Isis Hainsworth Boyfriend: Metal Lords Star’s Relationship Details in 2022!

Isis Hainsworth is starring in the Netflix film Metal Lords and fans want to know about her boyfriend. Get the details of the actress’ relationship details and other facts in 2022!

Known for her spectacular performances in Catherine, Called Birdy, and Emma, Isis Hainsworth is a noteworthy rising star. Coming on-screen with Netflix‘s Metal Lords, Isis’s popularity is skyrocketing at the speed of light and so is the interest in her personal life, specifically her boyfriend.

Making her debut in the industry as Maddy on the series Retribution, Isis steadily climbed the ladder of success thanks to her incredible skills and equally likable demeanor. Born in England on September 22, 1998, Hainsworth is also a theater star who loves the stage and the glam. While her successful career is pacing up, the curiosity around the star’s love life is budding like shrooms! So, here’s everything we know about Isis Hainsworth’s boyfriend!

Isis Hainsworth Boyfriend: Speculations of Dating Her Co-Star!

isis-hainsworth-boyfriend-metal-lords-2022Isis Hainsworth’s boyfriend details is of massive interest to fans right now as the actress shines in the Netflix movie Metal Lords.
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Growing and glowing with every new movie she performs, Isis Hainsworth is a growing sensation. With her new movie Metal Lords premiered, the spotlight hasn’t left Isis. Amongst many details that concern the star, her boyfriend has been a mystery and the fans can’t help but dig up more on it.

Scouring through Isis’s socials, she appears to be a jolly fun-loving person who often expresses her gratitude and love toward her family and friends. While her life revolves around her work, friends, and family, her boyfriend on the other hand is a mystery. She seems closer to one or more of her co-stars but could they actually be her lover?

Since the release of the Metal Lords, many are shipping Isis with her co-star Jaeden Martell. With spectacular chemistry on screen, fans couldn’t help but ship the pair. Cute selfies and snippets of the two has made the internet go crazy fueling the rumors that the pair could be dating in real life. But spoiler alert, Jaeden is not Isis’s boyfriend. The two are nothing but co-stars and good friends.

Moving on to solve the mystery of who is Isis Hainsworth currently dating, it’s quite not sure. The actress currently seems more focused on her career rather than on relationships. This has led many believe that the actress might not have a boyfriend while the rest believe that there’s someone!

A picture posted by Isis with a certain someone whose identity hasn’t been disclosed is speculated to be her boyfriend by many. The picture is beloved among her followers with heart eyes showering all over the picture. However, its still not clear if the person is her boyfriend or just one of her friends. This leads to the conclusion that either Isis Hainsworth is single or she is keeping her boyfriend a secret till she is ready to do a big revelation.

Metal Lords, A Heavy Metal Saga of Drama and Comedy; Is It a Hit or a Miss?

Released on April 8, Metal Lords is already creating some buzz! Misfit young musicians establish a band in the lovely coming-of-age; a hard metal band, not just any band. These are kids who slack in gym class and are pushed into lockers, but they know how to lead, riff, and headbang in the seclusion of their impromptu practice area. From the writer of Game of Thrones, the movie is highly expected to be April’s best Netflix release.

The film begins with a basement band rehearsal. Motörhead, Black Sabbath, and Slipknot posters adorn the walls, while a stack of amps awaits usage. The protagonist, Kevin played by Jaeden Martell, is caught in the thick of it all, taking musical, social, and other cues from his bestie, Hunter played by Adrian Greensmith. Hunter takes lead vocals, guitar, and dreams of glory, while Kevin plays drums.

A musical saga of teens, the film demonstrates a strong understanding of how nerdy, shy, or bullied children are driven to metal music because of its brute force and high level of competence required. The turmoil of teenage emotions and the myriad ways teenagers control them are captured in Metal Lords makes it a conventional but genuine film.

As per the reviews the movie is getting, there’s very less movie that captures the essence of metal music. Since the movie is one of its kind, many have reviewed it worth the watch. Kids bickering over a Lamb of God guitar tab book, mix tape filled with Meshuggah, Opeth, and Mastodon classics, and Skull Fucker’s Tom Morello-penned Celtic Frost rip-off Machinery Of Torment make it all in more worth the watch. It’s more enjoyable than necessary as a tale, but it’s the details that will set this film apart from the pack for metalheads.

Written by D.B. Weiss and directed by Peter Sollett, the cast include Jaeden Martell as Kevin Schlieb, Adrian Greensmith as Hunter Sylvester, Isis Hainsworth as Emily Spector, Joe Manganiello as Dr. Troy Nix, Brett Gelman as Dr. Sylvester, Phelan Davis as Skip, and Noah Urrea as Clay.

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