Jalicia Nightengale

Human beings are constantly evolving, through the course of time; we’ve gone through various evolutionary phases to be here as intellectually sound, living, breathing and talking life forms. The evolution of human beings is a wonder in itself, considering the micro-organisms we all came from, but there are people living among us whose beauty and even existence is baffling and wondrous.

One of the beauties gracing the world with her presence is Jalicia Nightengale; she is a beautiful black woman from Barbados with blue eyes. When you look at her, the only thing coming from your mouth after your jaw hits the ground is “wow,” and those eyes are something you just keep wanting to be looking at all the time because they are heavenly.


Don’t get us wrong; we are not objectifying a woman with her singular body part, but those eyes are rare and the most striking feature of the model. The first question when she is meeting people is about her eyes, and we understand why. The cool wintery gaze, set on a face, which is warm and inviting, and it all combines to form an image you can never get out of your head. But we are not the only ones fixated on her eyes, those pair of blue eyes was the reason she was the center of attention growing up.

Growing Up in Barbados with Her Family (Wiki)

Jalicia lived in Barbados with her family up until her late teens.Jalicia lived in Barbados with her family up until her late teens.
Source: Jalicia Nightengale Instagram

Rihanna is not the only export of the Barbados, shining bright like a diamond in the world. Jalicia was also born in the country as Jalicia Hebson, in the early 90s. She grew up in Barbados with a brother, Adam, and younger sister, Janai; she was the middle child of her mother, Grace, and her father, who was responsible for providing Jalicia with her blue eyes.

Jalicia’s father is the carrier of the gene, which allowed her eyes to be blue, she explained. Her aunt, on the other hand, possesses one blue and one brown eye, but she is the only one in her family with both complete blue eyes.

Jalicia's eyes are due to her father's genes.Jalicia’s eyes are due to her father’s genes.
Source: Instagram

The future model grew up in a small society where they used to stare at her, and sometimes she used to be confused as to why people are grabbing their friends or just staring at her. She was not self-conscious about her eyes, but Jalicia knew she was different from others, and it was all to do with her eyes.

The school was not easy either because as the people on the streets stared at her, at school, it was even worse. Jalicia talked about her first day in Secondary school, when she got on the bus, people were staring at her, and the first time she stepped inside the gates of her school, it was like she was the only person in the whole school who was moving because everyone froze and just looked at her and her eyes.

Jalicia was bullied as a kid for being unique.Jalicia was bullied as a kid for being unique.
Source: Instagram

The difference in her appearance was the reason why girls in her school bullied her, and she was just deterred by the experience of not going to school for an entire term. The bullying was also the reason why she started to think of her eyes as a curse.

For a while, Jalicia wanted to live under a rock and never come out again, but she gathered her strength and started to look at the positivity around her. She spoke about how scary it was for her to live in Barbados for her because of all the attention, but as she started to grow into a strong young woman, she also started to drown the negativity surrounding her.

Are Jalicia Nightengale Eyes Real?

Jalicia Nightengale's eyes are natural and real.Jalicia Nightengale’s eyes are natural and real.
Source: Jalicia Nightengale Instagram

Most of the time, the first question she gets asked when meeting others is if her eyes are real or not. She always answers they are her natural eyes provided to her by her father’s genes. When you first look at her, there is a definite question about those eyes probably being fake, but those are her real eyes for sure.

Moving to Switzerland and Becoming a Model


After she was done with her high school, a career path was still not set out for her, but Jalicia knew which path she wanted to take next. At the age of 18, she moved to Switzerland with her then-boyfriend because he was offered a job in the country. She flew 4,500 miles leaving her home country behind and ventured into a new path.

Jalicia arrived in Switzerland, and she was off to fulfill her dream of becoming a model. She sent her photo to people who cast Switzerland’s version of America’s Next Top Model, and after multiple attempts of trying, she was selected for the show. Jalicia made all the way to the finals in Swiss Fashion TV Model Search, and her career was up and running.

Jalicia started her career in modeling in Switzerland.Jalicia started her career in modeling in Switzerland.
Source: Instagram

The model signed with Scouts Models Agency, but the relationship between the two did not last long after which she became her own agent, which is explained was a better way of doing things. At the age of 21, she moved to the UK and also again moved to France, where she was learning how to speak French and also taking on modeling jobs.

After being her own agent for a while, she decided to sign with New Version Models, which still represents her. But she is not just a beautiful face; the model is also involved in social work, and as a way to celebrate dark-skinned women, she organized a photos shoot where the dark-skinned beauty is on full display to dispel the thinking of dark is equal to ugly and light is pretty.

Jalicia started the Melanin on Melanin program.Jalicia started the Melanin on Melanin program.
Source: Instagram

The project was called Melanin on Melanin, and now it’s taken a life of its own, which makes Jalicia extremely happy. She is currently working in London’s The Arts Club, which is a members-only exclusive club, and Jalicia finds networking at the place easier.

Jalicia was in ‘Justice League’; Her Aspirations of Becoming an Actress

Jalicia is not only a model, but she’s also been in two massive Hollywood production, and one of them was in Justice League. She was one of the Amazonian warriors in Themyscira when Steppenwolf arrives to take the mother box. The model even appears on screen for a few seconds inside the den, where Steppenwolf battles the warriors.

Whenever Jalicia is talking about acting, she gets more and more excited, and though her focus is on modeling right now, she wants to be an actress down the line. She plans to model up until she reaches 30, and then transition into acting.


Oh and the other movie she was part of was Star Wars, we are not certain which movie it was, but she did say she was one of the extras in a Star Wars movie. Our guess is The Last Jedi, in the casino planet, but without her, we will not be able to figure out the exact movie and scene she appeared in.

Jalicia Nightengale’s Relationship Status

Jalicia is currently living in London and is probably in a relationship.Jalicia Nightengale is 26 years old and is currently living in London.
Source: Instagram

Jalicia was asked about her personal life in an interview, but right before she was about to speak, she decided not to reveal much about her personal life. It is probably to give the person she is dating or in a relationship with his own space.

We know she left home to be her boyfriend in Switzerland, and she spoke about dating multiple times where the guys were not particularly interested in her eyes. As it appears, Jalicia is most probably in a relationship, and the 26 years old model/actress is not particularly ready to talk about her special someone.

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