Is Mackenzie From Bluey a Boy or a Girl? – Many people wonder if Mackenzie from Bluey is a boy or a girl because the show rarely clarifies his sexuality. Well, he is a boy and has a crush on Bluey, who is a girl. 

Mackenzie Border Collie better known as Mackenzie is a secondary character who has appeared in multiple episodes of Bluey and is also known as one of Bluey‘s close friends. Recently, he has been in the news after people started to love the character, and Mackenzie has been one of the best characters.

Mackenzie is the fifth favorite character of the Bluey. Bluey is an Australian animated preschool television series that premiered on ABC Kids on October 1, 2018. The series has had four seasons till now, and as of, Season 4 was released on January 12, 2024, on Disney+. However, people have yet to see it show up on Disney+ or Disney Junior. Some people have claimed that season 4 of the series is different, and the character Mackenzie is killing this season.

Meanwhile, people seem to be curious to know more about Mackenzie. Some even seem to be confused about his gender. In this article, we will be clarifying whether Mackenzie is a boy or a girl.

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Bluey: Is Mackenzie a Boy or a Girl?

People thought Mackenzie from Bluey was a girl because of his name, but we would like to clarify that he is a boy. He seems to have developed a crush on his friend Bluey Heeler, and people are hoping they will get married soon in the next season, but the news has not been confirmed yet. However, the picture of them sharing a kiss from next season has been floating all over the internet.

Mackenzie from Bluey is a boy. celebsindepth.comMackenzie from Bluey is a boy.
Image Source: Bluey Official Website

The Australian animated preschool television series Bluey has many characters, which has led people to be confused about their gender. Similarly, when Mackenzie was introduced as the new character, people were guessing it was a girl. Well, some of the beginners who have recently been interested in learning about Bluey also seem confused about his character.

Clearing the confusion about whether Mackenzie from Bluey is a boy or a girl, he is a boy. The rumors of him being a girl started getting flooded all over the internet because the coloring of him Bluey does not correspond to their gender, and his Kiwi accent doesn’t sound like he is a boy. Although the voice actor is a boy, people think that his voice is creating confusion because the character is too young to have carried it over completely.

A Quick Glimpse at Mackenzie’s Love Life!

The confusion of Mackenzie being a girl or boy has also been discussed on Reddit. Three years ago, when one of the users asked people about his gender, everyone called him a boy; they referred to him as he/him in the show, and the official site also says he’s a boy. The character’s accent doesn’t sound like that of a boy because he is shown as too young to act like a boy and have a harsh voice.

Another reason Mackenzie is not a girl is because he has been falling for Bluey Heeler as time has passed. Although they were first seen as just friends, Mackenzie started falling for Bluey when they played Barky Boats for the first time together while their buddies went their separate ways, unaware of the crushes they had on each other.

Mackenzie has had a crush on Bluey for a long time. celebsindepth.comMackenzie has had a crush on Bluey for a long time.
Image Source: Bluey Official Website

There are also rumors that they will soon be seen exchanging kisses, and pictures of the upcoming animation of them kissing each other have already been posted all over the internet. People are excited to see their love story in the upcoming series, while many already imagine them getting married. For now, let’s just hope that the maker won’t disappoint their viewer and in the next season they will be entering with a deep connection.