How Did Daryl Get the Scar on His Face’s Left Eye?

Daryl Dixon had a scar on his face in the left eye during The Walking Dead, which was noticeable, but the actual reason behind it has yet to be revealed. May be he got into a fight to show Daryl’s difficult life in the wilderness.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, an offshoot of “The Walking Dead,” is an AMC post-apocalyptic series that centers on Daryl Dixon, who is mysteriously transported far from the Commonwealth. He sets out to figure out how to get back to his native country after waking up on another continent, only to run into a nun named Isabelle who needs his assistance to complete a job that is extremely perilous. The plot of the series develops through his efforts to return to the Commonwealth with Isabelle‘s assistance and secure the same by assisting her. We have done extensive research into the setting and the period of the series.

The recent season of the show aired on September 10, 2023, and fans are happy to see their favorite actor once again on the screen, but rather than talking about the recent season, they are talking about the original one, where Daryl Dixon had a scar on his face in his left eye.

Daryl Dixon’s Scar in the Left Eye Might Be Due to the Fight in the Walking Dead!

It has been years since The Walking Dead was completed, and with the recent release of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, fans have asked about the details about the scar on Dixon‘s face that he had during the episodes. So how did he get the scar? Was it real, and why has it vanished now? Let us find out.

Daryl Dixon had a scar on his face near his left eye, which piqued the interest of many viewers and Reddit users. However, he didn’t respond when Henry inquired in S9 E7, “How’d you get that scar anyway?” because there wasn’t an explanation. We merely see it immediately after it occurs in one of the time leaps in 10×18; we are unsure of what triggered it, though.

Daryl Dixon's scar was visible on his face during The Walking Dead. celebsindepth.comDaryl Dixon’s scar was visible on his face during The Walking Dead.
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Also, the scar is not present in real life, and we could say that it might have happened due to some fight scene, as the series hasn’t really explained it. Numerous fans have shared their opinions about the scar. One user believed that occurred when the child fired at him. He must have had a lot of tree branch scratches! But as the memory ended, his face looked fine. If we weren’t supposed to learn how he got the scar, it seems strange to us that they would give him one on his face to demonstrate the passage of time. For the remainder of the series, that means the makeup artists have worked more virtually every day.

However, Daryl films the face scar every day. And typically, scars become less noticeable over time before becoming more noticeable (less work), but Dixon’s scar appears to have been more noticeable as the season progressed. At this point, we also have to presume that both of these items are merely intended to serve as examples of Daryl’s difficult life in the wilderness.

Michonne and Daryl Dixon Were Marked With an “X” Scar by Jocelyn’s Young Troops!

Apart from Daryl Dixon‘s face scars, fans have wondered the story behind their back scars. In fact, the plot of “Scars” is a little frightening, and the flashback scenes disclose the horrible genesis of the scars. The scenes also provide an explanation for Michonne‘s decision to seal off Alexandria to outsiders and other towns. As Lydia, the daughter of Whisperer leader Alpha, battles to stay in Alexandria, Michonne recalls what occurred the last time she let an outsider in.

Daryl Dixon was marked with an "Xscar by Jocelyn's young troops. celebsindepth.comDaryl Dixon was marked with an “Xscar by Jocelyn’s young troops.
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At first, everything is alright since Jocelyn and the kids are living better lives behind the walls of Alexandria. When Jocelyn kidnaps Judith and a few other kids in Alexandria, she reveals her true self. Realizing that Jocelyn has abducted Judith, a pregnant Michonne draws her blade and sets out to find her former friend, who is now obviously a psychopath. Michonne sneaks into Jocelyn’s hideout with Daryl, where the two are swiftly apprehended.

They are bound, and this starts the horrific chain of occurrences that resulted in the scars and the current situation in Alexandria. Michonne and Daryl were marked with “X”s by Jocelyn’s young troops before they killed them. The marks are burned onto each character’s back as we watch, with Dixon and Michonne wailing in pain. Fortunately, the two are able to flee before being put to death.

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