiered as a Star Original on Star through Disney Plus on April 13, 2022, in Italy and a few other countries.

It follows the story of a woman named Antonia when Antonia's husband Massimo is killed in a serious traffic accident and her picture-perfect life takes an unexpected and tragic turn. Antonia discovers Massimo had an affair during their marriage after his death. But it was with a man called Michele, not a woman. Antonia meets with Michele and his circle of friends, who are devastated by the news.

Michele shares his home with a group of people from various backgrounds. Each of his friends is unique, with their own backstories and difficulties. Everyone, regardless of where they come from, how they appear, how they are, or what gender, lives in the best possible peace with one another. Antonia and Michele form an unexpected and beautiful relationship. And they all go through a period of transition during which they learn to cope with their challenges and expand their own horizons.

The cast includes Burak Deniz, Edoardo Purgatori, Luca Argentero, Cristiana Capotondi, Eduardo Scarpetta, Ambra Angiolini, Filippo Scicchitano, and Ren Hanami.

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